Bear Valley Ski-O

Bear Valley
March 2, 2003

by Alex Krasnov, meet director

It was a great spring Sunday at Bear Valley, the snow was fresh and soft and the sky was blue. The courses were designed well in advance and we spent numerous weekends checking them out. As it happens we failed to verify one control location and there was no tree or pole to hang it on. We had to put this control on the sign saying something like "Do not go beyond this sign!"

A number of trails were already closed for the season so Blue and Green courses had to be redesigned a week before the event. This certainly lowered their navigational complexity and overall length but use of electronic punching allowed us to design several loops and to provide relatively long courses in a small area.

The whole event went very smoothly thanks to low attendance (22 participants, probably because of The Great Ski Race on the same day) and tremendous support by Tony Pinkham.

This was the third and final event of the 2003 California Ski-O Championships.


Many thanks to those who made this event possible:


Be sure to check split times for this event.

White Course, Male (2.7 km, 35 m, 8 controls) 

    1        Antanas Ragenas                47:46 

 2nd course  Vadim Masalkov                 20:19 

Yellow Course, Male (4.5 km, 65 m, 9 controls) 

    1        Christofer Hann              1:27:57 

 2nd course  Andrejus Masalkovas            40:41 

Yellow Course, Female (4.5 km, 65 m, 9 controls) 

    1        Tania Haag                     57:16 
    2        Melinda Johnson              1:12:35 

Orange Course, Male (8.7 km, 215 m, 11 controls) 

    1        Matt Plummor                   43:48 
    2        Werner Haag                    56:39 
    3        Blake Heckendorm             1:14:35 
    4        Matt Holman                  1:21:36 
    5        Doug Bass                    1:29:29 
    6        Elliott Delaye               1:31:14 
    7        Bill Wright                  1:49:34 

  2nd course Bob Baylor                     50:12 

Orange Course, Female (8.7 km, 215 m, 11 controls) 

    1        Nancy Lindeman               2:49:15 

Green Course, Male (13.2 km, 300 m, 12 controls) 

    1        Bob Baylor                   1:19:26 
    2        Bob Cooley                   2:32:59 

Blue Course, Male (16.6 km, 345 m, 14 controls) 

    1        Matthias Kohler              1:32:02 
    2        Kent Ohlund                  1:36:39 
    3        Dan Stoll-Hadayia            1:36:46 
    4        Sergey Grushin               1:39:20 
    5        Vadim Masalkov               1:57:55 
    6        Tony Pinkham                 2:02:10 
    7        Thorsten Graeve              2:05:51 
    8        Andrejus Masalkovas          2:30:15