Briones Rogaine

March 16, 2003

by Penny and Harold DeMoss, meet directors

The day started off a bit rainy, but we had 4 tents set up and were hoping for a break in the weather. About a half hour after the mass start at 9am, it just poured down for about 5 minutes, but by 10 o'clock the sun had come out and it was gorgeous the rest of the day. What a beautiful place to spend the day, emerald green hills, wildflowers........a nice diversion before the 'you-know-what' hit the fan. Oh, Dubya......

The idea behind having soooo many controls out, was to give everyone plenty of route choices and plenty of opportunities to change plans after being out for a while. There were many high pointers within reach of the 4hr. teams and in looking at the punch cards, I'm really impressed by the distances covered by some of them. The highest point total in the 4 hr. race was turned in by the Master Men (combined ages 80+) team of Hannu Haarma and Matthias Kohler. They racked up 1265 points, but lost 10 of those by being 1/2 minute late at the finish. 1255 points in only 4 hrs.! No wonder Matthias was walking 'funny' afterwards. In second place in the Master Men catego with the second highest total for 4 hrs. was the team of Dan Greene and Tapio Karras. They went into one of the tents at the start to plan their strategy and when they emerged everyone was long gone......"hey, where'd everyone go?' They just edged out the team of Bret Kerrins and Bruce Bassett by 5 points, 1110 to 1105. Bruce and Bret come in 9 minutes early.....they skipped 4 controls near the finish that would have given them the points to move into 2nd........I guess they'd had enough fun for the day. Not far behind, in 4th place with 1055 points were Kent Ohlund and Pat Nolan. Pat is not an especially experienced orienteer and said afterwards that quite honestly, it was all he could do to keep up with Kent both physically and mentally. Another notable finish was the team of Evan Custer and Johanna Merriss. Although unchallenged in the Mixed Veterans category (combined ages 100+) they pushed themselves to a very impressive score of 990 pts. Johanna said she learned alot by running with a seasoned orienteer.

In the 7 hr. event, the brothers Masalkov, Vadim and Andrew teamed up with Sergey Grushin in the Open Men division and racked up 2335 points to take home the perpetual trophy once again. The route they covered is posted on the bayOnet, basically the whole darned map! They went to 58 of the 72 controls, concentrating on the high pointers. Vadim figures they covered 30.1k with 1900m climb. Congratulations, very well done. The second highest point total was posted by the Master Men team of Steve Gregg and Jim Waite. They scored 2160. The third highest total, 1875, was turned in by Gavin Wyatt-Mair and Mark Petersen, also in the Master Men division.

Complete final results are below.

The thank yous begin with the mapper, Vladimir Zherdev. Vladimir was able to finish the 'new' map in plenty of time for us to plan the event and vet everything. He's an excellent mapper and it was very enjoyable to work with his map. Bob Cooley spent many hours printing the maps for us, thank you. Ian Tidswell made a Costco run for the treats, thanks Ian. Briones park supervisor Denise Defreese was nice enough to give us a lift out to the water stops (in addition to being very helpful and agreeable about all of our plans). The following people have no idea how much we appreciated their help picking up controls: Vlad Gusiatnikov, Vicki Woolworth, Bruce Wolfe and Sean Campbell. Bruce worked so hard picking up that he ran the treads off his shoes. Really, when he came in he had the soles of his shoes in his backpack! Thanks very much...because the four of you were able to pick up everything doable from the north, Harold and I were able to pick up all the rest from the south in only days. Vlad also helped tally the points totals for the 4 hr. race. Marsha Jacobs helped with the 7 hr. totals. There was a group helping take down tents and clean up, but I was still checking punch cards, so I may have missed someone, but thanks much to Stew Hintz, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Steve Gregg, Jim Waite, Dan Greene and Matthias Kohler for helping with that chore.

Well, I think that's it until next time. From the volume of e-mails thanking us, I can only conclude that just about everyone like the format and had a good time. Thanks for thanking us, we appreciate it.



