Oct. 6, 2002

by Bill Papendick, meet director

Results are below. Also be sure to check out the e-punch splits for the advanced courses.

On Oct. 6, 2002, the Bay Area Orienteering Club put on a "B" meet at Camp Tamarancho in Fairfax, CA. Good weather bought out many orienteers. I would especially like to thank the Boy Scouts Council of Marin for use of their facility, and to recognize Phil Galbreath, the ranger at the camp, for all his support, help and instruction on all the rules on how the camp is run.

I would like to thank Leslie and George Minarik for helping with parking. Parking is limited and everyone must back in to be able to leave quickly in case of an emergency. They did a great job.

Thanks go to Rosemary Johnson who obtained the permit

I want to thank Chris Taylor for all the work that he did to prepare for this meet. He set the White, Yellow, Brown and Green courses. He performed countless hours of computer work with Condes and OCAD to prepare the courses and control descriptions for printing. He vetted Blue and Red. He field checked and made map corrections. He produced the text descriptions for the White and Yellow course. For the whole day before he hung control bags. The morning of the meet he was back out hanging bags for the beginning courses. He helped with finishes during the meet, and after the meet picked up controls. The success of the meet is due to all of the work that Chris put into it.

Joe Papendick set the Orange course and helped with course review. Ian Tidswell also reviewed the courses on paper and insured that the BAOC standard of quality was met.

On the day of the meet, Paige Marquardt and Jose Moreno helped erect the finish chute and sun tent. Thanks for being such good volunteers.

Gary Kraght, Vic and Laura Revenko handled registration beautifully. Thank you so much.

Judy Koehler did publicity for the event, and single handedly managed the large crowds for beginner's clinics. Thank you, Judy.

Harold Demoss helped with finishes and control pick up. Penny and Harold organized control pick up very efficiently. They recruited people and assigned areas for each to pick up. Pick up went very smoothly and was completed by 4:00PM.

Joan S Roos sacrificed her day by helping with starts. Thank you Joan. Galena Shakhnovsky helped with results, and Mark Blair helped take down the banners.

Bob Cooley expertly did map printing. He adjusted the control numbers, added the legends and printed in two different scales. Thanks for the great job and in a very short time span.

Robert Lewis programmed all the controls that used E-punch. Delivered the controls to Bob so I could pick them up Friday night. Robert and Evan Custer performed all of the E-punch magic the day of the event. It all works so well with such talented personnel.

The large pick up crew deserves many thanks. They are: Harold and Penny DeMoss, Kevin Schoenfeld, Jay Hann, Leon Berzins, Debbie Wojtowicz, Matthias Kohler and Chris Taylor.

Thanks to anyone who I have forgotten to mention, and see you in the woods.


Bill Papendick


  Pl  Name                                           Time

White Course   (1.95 km, 110 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Charles McCarthy                               27:00
   2  Ernest, Sam & Julia Gomes                      48:17
   3  Sam Larsen                                     55:28
   4  Monika Larson, Nicola Carey                    55:42
   5  Lindsey Smith, Renee Barr                      57:28
   5  Mark Gerhard, Sergio Martinez                  57:28
   7  Jim, Joe & Eric Sanders                        61:31
   8  Kim, Michael & Kevin Romero                    62:15
   9  Marielle Blais, Patrick Gallagher              63:15
  10  Jacob Mooney, Tommy Busterud                   69:54
  11  Terri & Samantha Wanke, Shannon O'Toole        71:47
  12  Doug Hartman, Willie Friedman,
        Janet McDonald, Joanne Bowsman               73:05
  13  Liz & Alex Cuevas                              74:26
  14  Caroline & Matthew Stewart                     77:10
  15  Brendan & Keith Borrall                        77:34
  15  Gregory, Mark, Jeff & Tim Forrest              77:34
  17  Greg, Kim, Kyler, Jenner & Aubrey Felton       77:42
  18  Werner Armburst, Marjory & Aidan Powers,
        Aubrey Ligandet                              78:00
  19  Larry, Kim & Jocelyn Fong, Aki Neumann,
        Geneva Vogelheim, Jaycee Casalnueuvo,
        Chrissy Cassin                               80:15
  20  McKeny Family                                  82:50
  21  Mary & Aziz Kadri, Thomas Overzet,
        Bruce Straub                                 84:48
  22  Michael Martinez, Eli Gerhard                  86:54
  23  Melinda Straub, Nizam Kadir, Ben Delzell       90:00
  24  Jeffrey Smith                                 121:59

