McLaren Park

San Francisco
Saturday, June 22, 2002

Contact: Rex Winterbottom, 510-681-6181

Thanks to those of you who attended today's training session in McLaren Park. It was a pleasure to set this up. I apologize for the off magnetic north lines on the map.

Great running weather - foggy and misty. A minimal map. Just a few large features, contours, and a few paved roads that cars travel. Because of the lack of information, it was a good test of fundamental orienteering skills such as bearings and pace counting - having a good idea of where you are on the map.

What made it extra tricky (and unfair) was the "unknown" state of the vegetation off the trails/roads. I'd have to say it's not like any other park around the Bay Area - it's a variegated combination of the different styles you usually see - Eucalyptus forest,Cypress forest, tall grasses, thick & patchy brush like you find on San Bruno mountain, and picnic areas and a moderate trail network.

There are many point features such as rocks and boulders and human artifacts too. If mapped, this park would be good for short, faced paced urban park o-courses with lots of change in direction.


35:52 Doug Stein
35:56 Wyatt Riley
37:30 Thorsten Graeve
41:29 Steve Gregg
41:56 Ben Wahl
44:00 George Minarik
79:11 Andrea Shepherd
81:49 Cecil Konkle
83:35 Grace Mellow
86:23 Cathy B.
100:37 Fred C.
108:00 Marty Lautze +1
115:00 Jill Gaines
119:35 Judy Koehler

"didn't visit every control"

Dee Dee Terzian +2