Vasona Lake

Los Gatos
May 3, 2003

by Robert Lewis, meet director

Despite forecasts predicting more heavy Spring rain, 71 brave souls came out to try BAOC's newest map, at Vasona Lake. This "Come and Try It!" event was an attempt to move orienteering "closer to the people" by having it in a local park with easy access. The thought is that once people get hooked on these events, they'll travel a little further for BAOC's "full service" events. The responses from many of the finishers indicated that the plan worked, and we'll see them at future events.

The event consisted of a single White course of about 3.0 km. No poison oak, no climb, no water stops, no e-punch, no search parties needed. Just easy, enjoyable orienteering through a beautiful park. First-time and beginner orienteers treated the course as a normal course, while four of BAOC's more advanced orienteers treated the 10-control course as a Memory-O, having to memorize the entire map (on the clock) before leaving the start area.

The winning time of 19:18 for the regular White course was posted by the team of Daniel Johansson & David Osterstrom, who indicated after they finished the course that it was considerably easier than the Brown course at Sunol!

Despite having a problem remembering where the final control was on the Memory-O course, Tapio Karras posted a time of 23:20 to win that part of the event. After a brief rest, Tapio decided to try to set a faster time by doing the course again. About 5 minutes into the course, he was hit with a deluge of rain. He spent another 11 minutes running (swimming?) the course for a second time of just under 16 minutes. We're not sure if the faster time was because it was his second time through the course or that he just wanted to get out of the rain!

The special award for person or team returning weighing more than when they started goes to Ev & Jean Beuerman. They were caught in the same downpour. It is amazing how much rain one of those BAOC sweatshirts can hold!

Thanks to all those who helped with the event. Bob Cooley printed the maps. Ev, Jean, & Steve Beuerman ran registration. Carol Lewis did starts. Chuck Spalding and Nancy Lindeman (who didn't do a course) provided the most important beginner clinics. Jeff Lanam provided an extra tent and helped tear down the event in the rain. Thanks to everyone who came out that day.

Preliminary Results

  Pl  Name                                   Time

White Course     (3.0 km, 30 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Daniel Johansson, David Osterstrom     19:18
   2  Exel Mitshtein                         19:45
   3  Beatrix Paal, Tom Wiseman              23:37
   4  Jeff & James Tait, Tim Switick,
        Derrick Freihofer                    24:35
   5  Marsha Jacobs                          28:16
   6  Ilan Sasson                            29:35
   7  Mark & Julie Rockelman                 39:42
   8  Eric & Courtland Prestemon,
        Reese Clement                        40:10
   9  Stephanie Chow, Emily Cheng,
        Brian Chang                          42:13
  10  Jeffrey, Samantha, Kim & Tom Stein     43:15
  11  Audire Faist                           44:20
  12  Joanne Leadbetter, Mike Coulombe,
        Brian Davidson                       45:09
  13  Aleene & Carl Reisinger                46:12
  14  Michelle Dick, Tom Phelan              46:24
  15  Geneva Scharff, Tara Parker-Essig      49:23
  16  Robin Leadbetter, Audrey Davis         53:18
  17  Ev & Jean Beuerman                     59:30
  18  Mike, Terri, Ethan & Nolan Angerbauer  59:45
  19  Robert & Dan Rose                      63:43
  20  Caleb & Anne Ling                      65:55
  21  Ann Martin                             66:56
  22  Kathy & Jason Bassett                  70:45
  23  Susan Miller, Alexandra Henrick        72:22
  24  Harry, Eleanor, Dean & Bridgett Zuzan  79:08
  25  Jeff, Julie, Christine, Shannon &
        Reilly                               81:10
  26  Kyra & Katie Johnson                   84:00
  27  Terry, Joe & Emily Farrah              97:07

      Jaakko, Jukka & Johanna Karras          DNF  (rain)

Memory-O Course  (3.0 km, 30 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Tapio Karras                           23:20
   2  Werner Haag                            25:48
   3  Jeff Lanam                             30:24
   4  Steve Beuerman                         37:44

      Tapio Karras (2nd time)                15:52