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Kelly Wells approaches a boulder control on the Red course at Mt. Pinos, June 2001 (Photo: Joel Thompson, LAOC)

Sunol Regional Wilderness - ROGAINE (Adventure Orienteering) - Results

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2004
Location: Sunol, CA.
Event Director: - 510-658-4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss
Event Type: C; ROGAINE (Adventure Orienteering)
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Writeup by
Penny DeMoss (Course Setter and Assistant Event Director) and
Harold DeMoss (Event Director and Assistant Course Setter)

Thanks to all who showed up for the Sunol Rogaine (adventure orienteering). It was a good crowd, good natured and appreciative ... even after! It started out much cooler than it has been out there, which was good, but it did get up to 77 degrees when the sun came out around noon. A bit too warm for such hard going. Most teams, especially on the 4-hour race, felt the conditions were ideal though. There was a scary moment when the rescue helicopter and ambulance arrived about 2 hrs. after the start. We wondered if it was one of the competitors, but everyone got back safely, if not a bit dehydrated (two of the water stops went dry...argh).

Critter spottings included rattlesnakes, coyotes, a bob cat, and the beautiful herd of elk.

The race got off right on time. Thank you everyone for getting there early enough. Having the field to park in right next to the assembly area was certainly helpful. Thanks so much to the rangers at Sunol (head ranger Dan Reasor, Neil and others) who couldn't have been nicer, more helpful or easier to work with.

It amazes us how far some of the teams can go in 4 or 7 hrs. After all, it took us literally days to put out the controls. But, as Harold said at the briefing "no team is going to get them all" and he was right. The winning team in the 7-hour race was Andrejus Masalkovas, Vadim Masalkov, and Slava Akinin who got around to 58 of the 72 controls and accumulated an extremely impressive total score of 2380 pts - 10 for being 45 secs. late for 2370 out of a possible 2570. They calculated that they went about 29k, with who knows how much climb. A very close 2nd place finish went to the team of Mark Prior and Mike Prindiville, only 50 pts back with 2320. 3rd place was Eric Bone and Vladimir Gusiatnikov with 2245 pts - 50 for being 5 mins. late for 2195.

Maybe these teams (and anyone else who can spend the time) could post how they went. I'm really curious, since I had my own notions about how to tackle this course. For instance, did any team go high from 71 to 67 and then drop down to the cliff foot? I found it easier than contouring below and then climbing up to the cliff foot. 4th place was Thorsten Graeve and William Humnicky with 2130. The 5th and 6th highest point teams were the first two masters men teams. Club president Ian Tidswell and Steve Gregg gathered 2095 - 10 for 2085 for a win in that division, with Mark Richardson and Adrian Crane not far behind with 2055.

The highest point team in the 4-hour race was the 1st place masters men team of Matthias Kohler and Jim Waite. Jim was a last-minute replacement for Kent Ohlund, who had to 'scratch' due to a running injury. (What made him think running intervals was a good idea anyway?) 2nd place in total points was also in the masters men category. Dan Greene and Tapio Karras got 1180 pts. 3rd overall and first in the open mixed category was Vivian Lee and George Chau. Well done.

Ev and Jean Beuerman at Big Basin in 1996

It's a beautiful area and we enjoyed the many hours we spent planning the course. Unfortunately, it was really hot when it came time to put out all those controls and jugs of water (prompting Harold ( |:{ ) to declare he will never put on another rogaine). Big thanks to the following people who helped us out. Rosemary Johnson handled the permits. Bob Cooley did a great job with the maps. Neil Pierce helped with the parking, results, treats set up and just about anything else he saw that needed doing. Leslie Minarik and Terry Farrah did results. Ian Tidswell did a Costco run for all the great treats at the end. Joan Roos thoughtfully brought ice packs for sore/injured competitors. Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Kevin Schoenfeld and Nancy Lindeman helped pick up controls. Thanks also to everyone who made quick work of cleaning up the area afterwards.

Click to enlarge - Montebello Open Space Preserve, looking from the start toward the finish (2004)

I rechecked the punches and did the math again this morning. The results below are final ... unless you want me to check your card again. Some of the punches are kind of light. Funny thing, the adventure racers punch with gusto ... has using E-punch made us orienteers "hand punch challenged"? In the case of a tie, the higher placing goes to the team that returned first.

Sunol Regional Wilderness
Sunol, CA
Sunday, March 21, 2004



                                                        ------  Points  ------
  Pl  Names                                     Time    Result  (Total - Late)

Open Men

   1  Andrejus Masalkovas, Vadim Masalkov,
        Slava Akinin                           7:00:45   2370   (2380 - 10)
   2  Mark Prior, Mike Prindiville             6:56:08   2320
   3  Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Eric Bone          7:04:15   2195   (2245 - 50)
   4  Thorsten Graeve, William Humnicky        6:55:32   2130
   5  Deron van Hoff, Thiago Ghilardi,
        Doug Bass                              6:55:07   1945
   6  Nik Weber, Derek Maclean                 7:04:00   1835   (1875 - 40)
   7  Gregory Khanlarov, Ilya Lomov            6:54:59   1655
   8  Artem Stemkovski, Igor Tryndin           6:57:58   1405
   9  Phil Mosbacher, Brad Cole                6:51:00   1340
  10  Brien Crothers, Eugenio Figueroa         6:40:02   1085
  11  Parag Gupta, Brian Riggs                 6:58:14   1035
  12  Jim Staley, Ray Kemp, Ian Schneider      6:50:30    655
  13  Leif Kirschenbaum, John Heimann          6:53:40    655
  14  Noel Aflague, James Walser               5:49:11    650

