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Rubin heads to the finish at the 2001 Morgan Territory A-meet, shadowed by proud papa Van Boughner (Photo: Tony Pinkham)


Santa Rosa
April 22, 2001

by Gary Kraght, meet director

Due to a late date change, which effectively killed Judy Koehler's publicity efforts, we had a "light" turnout at Annadel of only 142 orienteers. However, the weather was ideal this year. By running the starts out of an area we hadn't used before, people got a somewhat different look at Annadel. Club regulars didn't let the date change and schedule conflict with Gold Country's Doton Point event deter them, as Red and Green were the most heavily subscribed courses. Even among the first-timers, many chose to start out on a more advanced course - Orange and Brown, even Red and Blue, leading to a number of DNF's on the advanced courses. But everyone checked into the finish at a reasonable time and I admire their enthusiasm. Below are the complete results.

The other key statistic is 27 volunteers. That's how many people it took to put on a very successful meet. Fortunately no orienteering elves volunteered to misplace or steal controls. A big thanks goes to the entire Annadel honor roll of Scott Aster, Ev & Jean Beuerman, Harold & Penny DeMoss, Stacy & Gerry Goss, Steve Gregg, Tapio Karras, Leif Kirschenbaum, Judy Koehler, Matthias Kohler, Alan & Debra LaVergne, Adrian Martin, David Meredith, George Minarik, Kent Ohlund, Joan Roos, James Scarborough, Joe Scarborough, Dan Stoll-Hadayia, Bill Straka, Chris Taylor, Idell Weydemeyer, Gavin Wyatt-Mair. My apologies if I missed anyone.

Courses were a little on the long side, and Annadel lends itself to technical course-setting. So everyone who finished gets a "job well done" award. Families dominated the winners list. White and Yellow were won by two Wyatt-Mair juniors, Kelsey and Malcolm. Eric Gordon wasn't too tired after a fine Orange run, so he tried Yellow as a second course. Brown and Green were bested by another family, Sarah and George Minarik, with Leslie Minarik second on Brown. Bruce Wolfe made a rare appearance to show how the top U. S. M45 runs Red, and Syd Reader led a very competitive pack on Blue.

The most eye-opening run of the day, though, belongs to Anneliese Steuben. She was fourth on Red, demolishing most of the rest of the field of very strong male runners. Her training is certainly paying dividends, as she readies herself for the Junior World Championship this summer.


WHITE          2.5km, 140m climb

   1  Kelsey Wyatt-Mair                     43:17
   2  Girl Scouts #83 (Steph, Kelsey,
         Michelle, Annika, Myra, Melissa)   78:22
   3  Kitty Gordon, Jennifer Courter        83:36
   4  Imei, Christopher and Toni Chen       87:12
   5  Cathy Bunting, Micki Guntren,
         Saundra Clausen                    96:31
   6  Christopher Bush, Lucian Teaford     108:28
   7  John Albrecht, Fritz Wagenkneght,
         Robert Donold                     113:48
   8  Erin Vassey                          125:34
   9  Anne Cox, Linda Davis                127:41

      Jerry Mandel                           OT
      Sue Szarek                             DNF
      Helene Vaillancourt                    DNF
      G. Hislaine Fortier                    DNF
      Ellen Storz, Jackie Green              DNF

YELLOW         3.6km, 175m climb

   1  Malcolm Wyatt-Mair                    49:37
   2  Gilbert Liotard, Gwenhael Jacq        64:18
   3  Tom Harrington                        86:04
   4  C. T. List                            87:12
   5  Jen Schultz                           98:48
   6  George & Pat Aster                   118:03
   7  Don Gee                              118:08
   8  Beth Givens, Philip O'Toole          119:29
   9  Alan & Debra LaVergne                128:35
  10  Johanna Merriss                      129:00
  11  Tony Green                           131:24
  12  Jeff, Thea & Rachel Levin,
         Robin Bellows, Jazmyn Faulkner    174:54

