Morgan Territory

Nov. 10, 2002

by Penny DeMoss, course setter

Below are the complete results. Also be sure to check out the e-punch splits for the advanced courses.

Thanks to all who braved the wet and wild weather to compete at Morgan Territory last weekend. Actually, we've seen it worse...Harold and I got caught in a snow storm while vetting courses a few years back. And special thanks to the workers who have an extra hard time of it when the weather's bad.

Now, a word about the courses. When planning courses it's always good to vary the lengths of the legs. It's fun to have a mix and I always like to include at least one extra long leg, but the extensive trail system (especially on the eastern side of the road) made it impossible for me to come up with anything very long that wouldn't have everyone just head for the nearest trail. I didn't think throwing in a few very short legs would add much, since there were already more than the usual number of controls on every course. Now, I could have had long legs that went east and west, but that would have meant lots of climbing, and haven't we all had enough of that? At any rate, I tried to make the legs interesting in spite of the somewhat monotonous lengths. The last-minute change on the first control for Red and Blue came about when Harold nearly broke his neck trying to cross that massive rock sheet to hang the control on Sat. We had both run across it while vetting the courses...when it was dry. But once it got wet...well, there's a reason why the now ruined fence was put up around it in the first place! Duh, what was I thinking? Anyway, it was better to be safe and move it to the new location on the ruined fence that was still in the control circle.

A tip to future course setters: If you don't remember how big a cliff or boulder is, it's better to not give any height than to give the wrong one. I had moved one control from a 2m cliff to a smaller cliff down lower and didn't remember to change my notes. When hanging the bag on Sat., I of course noticed it was hardly even a 1m cliff. The other mistake was one of just trying to remember after the fact how big the boulder was for the clue sheet and getting that wrong too. My apologies to anyone who was terribly irked by these two goofs.

We had a pretty good turnout on the beginners' courses in spite of the weather. Marlene Roberts and Mary Walsh managed to get through the 2.4km White course in 33:46 for top honors. First male was Adam Redfield, who along with Becky Redfield came in 2nd in 39:52.

The 3.2km Yellow course, which was fairly challenging as Yellows go, was won by Victoria Lee in 40:32. First male was 2nd place Ken Livak in 52:36.

The Orange course was 4.6km with 230m out there a ways all right. First place, with a good time of 56:37, was Denis Kourakin. He was almost ten minutes up on second place finisher Brad Wetmore, at 1:06:02. The first woman was Julie van Hoff at 1:56:30.

The Brown course was 4.6km with 210m climb. Meg Gerstner and Alan Glendinning paired up for the win in a time of 54:26. It's actually unusual for a pair to win an advanced course, with all the arguing and what not... Pairings are not allowed at A meets, but so far anyway, BAOC has never had a rule against groups on advanced courses at B meets. Now that a pair has won, will that change? Naw... In 2nd place was Gary Kraght. After a slight problem early on, which dropped him 6 minutes behind Alan and Meg, he clawed his way back to within 1:48 of them by the 7th control. But then another bauble at 8 put him back to plus 3 minutes again. He managed to hold off David Jorgensen who finished in 57:23 to Gary's 57:09.

In the individual women's race Vicki Woolworth and Patty Clemo had quite a battle. Vicki led until a disastrous 7th and 8th legs when Patty took an almost 7 min. lead. An error by Patty at 10 cut the lead in half and as often happens one error followed another, so by the time they left control 11 Vicki had taken back the lead by 2:40 and held on for the win at 1:13:21 to Patty's 1:16:44.

The Green course was 5.6km with 275m climb. Looking at the WinSplits shows that nobody hogged the fastest legs category. Bruce Bassett held the lead until the fifth leg when Gary Carpenter took over for a couple of legs. Gary's been absent from our meets for a while with a nagging sore foot....which may have been bothering him again as he eventually faded to 8th place. Bruce regained the lead and was 2 mins ahead of Chuck after the 12th of 14 controls. Bruce was still ahead at the GO control and it all came down to the 225m run in which Chuck blitzed in 1:03 to Bruce's 1:28 for the win. Wow! Chuck's total time was 1:07:07, Bruce was 1:07:27. Third place went to Adrian Marin at 1:09:00, also a very good run. Right on his heels was Evan Custer, who's been suffering from some East coast bug that he picked up at the US Champs last week. His time of 1:09:21 was a very good effort considering. Usually a top contender on Green, Hannu Haarma was on hand to help out. He broke two ribs in a fall at the Champs, and was not able to compete. I really appreciated his help as he was clearly very uncomfortable.

