The Bay Area Orienteering Club hosted the

Sierra 2000 O-Fest

7 Days of Orienteering + USOF Convention

Lake Tahoe, California
July 29 - Aug 6, 2000

Hope you had a great time at the Sierra 2000 O-Fest! BAOC and GCO would like to thank everyone for coming, and a special "merci danke gracias" to Team Sierra, who made it all happen.

Complete results for all events - competitive and recreational - are now available. Directors' commentaries will be posted when ready. See below for help on reading the splits pages.
Burton Creek A-meet (Aug 5-6) Sawmill Flat A-meet (Aug 2) Spooner Lake B-meet (July 29) Relay, Spooner Lake (July 30) Mountain Bike-O (Aug 3) Trail-O (Aug 4) Convention competitions

Reading the Splits

The following will help you decipher the color-coded splits information.
  • There are 2 lines of information for each person:
    • First line (pale yellow background) shows split times for each leg.
    • Second line (dark yellow background) is cumulative time on course.

  • Fastest and slowest times are highlighted:
    • Red numbers on the first line indicate the fastest split time on a leg.
    • Red numbers on the second line indicate the course leader at that point (best cumulative time).
    • Blue numbers are 2nd and 3rd fastest split times on a leg.
    • Pink background indicates a leg with lost time (as calculated by the WinSplits program).

BAOC thanks the sponsors of the Sierra 2000 O-Fest for their generous contributions of money, equipment, and supplies:
  • Brunton
  • Gookinaid
  • Orienteering North America