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Dennis Wildfogel finishes the Green course at the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Bon Tempe

Dec. 8-9, 2001

by Penny DeMoss, meet director

I've combined the two days' results since the conditions were identical on both days. Thanks to Chris Taylor for setting such enjoyable courses. This was his course-setting debut and I'd say he's got real talent.

The legendary "hillside of death" claimed its usual number of victims (including me, which is really silly since I mapped it!), but everyone survived, and returned to hot cocoa and treats and a good laugh. The weather was good, a bit chilly, but perfect for running. No rain! Many sightings of wild turkeys and deer, the resident blue heron made an appearance both days, and Chris spotted an osprey. Such a beautiful place....

Thanks very much to the following people who helped Chris and me pick up controls after the event: Vivian Lee, Peter Graube, Bill Wright, Alan LaVergne, Harold DeMoss. Thanks also to Rosemary Johnson for getting the permit for this meet.


Orange Course   (3750m, 195m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Leena Ilmarinen                 1:43:39
   2  David Bond and Marlene Roberts  1:56:12
   3  Sean Campbell                   2:18:38
   4  Dean and Donna French           2:52:48
   5  Jay and Aaron Frantz            2:56:06

      Lauren Weber                      DNF
      Mark Burchill                     DNF
      Ed and Helen Shaw                 DNF
      Shirley Parlan                    DNF

Short Adv. Course   (4225m, 230m climb, 12 controls)

   1  George Minarik                  1:09:47
   2  Vivian Lee                      1:16:23
   3  Lars Fjellbirkenland            1:19:58
   4  Harold DeMoss                   1:29:38
   5  Leif Kirschenbaum               1:35:16
   6  Heini Ilmarinen                 1:37:47
   7  Bill Wright                     1:38:02
   8  Dwight Freund                   1:46:04
   9  Leslie Minarik                  2:06:50
  10  Vic Revenko                     2:10:34
  11  Eglute Martisiute               2:21:16
  12  Melissa Criqui                  2:30:11
  13  Alan LaVergne                   2:47:56

      Chris Shirley                     DNF
      Mark Spiller                      DNF
      Nancy Lindeman                    DNF

Medium Adv. Course   (5525m, 300m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Debbie Wojtowicz                1:52:41
   2  Steve Jankowski                 1:56:17

Long Adv. Course   (6425m, 400m climb, 17 controls)

   1  Vadimas Masalkovas              1:18:39
   2  Penny DeMoss                    1:40:06
   3  Bill Papendick                  1:42:05
   4  Kevin Schoenfeld                1:51:28
   5  Andrejus Masalkovas             1:53:21
   6  Rex Winterbottom                1:53:23
   7  Peter Graube                    2:06:35
   8  Nik Weber                       2:24:06