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July 27, 2003
by Stew Hintz, meet director

With a spring full of interesting weather coloring GCO's schedule, Northstar was a welcome event and the unexpectedly high turnout on all courses was an indication of that. Dozens of orienteers from the Tahoe and Reno area joined those of us from GCO, BAOC and even LAOC for a day of fun in the mountains.

Beginners were treated to a short sample of orienteering on the White course and could then return and run the Yellow course for a bit more of a challenge in the forests near the village. Intermediate orienteers traveled to the top of the mountain with those on the advanced courses to run an Orange course or the longer and more physically challenging Adventure Race Orange. The Adventure Race course and its related Adventure Race Skills Clinic is new to GCO this year and was held in conjunction with the Tahoe Big Blue Adventure Race.

Runners on the Red/Blue course made their way through some heavily logged stretches of forest on a map that was not the most accurate or updated. However, those on Green and Brown experienced more than they bargained for when the course setter hung a bag nearly 100 meters from the mapped control location. I apologize for that mistake.

It was great to see all those who attended and I am sorry if I neglected to say hi to you as I was scurrying around. The staff at Northstar-at-Tahoe deserves a big thank you for allowing us to use their facility and accommodating us during another big event they were hosting.

The list of thanks probably is most important to the meet director and at this event I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to the following people:

Jennifer Kerr for setup on Saturday, running registration and then control pickup; Dave Takacs for running finishes all day; Bruce Wolfe for his help with the adventure racers on Saturday and Sunday; Dave Irving for staying late for control pickup; Pete Olsten for advanced starts; Dwight Freund for control pickup; Bob Cooley for map printing; Dan Stoll-Hadayia for prerunning and serving as media liason (the Reno Gazette-Journal did a nice article) and finally to Patty and Shelly for their help and support.

Below are the results.


  Pl  Name                                     Time

White Course  (1.1 km)

   1  Peter Berridge, Sage Wasson              13:50
   2  Luke Pittner, Alicia Ellesworth, 
        Carolyn Menson                         17:20
   3  Connie Fasani                            18:45
   4  Terry Adams                              22:30
   5  Nicole Dreon                             31:10
   6  Fanny Fang, Dominique Chang, Fay Chiu    34:15

      Arthur Whitson                            DNF

Yellow Course  (2.0 km, 40 m climb)

   1  Dan Stoll-Hadayia, Mark Vanderhoff       42:10
   2  Mack, Austin Twietmeyer                  51:10
   3  Hann Clan                                87:00
   4  Lauren Wemmer, Kiki Weber                95:05
   5  Stanley Paher                           102:30
      Tim Steinke                               DNF

  Second Course

      Peter Berridge, Sage Wasson              49:48
      Luke Pittner, Alicia Ellesworth, 
        Carolyn Menson                         55:15
      Connie Fasani                            56:45
      Fanny Fang, Dominique Chang, Fay Chiu    73:00
      Terry Adams                              78:30
      Arthur Whitson                           61:55

Adventure Racer Orange Course  (5.5 km, 150 m climb)

   1  Brad Ventures                            72:15
   2  Steph Kane, John Neill                   86:35
   3  Michael Chastaine                       106:01
   4  Carol Lyda                              106:30
   5  Vivian Terwilliger, Judy Gonzales       110:05
   6  Liz Ortiz, Mike Forshay                 120:15
   7  Mike Davis, Dave Adams, Chris McMillen  121:40
   8  Carl Anderson, Bud Laird                127:25
   9  Sarah Lagano, Bobbie Turner, Jon Wilson 143:27
  10  Keith Young                             151:30
  11  Bill Webster, Paul Joulier              165:30

      Jodi Retzloff, Del LaFountain             DNF

Orange Course  (4.9 km, 125 m climb)

   1  Derek, Cheryl LaSalle, Alan Armetz      135:35
   2  Deron, Alexander van Holt               137:40
   3  Judy Koehler                            152:10
   4  John Pagendarm                          158:54
   5  Kari Wykoff                             231:50

  Second Course

      Stanley Paher                             DNF

Brown Course (3.3 km, 105 m climb)	

   1  Patty Clemo                             129:01
   2  Nancy Lindeman                          130:50

      Leslie Minarik                            DNF
      Austin Pickering/R. Morales               DNF
      Glenn Hermanson                           DNF

Green Course (4.45 km, 125 m climb)

   1  Evan Custer                              75:50
   2  George Minarik                           90:33
   3  Bob Cooley                               90:45
   4  Johanna Merriss                         100:40
   5  Bill Wright                             119:28
   6  Pete Olsten                             143:16
   7  Wes Erck                                160:32
   8  Brenda Giese                            177:10

      Hannu Haarma                              DNF
      Joel Swisher                              DNF
      Dwight Freund                             DNF
      Dave Ingram                               DNF

Blue/Red Course  (5.775 km, 150 m climb)

   1  Dan Stoll-Hadayia                        49:18
   2  Bruce Wolfe                              57:12
   3  Tapio Karras                             63:13
   4  Sergey Grushin                           66:35
   5  Dan Greene                               73:31
   6  Nik Weber                                85:19
   7  Rex Winterbottom                         92:55
   8  Chuck Lyda                               99:49
   9  Jim Keller                              116:30
  10  Jonathan Wykoff                         119:25
  11  Gunne Rostrirp                          134:00

      David Giese                               DNF

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