Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

Palo Alto
Sunday, September 22, 2002

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Results: Advanced and beginners and advanced e-punch splits.

The Monte Bello meet was successful in spite of the high temperature, which made physically demanding advanced courses extremely grueling. We didn't leave any people lost in the woods, but Monte Bello swallowed another e-punch unit during control pickup. If anyone would like to do some training in the guise of looking for it, I can send you a map showing the vicinity where it was dropped in the southwest corner of the park.

This kind of event cannot happen without a lot of work from a lot of volunteers.

Thank you to Ev and Jean Beuerman for doing their usual great job at handling registration under the trying circumstances of heat and insufficiency of White course maps. Having 100 instead of 50 would have been much better.

Thank you to Russell Green for mapping the Skyline side, designing the Brown, Green, Red and Blue courses and picking up part of the advanced controls.

Thank you to Dean French for designing the White, Yellow, Hard Yellow and Orange courses. Dean also took the first shift at beginner finishes and picked up most of the Skyline controls. He decided to add the Hard Yellow course, which was an excellent addition to the normal seven courses.

Thank you to Jeff Lanam for handling the e-punch stuff, including programming the units, delivering them to me, setting up and manning the download station.

Thank you to Frank Markowitz and Meg Gerstner for beginner starts. Meg also assisted with registration while the flood of people was there around 10am. She also checked paper-punch results, and was able to let me know when everyone who had gone out on the Skyline courses was accounted for.

Thank you to David Dreyfuss, Dan Greene and Van Boughner for beginner clinics. At the peak time, David and Dan were running clinics simultaneously. David Dreyfuss also helped pick up controls.

Thank you to Terry Farrah and Mike Fleishman for advanced starts. Mike interrupted his Green course run in order to relieve Terry at the scheduled time. When I relieved him, he completed his run. Terry Farrah also did a major chunk of control pickup.

Thank you to Jonathan and Laurie Seder who came back past the advanced start when they decided against tackling the star thistles, and were recruited on the spot to help carry everything up to the finish.

Thank you to Audrie Faist for working at finishes.

Thank you to Alan Glendinning for working at advanced finishes.

Thank you to Steve Haas and Robert Martinek for doing control pickup instead of running a course.

Thank you to Edith Jacobi and her daughter Aline for control pickup.

Thank you to Peter Graube for setting out the last couple of Skyline controls and the water stops for White and Yellow courses, and generally being a supporting and calming influence on a first-time meet director.

Thank you to the rangers who were very cooperative, including unlocking gates so that I could drive in on Monte Bello Road to drop Russell at the top of the park where he could set some of the last controls including one of the water stops on the Red/Blue courses, and then drive myself down to set another water stop and more controls, while the ranger drove Dean and 8 gallons of water in along one of the trails so that he could set 3 more water stops and the last two controls.

Thank you to Alan LaVergne for many things, including vetting control locations, e-punch assistance, advanced finishes, control pickup and keeping me sane.

Thank you to everyone else who helped, but whose names did not get written down.

Debra LaVergne

Results (White, Yellow, Orange Courses)

Below are the results for the White through Orange courses.

  Pl  Name                                                 Time

White   (2.70 km, 18 controls)

   1  Timothy, Adam, Nu, Klemens                           43:51
   2  Greg, Shelley, Zach Hicks, Tillie Rodriguez          44:59
   3  Nicole Bouchez, Jason Zven                           45:16
   4  Eric Curl, Susan Petrick                             51:03
   5  Waddah & Bilal Kudaimi, Iman Ghazal                  54:18
   6  Charles & Kathie Smith                               54:30
   7  Christy, Jana, Mariam, Manan, Imad, Hadia, Yasmine   54:33
   8  Ajit Dongre                                          55:21
   9  Ahmed Alawi                                          57:57
  10  Jesse & Mohamed Almari                               59:38
  11  Bevan Waite                                        1:00:37
  12  Ken & Teresa Iihara, Stephen Sih Choi              1:01:12
  13  Steven, Mike, Alison & Brendan Nugent              1:04:10
  14  Aisling, Andrew, Kevin, Mark, Paul & Dorothy       1:04:21
  14  David & Wei-Chieh Chang                            1:04:21
  16  David & Trent Lawler                               1:06:22
  17  Shahid, Zar, Adeeb & Azeem Khan                    1:08:09
  18  Diana Smith, Marilyn Moore, Susie Shiba            1:08:11
  19  Imad, Manaar & Malik Khalil                        1:09:45
  20  Imeru Khan                                         1:10:21
  21  Osama, Anwer & Aroch Mohammad                      1:11:45
  22  Nada Al-Manaseer                                   1:13:44
  23  Halima Albers, Ibrahim Elsakka, Rami Abueshsheikh  1:13:54
  24  Humayun, Sharif, Ashref, Aziz                      1:15:13
  25  Mujtaba Ghouse; Basheer, Siraf, Nwzhath & Salih    1:15:52
  26  Muneer Danial Saqib                                1:16:55
  27  Girl Scout Troop 575                               1:23:05
  28  Farhad & Tausif Ahmed                              1:23:40
  29  Jill Custer, Amanda Hayton                         1:25:01
  30  Nuredin Indris                                     1:25:32
  31  Dulaiba                                            1:30:00
  32  Samy, Azza, Sarra & Abdallah Hilali                1:33:08

      Jacac Eid                                            DNF
      Daniel, Kathryn, Danielle & Matthew Cassley          DNF
      Cub Scouts 399 - Hussein                             DNF
      Stacy Miller, Nancy Mohler                           DNF
      Fatima & Hakeem O'Neal                               DNF

Yellow  (2.225 km, 13 controls)