  Pl  Names                                      Points

MIXED VETERANS   (combined ages = 100+)

   1  Evan Custer, Johanna Merriss                990

VETERAN MEN   (combined ages = 100+)

   1  George Minarik, Allen Sanford,
        David Offenbrown                          670

MASTER WOMEN   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Jill Seaman, Helen Sabin                    480  (580-100 penalty)
                                                       See Note #1

MIXED MASTERS   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Bob Baylor, Kathy Baylor                    540
   2  Julie Van Hoff, Greg Head                   175

MASTER MEN   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Hannu Haarma, Matthias Kohler              1255  (1265-10 penalty)
   2  Dan Greene, Tapio Karras                   1110
   3  Bret Kerrins, Bruce Bassett                1105
   4  Kent Ohlund, Pat Nolan                     1055
   5  Peter Graube, Mark Blair                    800  (980-180 penalty)
                                                       See Note #2
   6  Wes Erck, Bryan Erck                        435
   7  Dwight Freund, Jeff Pacifici                330
   8  Larry Pagendarm, John Pagendarm             320


   1  Lia Farley, Justin Snider, Ralph Pilley     940
   2  Vivian Lee, Sunny Tam                       905
   3  Francois Leonard, Marie-Josee Parayre       900
   4  Dave Shukla, Katrin Larenz                  835
   5  Micheal Prindiville, Jennifer Peck,
        Brenden Kelley                            760
   6  Greg Favor, Tina Pete                       650
   7  Jamaica Lambie, Zooey Lambie                640
   8  Victoria Lee, Brian Danforth                460
   9  Jay Hann, Alan Davis, Katie Gallagher       360  (380-20 penalty)
  10  Bob Mills, Nastassja Mills                   65


   1  Dan Pratt, Jeff Kramm, Tom Pappas           825
   2  Brad Wetmore, Al Phillips, Adam Wisnewski   570
   3  David Pojtinger, Ruben Orosco               535
   4  Patrick Jackson, Jack Bowers                520  (630-110 penalty)
   5  Daryl Frame, Leif Kirschenbaum              470  (550-80 penalty)


  Pl  Names                                      Points

VETERAN WOMEN   (combined ages = 100+)

   1  Janet Petersen, Marsha Jacobs               770

MIXED VETERANS   (combined ages = 100+)

   1  Rick Lavine, Dayle Lavine                  1200
   2  Nancy Lindeman, Dean French                 550

MASTER WOMEN   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Jill Seaman, Helen Sabin                    580  See Note #1

MIXED MASTERS   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Rob Clima, Laura McKeegan                   640

MASTER MEN   (combined ages = 80+)

   1  Steve Gregg, Jim Waite                     2160
   2  Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Mark Petersen            1875
   3  Peter Graube, Mark Blair                    980  See Note #2
   4  Roger Whittaker, Max Whittaker              975


   1  Carole Nuttall, Carrie Johnston             530


   1  Mark Payne, Dorthe Larsen                  1245
   2  Jacqueline Murphy, Michael Murphy           970  (1060-90 penalty)


   1  Vadim and Andrew Masalkov, Sergey Grushin  2335
   2  Adrian Martin, Scott Morrison,
        Chris Tuffley                            1825
   3  Deron van Hoff, Stew Hintz, Nik Weber      1755
   4  Doug Bass, Matt Holman                     1695
   5  Dorsey Moore, Rich Brazeu                  1350
   6  Greg, Phil and Dave Mosbacher              1275
   7  Mark Prior, Mike Cummer, Jim Whitesell     1150



1.  Jill Seaman and Helen Sabin were the only Master Women in either
    race.  They had a total of 580 points, but were 10 minutes late 
    for the 4-hr. finish for 480 points.  They were first either way!

2.  Peter Graube and Mark Blair had 180 penalty points subtracted 
    from their 4-hr. finish and have yet to decide which race they 
    want to be in.  If they decide to be listed in the 7-hr. finish 
    and retain all their points, they will be 3rd with a total of 980.
    If they go with the 4-hr. result, they will have 800 points and 
    be 5th.