Yelena Krasnov had a great run finishing 5th overall in a time of 1:09:58 to Vivian Lee's 1:20:37.

I was surprised to see a number of runners on the Brown and Green courses head right up the face of the hill toward their first control. After vetting the various routes it was clear to me that contouring NE on the trail and then crossing the top at a lower point was the way to go. I noticed Chuck Spalding headed that way, and he did, in fact, have the fastest split for the opening leg.

The Red course was 7.375km with 330m climb. Once again, nobody dominated as far as fastest legs. Matthias Kohler had a slight lead by the 5th control, but once Thorsten Graeve took over at the 6th he was not challenged again and finished with a comfortable margin over Doug Stein and Tapio Karras. His winning time was 1:12:56. Doug and Tapio had a good skirmish, with Doug coming out on top with a 2nd-place time of 1:19:09 to Tapio's 1:19:24. Matthias finished in 4th at 1:22:54. There were NO women on the Red course.....

The Blue course was 8.95km, 435m climb. All of the fastest leg splits were shared by the first three finishers. Vladimir Gusiatnikov led for two controls then Syd Reader led from 3 to 5. Vlad regained the lead by one second by #6 and they continued to have a very tight race, only seconds apart, until #11 when Syd had about a 1:30 error. Vlad maintained that gap and, on the only big slog of the day for Blue, 14 to 15, was quite a bit quicker than Syd and opened up an uncatchable lead of almost 5 mins. Syd finished strong, had the fastest splits on 6 of the last 8 legs and closed the gap to 2 mins. at the finish, but it was "too little, too late". Vlad's final time was 1:22:04 to Syd's 1:24:04. Good Stuff, congrats to Vlad. Leonard Francois was 3rd in 1:30:51. There were no women on the Blue course either.....

Thank-you list:

If you think it's hard to run when it's raining, you should try putting on a race under those conditions! Yuck. BIG THANKS to the following people. If I forgot anyone, shame on me.

Maps: Thanks to Bob Cooley for printing all the maps. He used a new waterproof ink that we tested at the start line. I held an uncovered map out in the rain and in less than one minute it had started to fall apart, BUT the ink never ran. You can thank Harold for stuffing all the maps into individual map cases.

Set up crew: Bill and Barbara Straka showed up early to help Harold put up the various rain shelters while I put out the White and Yellow controls. They no sooner got them up and a huge gust of wind blew everything apart. Ripped the tents irreparably. Harold was able to make the tiny finish hut with the remains, but the e-punch crew had to head for the stables.

Beginners' clinics: Bill Straka and Abby Wolfe

Registration: Ev and Jean Beuerman, James Wilson and Vivian Lee. What a mess! What would we do without you? Thanks so much.

Starts: Thanks to Dan Greene and Hannu Haarma for helping me at the start. Even a big majestic oak eventually starts to leak, right?

Finishes: Thank you Nancy Lindeman, Gary Kraght and Bill Papendick.

E-punch crew: Thanks to Evan Custer who programmed the units, and to Jeff Lanam who helped Evan on the day.

Pick up crew: I was REALLY surprised that the volunteers were actually still willing to go back out and fetch the controls after such a long wet day. I told Harold I'd probably go back out on Monday and get them, but no, everyone was eager to get it over with. Thanks to the following: Matthias Kohler, Thorsten Graeve, Vlad Gusiatnikov, Peter Graube, Terry Farrah, Mark Blair and Sean Campbell (who admits he did it only so he could get into the Bon Tempe meet--whatever).

In addition, Barbara Straka and Dean French were on hand to help out in any way needed.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. See you at Calero!


  Pl  Name                                      Time

White     (2.4 km, 60 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Marlene Roberts, Mary Walsh               33:46
   2  Becky & Adam Redfield                     39:52
   3  Ann, Yelena & Alexander Erez              46:16
   4  Aytgimm                                   48:24
   5  Emilia Hayn, Brooke Morgan, Larry Fong,
        Carrie Koch, Ashleigh Stork             50:58
   6  Nanna, Brittany & Sophie Casey            51:11
   7  Girl Scout Troop 2123 (13 girls)          52:32
   8  Mark & Chad Berghoff                      53:25
   9  Tom, Michelle, Mike, Robin Podany         54:23
  10  Kathy Devoy, Joey & Carolyn Short         58:23
  11  Holly McCammon & family                 1:00:15
  12  Navraj Nandra                           1:09:16
  13  David, Christi, Amy & David McCullough  1:14:29
  14  Dan, George & Lisa Manke                1:26:24
  15  Joanne Leadbetter, Audrey David         1:34:17