Yellow Course   (2.0 km, 155 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Paige Marquardt, Jose Moreno                   36:21
   2  Megan Bergkessel                               36:56
   3  Kevin Boscardin, David & Cathy Rice            48:54
   4  Derek & Cheryl LaSalle, Alain Urraty           51:16
   5  Galena Shakhnovsky                             58:52
   6  Jeffrey Levin                                  59:12
   7  Rich Steiner                                   59:41
   8  David Hansen, Max Hill, Sam Gross              62:10
   9  Martin McDonald, David & Charles Gribble       65:44
  10  Denis Kourakin, Maria Kourakine, Chinton Chen  66:25
  11  Aaron Frantz, Jeremy O'Shea                    68:03
  12  Andrea, Douglas, Adriana & Roland Shepard      69:35
  13  Gary Larsen, Richard Pon                       69:54
  14  Sam & John Maxim, Conner & D VanGessel,
        Skylar & P Collins                           70:18
  15  Robert Kelly, Nick Wells, Rohan Duff           71:51
  16  Anna Taylor, Arielle Ikeda                     78:18
  17  Neil Peterson                                  78:45
  18  Andrew Wilson, Justin Ai                       86:40
  19  Jill Custer                                    91:48
  20  Reese & Tim Wilson                            105:06
  21  Jerry Mandel                                  105:10
  22  Penelope Tyler                                107:10
  23  Marty Lautze                                  136:42

  Second Course

      Charles McCarthy                               51:15

Orange   (3.6 km, 255 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Shaw/Strothers                2:38:05
   2  Boggs/Kwan                    2:44:48
   3  Don Gee                       2:58:01
   4  Jordan/Koziol                 2:58:17
   5  Pagendarm/James               3:06:13
   6  Boggs/Blidy                   3:17:08
   7  Sean Campbell                 3:21:18

      Burrit                          DNF
      Jay Frantz                      DNF
      Joseph Moore                    DNF
      Troop 48                        DNF
      Kendall (4)                     DNF

Brown    (2.6 km, 210 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Werner Haag                     53:26
   2  Dennis Wildfogel                55:08
   3  George Minarik                1:05:45
   4  David Jorgensen               1:12:48
   5  Leslie Minarik                1:42:00
   6  Robert Lewis                  1:47:37
   7  Laura McKeegan                2:07:09
   8  Vic Revenko                   2:14:23
   9  Oleg Shakhnovsky              2:23:55

      Judy Koehler                    DNF
      Joe Scarborough                 DNF
      Joan Roos                       DNF
      JD Ahearn                       DNF

Green    (3.3 km, 275 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Penny DeMoss                  1:00:30
   2  Hannu Haarma                  1:05:40
   3  Evan Custer                   1:11:15
   4  Adrian Martin                 1:21:40
   5  Yelena Krasnov                1:22:49
   6  Bill Wright                   1:57:32
   7  Jay Hann                      2:04:20
   8  Dave Ingram                   2:04:31
   9  Debbie Wojtowicz              2:07:58
  10  Chad Hendrix                  2:11:47

      Gary Kraght                     DNF

Red      (4.8 km, 405 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Steve Gregg                   1:19:43
   2  Matthias Kohler               1:38:53
   3  Alex Krasnov                  1:39:39
   4  Andrejus Masalkovas           1:43:51
   5  Eric Rosenzweig               1:53:45
   6  Kevin Schoenfeld              2:11:49
   7  Stew Hintz (GCO)              2:17:52
   8  Leon Berzins                  2:25:12
   9  Rob Williams                  2:27:11
  10  Mark Blair                    2:39:10

Blue     (5.1 km, 475 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Juha Heinonen                 1:26:53
   2  Thorsten Graeve               1:40:45
   3  Vadimas Masalkovas            1:58:58

      Riley/Gilmore                   DNF
      Scott Fullerton                 DNF


DNF = Did Not Finish