Open Mixed

   1  Marnel King, Oliver Pohl                 6:55:32   1475
   2  Devin Prouty, CJ Powers, Katie Riggs     6:48:50   1350
   3  Stephen Perez, Joe Knapp, Emily Dirksen  6:58:25   1350
   4  Phil Lovalenti, Linda Lindsay            7:02:29   1195   (1225 - 30)
   5  Erich Sonnberger, Mitchel Satz,
        Chris Bark, Jane Moorhead              6:33:30   1060
   6  Terry Szucsko, Amy Barton, Jesse Bolton  6:52:13   1025
   7  Pamela Gott, Steven Golf                 6:50:23   1015
   8  Joe Gallagher, Cilla Peterek             6:57:45   1000
   9  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright         4:48:51    550
  10  Heather Green, Fernima Quinones,
        Gabe Tiu                               4:12:52    100

Master Men

   1  Ian Tidswell, Steve Gregg                7:00:25   2085   (2095 - 10)
   2  Mark Richardson, Adrian Crane            6:55:35   2055
   3  Greg Favor, Wendell Doman                6:59:45   1935
   4  Rod Jaehn, Brett Lehigh                  6:46:16   1750
   5  Dave Pojtonger, Peter Ash                6:52:26   1190
   6  Mike Brill, Carl Lee                     6:53:23   1115
   7  Mark Irwin, Brian Schmitz                6:50:06    955
   8  Craig Bensen, Eric Pederson              6:52:52    840
   9  Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Jay Hann               4:59:50    580

Master Women

   1  Suzanne deBeaumont, Jennifer Crockett    4:22:08    110

Mixed Masters

   1  Debbie Wojtowicz, Kevin Schoenfeld,
        Leon Berzins                           6:58:11   1100
   2  Rob Clima, Laura McKeegan                6:35:50    860
   3  Dwight Freund, Rachel Freund             6:25:07    250

Veteran Men

   1  Bob Strauss, Bud Laird                   6:50:45   1185

Mixed Veterans

   1  Nancy Lindeman, Jim Fish                 6:59:25    565
   2  Dean French, Shirley Pierce              7:00:00    565
   3  Larry Fong, Becky Shifman, Mary Chong    4:19:44    170



                                                        ------  Points  ------
  Pl  Names                                     Time    Result  (Total - Late)

Open Men

   1  Dave Stark, Dennis Rodgers,
        Joel Williams, Paul Schlesinger        3:20:30    700
   2  Russell Green, Troy Anthony,
        Robin Zimmerman                        4:04:40    615   (665 - 50)
   3  Kent Hoxsey, Greg Francek                3:55:05    605
   4  Phillip Hoare, Ian Hoare                 3:47:29    505
   5  Taylor Fong, Keith Romuser,
        Tyler Shifman                          4:01:45    395   (415 - 20)
   6  Malcolm Wyatt-Mair, Brian Garthwaite,
        Malcolm Brudigan                       2:43:40    245
   7  J. Bryon Hann, Christopher Hann          3:54:04    180
   8  Tory Shifman, Quincy Fong               <4:00:00    175
   9  Norm Brudigan, Phil Chernin              2:47:35    145
  10  Blake Rothfuss, Michael Rothfuss,
        Mark Mitsutome                         3:16:40     80
  11  Brian Kirshner, Jeremy Kirshner          2:10:00     65

Open Women

   1  Megan Bergkessel, Beth Apsel,
        Tamara Brenner                         3:59:56    440
   2  Norma Stark, Erica Ober,
        Trish Carstensen                       4:01:10    315   (335 - 20)
   3  Nicole Cronin, Libby Cronin              1:54:40     40

Open Mixed

   1  Vivian Lee, George Chau                  3:49:38   1055
   2  Brad Wetmore, Claire Warner              3:53:24    940
   3  Scott Bower, Susan Bower,
        Thomas Bastis                          3:51:54    870
   4  Trinka Gillis, Eric Prestemon,
        Terry Farrah                           3:55:35    585
   5  Brad Zuchero, Wendy Gilbert,
        Niels Bradshawm, Julie Kardon          3:58:32    545
   6  Brian Ridgway, Kristi Ridgway            4:01:33    215   (235 - 20)
   7  Cindy Kephart, Andrew Kephart            2:32:27     45
   8  Mary-Margaret Robers, Travis Robers      2:44:22     45

Master Men

   1  Matthias Kohler, Jim Waite               3:56:31   1260
   2  Dan Greene, Tapio Karras                 3:56:39   1180
   3  Peter Graube, Wes Erck                   4:18:50    875
   4  Evan Custer, Doug Taylor                 4:02:00    645   (665 - 20)
   5  Bill Joseph, Paul Turk                   3:57:00    620

Veteran Men

   1  George Minarik, Mark Blair               4:00:48    995   (1005 - 10)

Veteran Women

   1  Jennifer Kerr, Joan Roos                 3:56:15    490

Mixed Veterans

   1  Vicki Woolworth, Nick Corsano            3:54:26    700
   2  Meg Gerstner, Alan Glendinning           4:11:15    500   (620 - 120)
   3  Tom Cronin, Judy Cronin                  3:12:28    355
   4  Oleg Shakhnovsky, Galena Shakhnovsky     3:54:21    215