  2nd course
      Kitty & Eric Gordon,
         Jennifer Courter                   82:16

ORANGE         3.2km, 210m climb

   1  Eric Gordon                           64:27
   2  Jean Francois Arcand                  70:50
   3  Doug Masiel                           77:12
   4  Joel Riggs                            79:50
   5  Alan Jones                           102:56
   6  Leena Ilmarinen                      103:12
   7  Russell, Wodsworth, Samuel,
         Zubeyir, Oliver                   111:50
   8  Barbara Straka                       112:17
   9  Silva Dolmane                        113:55
  10  Eglute Martisiute                    127:44

      William & Nicole Brady                 OT
      Andrew Smith                           DNF
      David Arcand                           DNF
      Kamini Singha                          DNF
      Marie-Josee Parayre                    DNF

  2nd course
      Ellen Storz, Jackie Green              OT
      Gilbert Liotard                      Lost card
      Alan LaVergne                          DNF

BROWN          3.1km, 170m climb

   1  Sarah Minarik                         76:14
   2  Leslie Minarik                        92:33
   3  Dwight Freund                        103:22
   4  Joan Roos                            120:10
   5  Idell Weydemeyer, David Meredith     125:51
   6  Joe Polacco                          129:15
   7  Leif Kirschenbaum                    142:57
   8  Judy Koehler                         143:14
   9  Jay & Jay Hann, Mike Youngblood      178:00

      Steve Smriga                         Lost card
      Scott Hann, Gregory Hannum             DNF
      Jussi Ilmarinen                        DNF

  2nd course
      Gwenhael Jacq                         77:13
      Doug Masiel                           97:05

GREEN          5.6km, 225m climb

   1  George Minarik                        65:43
   2  Devin Prouty                          82:47
   3  Joe Scarborough                       93:47
   4  C. J. Powers                         100:27
   5  Vivian Lee                           103:10
   6  Adrian Martin                        104:43
   7  Brian Donohue                        110:38
   8  Heini Ilmarinen                      111:07
   9  Stacy Goss                           121:49
  10  Bill Straka                          127:58
  11  Robert Lewis                         134:27
  12  Abby Wolfe                           139:00
  13  Barbara Sutherland                   161:51
  14  Gerry Goss                           171:53

      Steve Beuerman                         OT
      Vic Revenko                            OT
      Chris Day                              DNF
      Paul Overvoorde                        DNF
      Michael Young                          DNF
      Francois Leonard                       DNF
      Jeff Lanam                             DNF
      Becky Michan                           DNF

RED       6.5km, 305m climb

   1  Bruce Wolfe                           73:56
   2  Perttu Ilmarinen                      82:42
   3  Kent Ohlund                           83:00
   4  Annaliese Steuben                     94:21
   5  Dan Green                            103:57
   6  Tapio Karras                         107:34
   7  Hannu Haarma                         110:17
   8  Matthias Kohler                      114:06
   9  Eric Rosenzweig                      116:53
  10  James Wilson                         121:16
  11  Chris Taylor                         123:02
  12  Trevor Pering                        129:31
  13  Russell Green                        130:30
  14  Chris Sherwood                       139:03
  15  Chris Tuffley                        155:13
  16  Mark Blair                           163:28
  17  Andrejus Masalkovas                  171:31
  18  Rod Jaehn                            177:03

      Angelica Riley                         DNF
      Stephen Price, John Duda               DNF

BLUE      8.6km, 450m climb

   1  Syd Reader                            97:57
   2  Doug Stein                           102:57
   3  Wyatt Riley                          103:58
   4  James Scarborough                    111:27
   5  Thorsten Graeve                      124:17
   6  Mark Prior                           130:23
   7  Penny DeMoss                         144:10
   8  Vadimas Masalkovas                   161:21

      Michael Prindiville                    DNF
      Dorsey Moore                           DNF
      Dan Stoll-Hadayia                      DNF
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair                       DNF
      Peter Graube                           DNF