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Melissa Criqui and Marsha Jacobs show off their "O in the Oaks" T-shirts for the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

UC Berkeley

Aug. 12, 2001

by Rosemary Johnson, meet director

It was a lovely day for a run at the UC Berkeley campus. Skies were clear, the day was warm but not too hot. White, Yellow and Window-O of varying length courses were on offer. 73 erstwhile orienteers showed up to test their skills. Below are the complete results.

Unfortunately, the course setter's inexperience showed. One control that was on both Yellow and Window was totally incorrect, and another 2 control circles on Window were somewhat misplaced. The question was changed for the 6th control (2nd on Yellow) to suit the control placement after the first Window-O runner returned. My apologies to everyone who was disconcerted by these errors. No response or incorrect answers to these questions were not counted against any participant but many people lost time looking for a non-existent control. Despite these problems there were very few DNFs.

On White (where there were no misplaced control circles) Jeff Pacifici in first at 33:40, David Bond & Marlene Roberts at 35:40 and Steve Wynn & Monica Simpson at 38:40 were far ahead of their competition. On Yellow, Mark Miller blew out the field in 36 minutes flat. He was followed by Terry Pratt at 47:20 and Robert Olson at 59:50. On the Window course, Wyatt Riley and Steve Gregg showed their foot speed finishing at 36:46 and 38:22 respectively. Derek MacLean finished in 41 minutes flat despite being the unlucky first finisher who reported the control circle misplacement.

Many thanks to my crew of helpers: Ev and Jean Beuerman for taking over registration when the East Bay crew couldn't make it; Ian Tidswell for leading Beginners Clinics; Steve Gregg and Mark Blair on Starts; Marsha Jacobs and Larry Bowers (who is a member but had never previously attended an event) on Finishes; and for Marsha Jacobs and Joan Roos who wrapped up the event for me when an unexpected personal commitment required that I leave the meet before closing.


White          2.3 km     10 controls

1.   Jeff Pacifici                           33:40
2.   David Bond & Marlene Roberts            35:40
3.   Steve Wynn & Monica Simpson             38:40
4.   Jennifer Benson                         50:55
5.   Bill, Sonjia and Colin Wright         1:07:58
6.   Brian Noia                            1:15:40
7.   Sharon Kato                           1:18:40
6.   Albert Berkowitz                          DNF  (1:31:18, no answer sheet)

Yellow         3.4 km     13 controls

1.   Mark Miller                             36:00
2.   Terry Pratt                             47:20
3.   Robert Olson                            59:50
4.   Kirsty Lee                            1:03:40
5.   Mike Whelply & Joyclin Hashimoto      1:07:56
6.   Rachel and Vincent                    1:10:27
7.   Wendy Yu and Ken Ma                   1:12:25
8.   Alan Jones                            1:12:30
9.   Scott Harris/Jenny Tam/Cheryl Logan   1:18:30
10.  Louisa Yue & Thomas Leung             1:19:28
11.  Nimish Shah & Kala Venugopal          1:20:00
12.  Silvia Chin                           1:20:50
13.  David Takacs                          1:28:00
14.  Sonza and Bob Van Herick              1:39:45 
15.  ShanTutass/Pete Shaw/Matt Spah        1:55:15
16.  Eglute Martisiute                         DNF

Window         4.5 km     18 controls

1.   Wyatt Riley                             36:46
2.   Steve Gregg                             38:22
3.   Derek MacLean                           41:00
4.   Mark Blehr (sic)                        44:00
5.   Angelica Riley                          44:40
6.   Yelena and Alex Krasnov                 47:38
7.   Ian Tidswell                            48:10  (15 correct)
8.   Marcello Napolitano                     54:43
9.   Andrejus Masalkovas                     55:29
10.  Dwight and Rachel Freund              1:00:11
11.  Vadimas Masalkovas                    1:01:27
12.  Jeff Lanam                            1:12:39
13.  Marsha Jacobs                         1:13:04
14.  Adrian and Carrie Martin              1:20:30
15.  Greg Butera and Richie Hom            1:22:20
16.  Rod Jaehn                             1:29:59
17.  Oleg Shakhnovsky                      1:31:11  (16 correct)
18.  Tim Ernst                             1:34:33
19.  Wynn & Simpson                        1:41:06  (2nd course)
20   Phillip Hoare                         1:43:55
21.  David Takacs                          1:55:44  (2nd course)
22.  Shankar, Prasad, Sangeeta, Naren      2:04:00
23.  Larry Pagendarm                       2:25:09
24.  John Pagendarm                        2:27:30
       Charlie Kharsa                           OT
       Stephanie MacLean                       DNF
       Galena Shakhnovsky                      DNF