   1  Jason, Connie & Russell Green                      1:20:43
   2  Ali Morasca, Victor Polich                         1:23:20
   3  Hectoneson & Passanisi                             1:24:13
   4  Maxine Chan, Stella Hwang, Lisa Huynh              1:26:15
   5  Antonio Gonzales                                   1:31:39
   6  Jon Millington, Kate Vyskovska                     1:36:57
   7  George & Terri Warren                              1:38:49
   8  Denise, Alana, Karen & Christie                    1:45:29
   9  David Higgs, Jenninfer Oakes                       1:49:22
  10  Nathalie Attar, Vicki Wilson                       1:53:03
  11  Galena Shakhnovsky                                 1:58:45
  12  Aline & Chris Jacobi                               2:06:06
  13  Ron & Yoram Arbel                                  2:07:05
  14  Ben Friedlander                                    2:53:25
  15  Libby, Nicole, Helga & Daniel Cronin               3:47:58

      Ed Cassada                                           DNF
      David & Jergen Hsiao                                 DNF
      Greg, Roger, Paul & Phil                             DNF
      Emily & Will Bassett                                 DNF
      Anita, Gayatri & family                              DNF
      Ardsher & Noorsher Ahmed                             DNF
      Clare & Lucia Livak                                  DNF

Hard Yellow   (2.525 km, 15 controls)

   1  Melissa Criqui, Steve Jankowski                    1:06:45
   2  Scott Fullerton                                    1:10:04
   3  Dan Veditz                                         1:10:17
   4  Ethan Dreyfuss                                     1:18:32
   5  Dave Pechner                                       1:21:35
   6  Frank Markowitz                                    1:21:37
   7  Ron & Winter Renwick, Craig Benson                 1:24:04
   8  Kathy Tegtmeier, Mike Christensen                  1:40:25
   9  Stacy Miller, Nancy Mohler                         1:48:14
  10  Reggie Dugord, Clarence & Camari Randolph          1:49:12
  11  Rick James, Larry Pagendarm                        2:00:28
  12  Jason Zien, Nicole Bouchez                         2:13:40
  13  David Dippon, Renee St.Germaine                    2:21:42

      Rachel Care                                          DNF
      Judy Coppes, Jill Gaines                             DNF
      Carrie Johnson                                       DNF
      Rebecca & Adam Redfield, Kerry & Travis Johnson      DNF
      Elena & Ken Livak                                    DNF

Orange  (3.275 km, 225 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Mark Payne                                         2:37:50
   2  Tom & Judy Cronin                                  2:51:02
   3  Julie & Jean van Hoff, Craig Spencer               3:46:42

      Chris List                                           DNF
      Jonathan & Laurie Seder                              DNF
      Helen Sabin                                          DNF
      Barbara Straka                                       DNF
      Alvin Kernan                                         DNF
      Cathy Bolger                                         DNF
      Audrie Faist                                         DNF
      John Pagendarm                                       DNF

Results (Advanced Courses)

Below are the results of advanced courses.

  Pl  Name                         Time

Brown   (3.85 km, 275 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  George Minarik              1:18:42
   2  Joe Scarborough             1:41:07
   3  Geoff, Andrew & Al Theiss   2:15:30
   4  Mike, Yvonne & Jeff Brill   2:18:20
   5  Vic Revenko                 2:29:14
   6  Dave Ingram                 2:31:18
   7  Natasha Gelfand             2:39:00
   8  Johanna Merriss             2:50:22
   9  Trinka Gillis               2:51:50
  10  Fred Ciarmaglia             3:03:39

      Michael Young                 DNF
      Bjorn Widerstrom              DNF
      Leslie Minarik                DNF
      Jack Myers                    DNF
      Francois Lefevere             DNF
      Scott Fullerton               DNF
      Jeff Lanam                    DNF
      Rosemary Johnson              DNF
      Brent Williams                DNF
      Edith Jacobi                  DNF
      Brad Johanson                 DNF

Green   (4.55 km, 300 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Evan Custer                 1:18:04
   2  Bruce Bassett               1:32:34
   3  Bill Papendick              1:34:10
   4  Alan Glendinning            1:37:37
   5  Chuck Spalding              1:43:49
   6  Dennis Wildfogel            1:46:20
   7  Werner Haag                 1:56:19
   8  Adrian Martin               2:03:59
   9  Jill Seaman                 2:05:44
  10  Anders Nilsson              2:08:50
  11  Bill Wright                 2:11:06
  12  Fabrice Retierz             2:21:29
  13  Terry Farrah (RMOC)         2:27:59
  14  William Straka              2:40:40
  15  Raymond Kemp                3:19:31
  16  Jim Duggan                  3:38:01
  17  Mike Fleishman              3:44:01

      Louise Madrid                 DNF
      Oleg Shakhnovsky              DNF

Red     (6.15 km, 400 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Dan Greene                  1:50:44
   2  Tapio Karras                1:55:11
   3  Kent Ohlund                 1:55:38
   4  Chris Tuffley               1:59:07
   5  Jim Waite                   2:16:42
   6  Johan Ovenby                2:18:28
   7  Andreus Masalkovas          2:26:51
   8  Deron van Hoff              2:32:33
   9  Vivian Lee                  2:44:16
  10  Stew Hintz (GCO)            2:54:25

      Juha Heinonen                 DNF

Blue    (7.20 km, 475 m climb, 16 controls)

   1  Steve Gregg                 2:00:49
   2  Otti Bisang (Basel)         2:10:12
   3  Vadimas Masalkovas          2:11:18
   4  Thorsten Graeve             2:12:37
   5  David Dreyfuss              2:48:02

      Peter Graube                  DNF
      Mike Springer                 DNF
      Brian Moore                   DNF
      Van Boughner                  DNF