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Kelly Wells hoofs it at the 5th annual Golden Goat, held at Shell Ridge, October 2000 (Photo: Ian Tidswell)


Oct. 14, 2001

by Gavin Wyatt-Mair, meet director

We had great weather, another huge turnout, and plenty of fun at this year's Briones event and 10th annual Bay Area Scout Orienteering Championships. There were about 450 scouts, 70 adult leaders, and 100 BAOC participants, for a total of 620 participants. Not quite a record, but close. Below are results for both the BAOC event and the Scout-O.

We again used e-punching on all courses. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the database that caused our finish crew a lot of headaches, as well as long lines at the finish. Lesson for next year: Create the database earlier so we can test it properly, and use two download stations. Anyway, despite the lines, we were able to get all the e-punch results downloaded and did not lose any data. Whew! Couldn¹t print many results other than splits, though.

Gavin Wyatt-Mair, founder and director of the annual Briones Scout-O. A collateral effect of the computer trouble was that we had to calculate part of the scouts' results manually. Unfortunately, these calculations turned out to be incorrect in their details, and after we sorted out the computer troubles, we have a corrected set of official Scout-O results ­ take a look!

Thanks for the Help!

We would like to thank the East Bay Regional Park District and the Briones Park rangers for their support. The park rangers were particularly helpful with parking, access, and advice, and we are very grateful to them. The scouts would like to thank BAOC for sponsoring the Scout-O event and helping scouting out. Thanks also to all the parents and scout leaders who took the time to bring their scouts to a day of orienteering.

To all our helpers: Thank you VERY much. With such a large attendance, help was the most essential element of the meet, and you all did a wonderful job! To those I have left out (and I'm sure I have, since there were so many ad-hoc volunteers), please accept my thanks, too. And of course, thanks to my family (Nina, Arwen, Malcolm, Kelsey, Wendy) for all their help and patience - typing, stuffing packets, telephone calls, mailings, recruiting, results, and putting up with the disruption.

A special thank-you to Jeff Lanam, who manned the e-punch download nonstop from 10 am until 3 pm ­ a Herculean effort in the face of constant computer trouble and masses of finishers.

Once again this year, our wonderful club has shown its colors. The help we received again was spectacular, and the cheerful and unstinting way in which it was given amazes me. Thank you so much, everyone ­ not just from me, but from all those scouts, scouters, parents, and orienteers who benefited from your time and energy.

Here is a list of helpers, and I apologize profusely to those who pitched in but whom I've inadvertently left out.

Scout-O Troop Competition

Here is the amazing part: After careful review of the results, and after correcting various double punches, mispunches, and so forth in the e-punch system, there was a TIE for first place! Congratulations to Troop 804 from Danville and Troop 32 from San Jose - our joint 2001 Scout Orienteering Champions. Troop 804 won last year also, and Troop 32 have now won 6 times! Troop 237 from Orinda came in third.

This first-place tie may seem extremely unlikely, but when you consider the top-notch orienteering track record of the troops involved, it becomes more plausible. In any event, it is a worthy result. Just for the record, we went through four independent checks of the results before our computations agreed completely and we were able to make this announcement with certainty. A special thank you to those who helped with the results computation, and a very special, heartfelt apology to Troop 32, who were incorrectly placed in second place on meet day and in the November-December BAOC Bulletin.

Congratulations also to our Girl Scout Champions: Troop 321. Troop 434 was the second Girl Scout troop to finish.

And last, but not least, congratulations to our Junior Champions: Girl Scout Troop 2485.

The competition was organized into two parts:

The totals for each troop were computed from a combination of individual morning results and Score-O. Morning results were weighted based on time, and afternoon results were weighted based on number of correct controls found, with a lateness penalty.

Once again, we had an impressive improvement in orienteering skills amongst the scouts. More and more scouts are doing the harder courses, and doing them well. The undisputed Bay Area Scout Orienteering Champion is Byron Hann from Troop 804 in Danville, who won Course 4, the Orange course, in 55:04. His time also puts him in first place amongst the regular BAOC orienteers! Second place went to Jack Acton of Troop 804 in Danville, and Michael Sobczyk of Troop 32 from San Jose in 62:41 was third.

On Course 1 (White), first place was won by Jakub Fiederowicz of Troop 32 from San Jose in 44:38. Second place went to Henderson and Heath of Troop 237 from Orinda. Troop 941 team 1 took third.

Michael Pisanski of Troop 32 in San Jose was the winner on Course 2 (Yellow) in just 39:36. Second place went to Tomas Rollinger and P. Mazur. Greg Hannum of Troop 804 was third.

Course 3 (Yellow-Orange) was won by Andrew Robinson and Malcolm Wyatt-Mair of Troop 241 in Lafayette in a very fast 45:34. Danville Troop 804¹s team of Chris Hann and Ryan Rivers were second in 67:33, while Colin Burgess and T.J. Rakitan of Troop 139 came in third.

Eric Benjamin of Troop 24 from Berkeley collared top honors on the Adult course in 55:57. Jay Hann of Troop 804 in Danville was just 10 seconds behind, and Greg Butera of Troop 24 was third. Since this was for bragging rights only, Eric gets to be the biggest bragger - well done!

