Dimond park

Sunday, Sept. 15, 2002

By James Wilson, Meet Director

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the new OCAD map of Dimond Park and surrounding neighborhoods. The weather was good, even a little hot by midday. Most people opted for the 2-hour time limit on the Score-O, and only one person did the course by bike. We had a low-key event, but good training nonetheless, especially on some of the hills up through Piedmont.

I would like to thank Vivian Lee for handling the registration and doing a great job of explaining the course to all the entrants. I would also like to thank Nancy Lindeman and Cheryl Madson for doing all the starts for me. Thanks to Steve Gregg for helping me out with a last minute field check of the map.

Results are below, please let me know of any wrongly spelled names.


  Pl  Name                                 H:MM  Points

1-hour limit by foot

   1  Emilia & Alanna                      1:00    70
   2  Andrea Shepherd                      0:54    65

2-hour limit by foot

   1  Dan Greene                           1:24   280
   2  Otti Bisang                          1:18   205
   3  Andrew Theiss                        1:30   135
   3  Nancy Lindeman                       1:59   135
   4  Geoff & Al Theiss                    1:43   120
   5  Larry Fong, Taylor & Quincy          2:06   104  (-6 pts for OT)
   6  Louie Hale & Thane                   1:54   100
   7  Sonza & Bob Van Herrick              1:28    75
   7  Linda Turkatte, Mary & Jim McDevitt  1:59    75
   8  Ed Cassada                           1:33    50
   9  David, Lucas, Jane                   1:35    45

2-hour limit by bike

   1  Lukas Gruendler                      2:09   416  (-9 pts for OT)