Palo Alto
Apr. 6, 2003

by Chuck Spalding, meet director

On a day with threatening weather, more than 200 people came to Stanford for the four courses designed by Jeff Lanam. In addition, an unknown number of people tried a free "sample" course that was offered as one of Stanford's Community Day activities. A nice change from previous years was the use of real pin-punch controls instead of plastic plates with codes to write down. (Fortunately, none of the controls went missing during the event.) The real controls gave beginners a more representative experience, and permitted experienced runners to save time.

The White course was a bit more challenging than normal, requiring careful navigation through a maze of buildings, roads, and trails on the campus. However, nearly everyone completed the course successfully (one group failed to punch at the last control), with the group of Eric Vincenti, Cory McCloskey, and George Kadifa finishing first in 22:54, only slightly ahead of first-timer Robert Wong at 25:31.

The Yellow course, which was essentially a longer version of the White course, was won by ("injured") Doug Stein with a swift 15:25. Doug was more than 26 minutes ahead of the second-place group of Bill, Freda & Leo Rassieur, who were only 7 seconds ahead of the third-place group of Danielle & Matthew Cassley, and Jake Kirshner. Doug's time caused at least one person to question if the result was correct. That lead me to compute Doug's pace, and that of other advanced runners. See the comparison below.

The Orange course offered more distance and lots of route choice among the buildings. The top three finishers were separated by only 29 seconds, with Devin Prouty on top at 28:25, CJ Powers second at 28:49, and Scott Spears third at 28:54. That was one of several close finish results during the day.

Long Orange controls 1 to 6 were shared with the Orange course, after which the long course added a loop North to the athletic fields, around the stadium, and back through the "woods" to rejoin the Orange course for the final two controls. The more-experienced orienteers really stretched their legs, with the top six finishers exceeding a 6-min/km average pace (and that's based on the straight-line distance, not the actual distance they ran). Nearly two thirds of the entries averaged faster than 9 min/km! Steve Gregg won at 33:23, a full minute ahead of Syd Reader. Then there was a three-minute gap to closely-fought third, fourth and fifth places: Tapio Karras, Matthias Kohler, and Dennis Wildfogel, respectively, who were separated by a total of 13 seconds.

As mentioned above, a question regarding Doug Stein's seemingly phenomenal time lead me to compute the average pace for several runners. Here are the paces for the 12 runners who bettered 7 min/km:

     Steve Gregg         5:12/km    Long Orange
     Syd Reader          5:23       Long Orange
     Tapio Karras        5:53       Long Orange
     Matthias Kohler     5:54       Long Orange
     Dennis Wildfogel    5:55       Long Orange
     Steve Haas          5:56       Long Orange

     Hannu Haarma        6:09       Long Orange
     Dan Greene          6:24       Long Orange
     Doug Stein          6:28       Yellow
     Vadim Masalkov      6:37       Long Orange
     George Minarik      6:40       Long Orange
     Evan Custer         6:46       Long Orange
As always, the event couldn't have been held without the efforts of many people. As mentioned previously, Jeff Lanam designed the courses. Jeff also made map corrections and prepared the maps for printing, set almost all the controls, recorded finishes all day, and picked up controls. Many thanks go to Bob Cooley for printing all the maps, including 1000(!) copies of the two-sided map/flyer that was given out at the Community Day table.

Syd Reader ran the gauntlet of Stanford bureaucracy to get the permit. Shirley and Neal Pierce helped with setup. The ever-present registration team of Ev and Jean Beuerman did their usual wonderful job. Beginners clinics were held by Marsha Jacobs, which surely contributed to the high level of success on White and Yellow. Starts were managed by Cheryl Madson, Steve Haas, Stephanie McCain, and Alexandra Diaz. Alan Glendinning handled all the results. Last but not least, Meg Gerstner, Alan Glendinning, and Steve Haas kindly stayed until the end to pick up the controls and help with cleanup.

Much to my relief, Scott Aster headed up the effort at the Community Day table. I don't know who all helped there, but it included Judy Koehler, Nancy Lindeman, and Gary Kraght.

Thanks to all those folks, to Ben Wahlstrand for posting the announcement and results on the BAOC Web site, and to anyone that I've inadvertently overlooked.

In closing, I'd like to mention these lessons learned, for the possible benefit of future event directors:

  1. Don't use the START banner to mark the direction to the start -- at least not without a sign directing people to the actual start. (Two groups went to the banner, found nobody to start them, and self started without a time.)
  2. When controls are being set the morning of the event, don't yield to the throngs of people eager to start before the published starting time. Instead, wait for confirmation that all the controls have been set! (Also, give a two-way radio to the control setter, so the status can be determined.)
  3. Be careful about using a "radio" clock that has not yet synchronized. I gave up waiting after more than 15 minutes, and synchronized the "manual" Start clock with the "radio" Finish clock. The "radio" clock jumped 33 seconds when it eventually synchronized, causing all the results at the event to be off by that amount. (The published results have that error removed.)