Scout patches were distributed at the meet. If anyone did not receive a patch, as well as a course patch, please contact me: 925-934-6567 or e-mail If you haven't received a patch for last year's meet, also contact me.

BAOC Results

Also be sure to check out the e-punch splits.
White           3.6 km, 90 m climb, 10 controls

   1  Greg Ehrensing                43:37
   2  Sonza VanHerick             1:03:05
   3  Pack 464 den 5 (1)          1:09:19
   4  Pendelton                   1:11:22
   5  Tony Prado                  1:13:11
   6  Judy Koehler                1:20:59
   7  Rakitan                     1:28:02

      Andrew Martisinte             MSP   (missed #2)

Yellow          4.15 km, 135 m climb, 10 controls

   1  Eric Tam                    1:02:41
   2  Daniel Le                   1:18:05
   3  David Bond                  1:18:43
   4  Molina                      1:27:48
   5  Yelena Shakhnovsky          1:31:58
   6  Thomas & Zak Fester         1:33:59
   7  George Orloff               1:46:10
   8  Jolly                       1:49:30
   9  Tony Prada                  1:56:37
  10  Tim & Lori Sammons          2:09:49
  11  Radfield                    2:14:48

      Matthew Chen                  MSP   (missed #9)

Orange          4.275 km, 205 m climb, 11 controls

   1  Elliott Delaye              1:10:40
   2  Behrens                     1:12:13
   3  Douglas Chan                1:14:00
   4  Perttu Illmarine            1:15:00
   5  Ken Shaeaffer               1:18:19
   6  Dowd                        1:19:35
   7  Eglute Martisiute           1:23:56
   8  Chatzi                      1:27:57
   9  Julian Leong                1:45:12
  10  Dunphy                      1:47:15
  11  Larry Pagendarm             1:48:14
  12  Barbara Straka              2:01:13
  13  Kevin Walker                2:05:57
  14  Sean Campbell               2:13:55
  15  Jeff Levin                  2:17:03
  16  Sharon Evans                2:22:46
  17  Launchbury                  2:23:17
  18  Howe                        2:51:56
  19  Majhi                       3:07:30
  20  Fishkin                     3:16:23

      David Knepshield              DNF

Brown           4.35 km, 195 m climb, 12 controls

   1  Dennis Wildfogel              57:47
   2  Penny DeMoss                1:06:13
   3  Heinl Illmarinen            1:25:09
   4  Mark Perkins                1:42:23
   5  Oleg Shakhnovsky            1:43:27
   6  Jones                       2:00:55
   7  Douhovnikoff                2:26:22
   8  Dean French                 2:43:33
   9  Dailey & Rose               2:55:46

      Rosemary Johnson              MSP   (missed #3)
      Doug Masiel                   MSP   (missed #1)
      Joan Roos                     DNF
      Chittoor Shanker              DNF
      Susan White                   DNF
      Serrano                       DNF

Green           5.075 km, 250 m climb, 15 controls

   1  Hannu Haarma                1:00:29
   2  Werner Haag                 1:12:47
   3  Rich Parker                 1:17:12
   4  Joe Scarborough             1:17:38
   5  Rental-47046                1:25:17
   6  Mike Fleishman              1:46:19
   7  Debbie Wojtowicz            1:47:34
   8  Mike Condrin                1:48:00
   9  Gerry Goss                  1:57:52
  10  Chuck Spalding              1:58:54
  11  Stacy Goss                  2:21:04
  12  Rob Gendreau                2:21:37
  13  William Straka              2:23:47
  14  Abby Wolfe                  2:26:14
  15  Richard Jerrard             2:29:14
  16  Grace Mellow                2:49:17
  17  Vic Revenko                 2:54:39

      Francois Leonard              MSP   (missed #15)
      Stempler                      MSP   (missed #6)
      Flak                          MSP   (missed 11)
      Angelica Riley                DNF
      Leif Kirschbaum               DNF

Red             5.8 km, 330 m climb, 17 controls

   1  Kent Ohlund                 1:18:07
   2  Tapio Karras                1:25:45
   3  Dan Greene                  1:27:49
   4  Andreus Masalkovas          1:29:27
   5  Bruce Bassett               1:40:35
   6  Russell Green               1:43:36
   7  Kevin Schoenfeld            1:56:01
   8  Chad Hendrix                1:56:25
   9  James Wilson                2:14:03
  10  Stew Hintz (GCO)            2:14:41
  11  Mark Blair                  2:16:40

Blue            6.7 km, 365 m climb, 21 controls

   1  James Scarborough             58:01
   2  Wyatt Riley                 1:04:23
   3  Syd Reader                  1:09:10
   4  Steve Gregg                 1:15:12
   5  Thorsten Graeve             1:15:32
   6  Doug Stein                  1:30:14
   7  Vadimas Masalkovas          1:31:40
   8  Peter Graube                1:49:49
   9  Nick Weber                  1:51:04
  10  Alan Mathews                3:30:08