Yellow    (3.2 km, 125 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Victoria Lee                              40:32
   2  Ken Livak                                 52:36
   3  Carl Reisinger                            59:30
   4  Jack & Philip Myers                     1:05:49
   5  Rich Steiner                            1:07:37
   6  Frank Perez--very soggy card looks like 1:09...
   7  Larry Heller                            1:13:23
   8  John Batcheller Jr. & Sr.               1:22:23
   9  Galena Shakhnovsky                      1:25:02
  10  Sam & Wesley Maffei                     1:35:21
  11  Debbie Santa Maria, Michael Daley,
        Jean Shuler                           1:44:00

Orange    (4.6 km, 230 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Denis Kourakin                            56:37
   2  Brad Wetmore                            1:06:02
   3  Lukas Gruendler                         1:11:58
   4  Wes Erck                                1:22:48
   5  John Theisen                            1:28:50
   6  Scott Henderson                         1:31:00
   7  Sean Campbell                           1:32:49
   8  Julie van Hoff                          1:56:30
   9  Deer Valley Outdoors Club               2:02:10
  10  Charles McCarthy                        2:12:43
  11  Jill Custer                             2:43:16
  12  Jeff Minch, Warren Dewan,
        Katherine Dowling                     2:56:23

      ROTC Commandos (9)                        DNF

Advanced Results

  Pl  Name                             Time

Brown    (4.65 km, 210 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Alan Glendinning, Meg Gerstner   54:26
   2  Gary Kraght                      57:09
   3  David Jorgensen                  57:23
   4  Nimrod Tzori                   1:00:49
   5  Doug Masiel                    1:05:59
   6  Bob Strauss                    1:08:33
   7  Bill Wright                    1:09:57
   8  Vicki Woolworth                1:13:21
   9  Patty Clemo                    1:16:44
  10  Bill Straka                    1:22:04
  11  Dmitriy Volkov                 1:23:49
  12  Vasya Volkov                   1:24:36
  13  Abby Wolfe                     1:27:24
  14  Rob Clima                      1:37:01
  15  Alan Houser, Jay Hann          2:02:37
  16  Nancy Lindeman                 2:03:50
  17  Terry Gleason                  2:12:39
  18  Dave Ingram                    2:15:17

      Oleg Shakhnovsky                 DNF
      Leslie Minarik                   DNF

Green    (5.50 km, 275 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Chuck Spalding                 1:07:07
   2  Bruce Bassett                  1:07:27
   3  Adrian Martin                  1:09:00
   4  Evan Custer                    1:09:21
   5  Yelena Krasnov                 1:09:58
   6  Johan Overby                   1:10:40
   7  James Wilson                   1:10:52
   8  Gary Carpenter                 1:14:05
   9  Trevor Pering                  1:18:42
  10  Vivian Lee                     1:20:37
  11  Jason Pattison                 1:20:51
  12  Peter Revill                   1:21:22
  13  Theo Verhoeven                 1:22:41
  14  George Minarik                 1:23:32
  15  Steve Haas                     1:34:21
  16  Phillip Hoare                  1:57:12
  17  Terry Farrah                   2:00:04

      Craig Huff                       DNF

Red      (7.38 km, 330 m climb, 19 controls)

   1  Thorsten Graeve                1:12:56
   2  Doug Stein                     1:19:09
   3  Tapio Karras                   1:19:24
   4  Matthias Kohler                1:22:54
   5  Alex Krasnov                   1:28:49
   6  Andrejus Masalkovas            1:29:21
   7  Dan Greene                     1:32:42
   8  Eric Rosenzweig                1:40:22
   9  Jim Waite                      1:43:36
  10  Bill Papendick                 1:47:02
  11  Deron Van Hoff                 1:56:54
  12  Mark Blair                     2:08:22
  13  Rob Williams                   2:15:24
  14  Michael Behrens                2:16:08
  15  Stew Hintz                     2:22:53

Blue     (8.95 km, 435 m climb, 22 controls)

   1  Vladimir Gusiatnikov           1:22:04
   2  Syd Reader                     1:24:04
   3  Francois Leonard               1:30:51
   4  Rex Winterbottom               1:48:36
   5  Mutsumi Sugizaki               2:01:48
   6  Doug Bass                      2:06:12
   7  Peter Graube                   2:16:36
   8  Gavin Wyatt-Mair               2:19:32


DNF = Did Not Finish