Apr. 13, 2003

by Cheryl Madson, meet director

For those who ignored the weather reports and ventured out anyhow, Mother Nature rewarded us with an ever-changing show, alternating between rain, cloudbursts, hail, wind gusts and even some sunny weather -- sometimes all within a few minutes!

Fortunately all the controls stayed put. The wind did want to carry off the tents, though, especially since the ground was so saturated that the stakes didn't hold. [How wet was it? Gary Carpenter reported 3.25" of rain at his home rain gauge in Sunol.]

The other theme of the day was slippery and muddy trails, making it especially interesting for the white & yellow participants.

The big question leading up to the event had been "how can the advanced courses not have a lot of climb and still not have a remote start?". Course-setter Gary Carpenter answered this by shorter courses, and also by a 200-meter "leg" from the (e-punch) start to the start triangle.

As is true for any meet, there were a few interesting tales, most of them having to do with the rapidly-changing weather. There was also a report of one person who had the sole of his shoe come off on the course. [Fortunately he had duct-tape between his gaiters and shoes, so was able to re-use the tape.] It appears that he *did* finish his course!

There were close to 90 individuals or groups total, and although the courses were shorter than normal, Brown was still the most popular course. Not surprisingly, the numbers were extremely light for the white and yellow courses.

Fortunately, everyone made it back in time, to the great relief of the meet director. [Especially since there was a hiker lost on Mission Peak overnight that same day...]

No meet can succeed without the involvement of lots of willing volunteers:

Vetters -- Sharon Evans, Steve Beuerman, Laura McKeegan, Rob Clima. Pre-runners -- Andrejus and Vadimas Masalkovas.

Penny and Harold DeMoss supplied most of the tents for the workers, and also helped out with control retrieval (and emergency re-staking of the tents).

Registration was handled by Vivian Lee, James Wilson, Sunny Tam and Vicki Woolworth. Nancy Lindeman helped answer newcomer questions.

Chris Lozinski, Alan Pendleton and Chuck Spalding helped with beginner starts. Carl Reisinger and Leon Benzins took care of the finish. Dan Greene handled beginner clinics. Peter Graube helped with setup and various odd jobs. Mark Blair, Steve Gregg and Bob Baylor helped with control retrieval.

There were also those who volunteered at the last minute to help: Rick and Dayle Lavine and Rick Oliver helped with control retrieval -- definitely lightening the load and allowing everyone to go home earlier. Steve Haas helped on various odd jobs and helped with teardown.

There were several folks who just worked the event and chose not to run -- making the meet director even more grateful -- including Chris, Rick O., Alan, Leon Harold and Bob, as well as Robert Lewis on e-punch.

Thanks also to Bob Cooley for the maps, and Rosemary Johnson for permits. Thanks also to the folks at EBRPD and the park.

The biggest thank-you goes to Gary Carpenter, who set all seven courses, hung all of the controls, handled the advanced starts all day, and helped with setup (including the day before the event) and tear-down. If you enjoyed your day -- thank him!

While I hope to do a personal post-mortem of the event sometime, a couple of "oops" things that I thought I'd pass along for future meet directors:

Below are the preliminary results. Also be sure to check out the e-punch splits for the advanced courses.


  Pl  Name                               Time

White Course    (2.7 km, 100 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Jim & Quynh Byrer                  1:10:58
   2  Walt Ballard                       1:12:16
   3  Venture Crew 512                   1:31:40
   4  Brian, Roxanne, Ryan & Mason White 2:05:46

Yellow Course   (2.8 km, 100 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Chris Bark                           56:19
   2  Quincy Fong & Tory Shifman         1:15:17
   3  Chris Bragg, Robin Pomerance       1:29:30
   4  Giles Crelly-Byers                 1:33:30
   5  Roy Want & Hannah                  1:35:35
   6  Larry Fong                         1:40:24
   7  Christensen, Tegtmeier, Bowen      1:40:56
   8  Becky Wang                         1:47:09
   9  Donni Uzarski                      1:55:54

Orange Course   (3.12 km, 180 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Daniel Johansson, David Osterstrom   41:13
   2  Marie-Josee Parayre                  43:42
   3  Matt Strother                        44:06
   4  Peter Ford & Mark Irwin              47:13
   5  Russell Neilson                      47:15
   6  Terry Farrah                         52:16
   7  Matt & Dan Holman                  1:10:13
   8  Fong, Riordan, Sifman              1:13:22
   9  Gary Martinez                      1:14:00
  10  John Pagendarm                     1:28:23
  11  Carl Reisinger                     1:29:28
  12  Jeff & James Tait                  1:36:52
  13  Peter Barberi                      2:50:24

      Rachel Care                          DNF
      Marc Schreiber                       DNF

Brown Course    (3.08 km, 175 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Stew Hintz (GCO)                     43:40
   2  Joe Scarborough                      47:40
   3  Bob Strauss                          53:12
   4  Joan Roos                            54:33
   5  Gary Kraght                          58:12
   6  Oliver Pohl                        1:05:41
   7  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)                1:12:37
   8  Dean French                        1:16:57
   9  Johanna Merriss                    1:17:25
  10  William Straka                     1:21:28
  11  Beth Dixon                         1:36:36
  12  Chris Murray                       1:39:20
  13  Alan Houser                        1:40:50
  14  Kathy Baylor                       1:41:44
  15  Rosemary Johnson                   1:54:23
  16  Chris Cobey                        2:39:46
  17  Nancy Lindeman                     2:42:02

      Leslie Minarik                       MSP
      Rebecca Redfield                     DNF

  Second Course

      Peter Ford & Mark Irwin            1:16:43

Green Course    (4.02 km, 200 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Dennis Wildfogel                     43:04
   2  George Minarik                       51:07
   3  Bob Cooley                           57:50
   4  Chris Roper                          59:59
   5  Doug Masiel                        1:00:15
   6  Rick Lavine (ROC)                  1:02:30
   7  Phillip Hoare                      1:09:43
   8  Vicki Woolworth                    1:10:02
   9  Dayle Lavine (ROC)                 1:15:29
  10  Peter Graham                       1:16:41
  11  Wes Erck                           1:20:47
  12  Jeff Lanam                         1:26:53
  13  Vic Revenko                        2:10:00
  14  Mark Jimenez                       2:40:40

      Bernhard & Sean Hiller               DNF

Red Course      (5.32 km, 315 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Tapio Karras                         59:03
   2  Hannu Haarma                         59:51
   3  Dan Greene                         1:02:10
   4  Andrejus Masalkovas                1:03:31
   5  Kent Ohlund                        1:04:02
   6  James Wilson                       1:09:18
   7  Evan Custer                        1:10:43
   8  Vivian Lee                         1:12:59
   9  Chuck Spalding                     1:13:11
  10  Steve Haas                         1:18:27
  11  Bill Wright                        1:22:04
  12  Mark Blair                         1:30:34
  13  Theo Verhoeven                     2:05:28

      Michael Behrens                      DNF

Blue Course     (6.75 km, 405 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  James Scarborough                    52:20
   2  Syd Reader                           56:46
   3  Francois Leonard                   1:04:17
   4  Thorsten Graeve                    1:05:44
   5  Steve Gregg                        1:06:36
   6  Matthias Kohler                    1:07:48
   7  Vadimas Masalkovas                 1:10:08
   8  Penny DeMoss                       1:15:34
   9  Sunny Tam (XCC)                    1:17:18
  10  Peter Graube                       1:27:40
  11  Doug Bass                          1:32:21
  12  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                   1:38:12


DNF = Did Not Finish
MSP = Mispunched