  Pl  Names                                      Time  Comment

White Course    (1.85 km, 15 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Eric Vincenti, Cory McCloskey,
        George Kadifa                            22:54
   2  Robert Wong                                25:31
   3  Peter & Andrew Chen                        28:54
   4  Verle, Bryce & Kiko Aebi                   29:28
   5  Jeff, Giselle & Chantal Paine              30:04
   6  Sarah, Jim, Nora & Julia Brug              31:14
   7  Keith & Chris Wycoff, Wayne Lee            31:15
   8  David, Kathrin & Ayla Besemer              32:16
   9  John Christopherson                        32:18
  10  John Petterson, Kevin Friel                33:10
  11  Cathy Simes, Andrea Miranda                34:38
  12  Tim, Elizabeth & Katherine Berry           35:08
  13  Theresa Chiaramonte, Lucy Williamson       35:09
  14  Vincent & Franco Marzella                  35:28
  15  Talina Velazquez, Elizabeth Magana         35:30
  16  Jeff Prudhomme & family                    36:57
  17  Cacey & Tristan Jennings                   37:37
  18  Sheri Simmons, Sean Smith                  40:54
  19  Ryan, Brennan & Phil Mast                  44:16
  20  Joan, Luisa, David Westley                 44:21
  21  Sergei & Nika Rodionov                     48:22
  22  Darryl, Rena, Rachel, Daniel               50:28
  23  Della Fernandes, Kelly Alvares,
        Roshni Fernandez                         51:22
  24  Christy & Joey Hartsell, L. Sonneman,
        G. Ah                                    54:02
  25  Stephanie McCain, Alexandra Diaz         1:00:48
  26  Frances & Marissa Marzella               1:04:31
  27  Wilma Leonard, Barbara Robben            1:27:12

      Nick Koenig, Beau & Trevor Carter          DNF   #8, 1:04:17
      Chloe Little, Chris Dixon                No Time

  Second Course

      Chloe Little, Chris Dixon                  25:53

Yellow Course   (2.38 km, 15 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Doug Stein                                 15:25
   2  Bill, Freda & Leo Rassieur                 41:52
   3  Danielle & Matthew Cassley,
        Jake Kirshner                            41:59
   4  Kathy Tegtmeier                            43:19
   5  Pat Mach & family                          48:07
   6  Christy Sanford, Meera Arulanantham,
        Tory Grove, Angela Ruffoni,
        Christina Mignano                        49:23
   7  Anita & Ramana Yerneni                     50:26
   8  Bob & Nastassja Mills                      56:12
   9  Fred, Ben & Tim Garcia                     59:02
  10  Piper Riley, Nancy Thomas, Judy Koehler  1:04:06
  11  Marty & Joshua Katz                      1:04:20
  12  Colin, Lynn, Emma & Evan Bodell          1:05:12
  13  John McClelland, Lew Whitter             1:10:21
  14  Jim Cornett, Erik Klingbeil              1:10:53
  15  Daan van Schooneveld, Sara DeWeese       1:11:24

  Second Course

      Robert Wong                                36:18
      Kevin Friel, John Petterson                43:04
      Donna & Theresa Chiaramonte, Lucy
        Williamson, Talina Velazquez,
        Elizabeth Magana                         49:50

Orange Course   (4.00 km, 30 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Devin Prouty                               28:25
   2  CJ Powers                                  28:49
   3  Scott Spears                               28:54
   4  Doug Bass, Matt Holman, Dan Holman         32:12
   5  Doug Masiel                                33:10
   6  Frank Markowitz                            33:22
   7  Gary Kraght                                33:48
   8  Ian Tidswell                               35:18
   9  Daniel Johansson, Anna Flink,
        David Osterstrom                         38:37
  10  Marsha Jacobs                              42:35
  11  CT List                                    45:32
  12  Eddy Vromen                                48:57
  13  Christopher Cobey                          51:45
  14  Carl Reisinger                             59:07
  15  Shirley & Neal Pierce                    1:00:40
  16  Jim Hayes                                1:01:07
  17  Cheryl Madson                            1:06:38
  18  Nancy Lindeman                           1:08:26
  19  Rachel Care                              1:12:09
  20  George & Terri Warren                    1:15:32
  21  Sunny Tam                                1:16:57
  22  Geoff & Al Theiss                        1:18:59
  23  Diane & Harry Hall                       1:28:02
  24  Nick & Alex Powell, David Thorsrud       1:28:42
  25  Larry & Jackie Orr, Janet Thorsrud,
        Jackie Bradford, Laura A, Katherine
        Chan, Katie Oey (GS Troop 774)         1:29:07
  26  Steven & Lei Yang                        1:38:47
  27  Tom & Leslie Rogers                      1:42:56

      Jonathan & Kathy Harris                    DNF   #9, 1:04:57

Long Orange Course  (6.40 km, 30 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Steve Gregg                                33:23
   2  Syd Reader                                 34:29
   3  Tapio Karras                               37:42
   4  Matthias Kohler                            37:50
   5  Dennis Wildfogel                           37:55
   6  Steve Haas                                 38:02
   7  Hannu Haarma                               39:26
   8  Dan Greene                                 41:04
   9  Vadim Masalkov                             42:27
  10  George Minarik                             42:40
  11  Evan Custer                                43:23
  12  Eric Rosenzweig                            44:58
  13  Theo Verhoeven                             46:10
  14  Marc Schreiber                             46:55
  15  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                           48:23
  16  Mark Blair                                 49:52
  17  Johanna Merriss                            52:53
  18  Patty Clemo                                53:14
  19  Vivian Lee                                 53:30
  20  Bob Cooley                                 53:42
  21  Yelena Krasnov                             54:41
  22  Phillip Hoare                            1:01:55
  23  Cathy Bolger, Ken Renworth               1:02:18
  24  Louise Madrid                            1:03:44
  25  Bill Straka                              1:04:48
  26  Dan Dwyer, Jackie Wong                   1:09:59
  27  Barbara Straka                           1:21:52
  28  Beth Dixon                               1:27:52
  29  Meg Gerstner                             1:31:30
  30  Audrie Faist                             2:04:56
  31  Andrew Theiss, Steven Gordon             2:11:41
  32  Christena, Nick, Alex & Lexi Powell      2:40:37
  33  Rick, Vivian, Wesley & Roy Eversole      2:53:11

  Second Course

      Doug Bass                                  38:20
      Matt Holman, Dan Holman                    44:24

DNF = Did Not Finish (missing punch noted)