Las Trampas

Nov. 5, 2000

by David Meredith and Idell Weydemeyer, meet directors

The orienteering terrain at Las Trampas is always steep and difficult, and for this meet the soil was soft from rain the previous week. Weather the day of the meet was nearly perfect - clear and cool. 113 orienteers participated, almost evenly split between WYO courses on the grassy slopes south of the ridge and BrGRB courses in the forested hills to the north. The advanced runners used a remote start/finish approximately 1.5K and 173m from registration. That's a course in itself. Below are the complete results.

First-time orienteer Craig Mar blazed in first on White in 24:18. He went on to run the Yellow course and finish fifth. Jeanette Miller came second on White at 41:50. The Yellow course took more orienteering skill than usual, since much of the course followed fence lines or power lines rather than trails. Maurice Zuber won Yellow handily in 36:20, then went on to Orange and came in eighth. Linda Spranz and Vasya Volkov came second and third at 50:02 and 50:47. Lisa and Jack Van den Bogaerde, finishing 7th, also ran the White course. Yelena Krasnova came first on Orange at 52:44 with Angelica Riley right on her heels at 52:57.

Brown was won by Dwight Freund in 112:57. On Green, Dennis Wilfogel (89:30) barely edged out Steve Gregg (89:50). Jakob Larsen took Red in 117:33. On Blue, Doug Stein came in well ahead of the group in 123:22.

Orienteering depends on volunteers, and we want to thank all those who helped make the meet a success. Thanks go especially to Greg Lee for setting the BrGRB courses and to Joan Roos who designed Orange. The BrGRB courses were vetted by Harold and Penny DeMoss and Nick . Vivian Lee again managed registration, assisted by Alan Jones and Rex Winterbottom. Parking was directed by Neal Clayton, Debbie Wojtowicz, and Jeff Lanam. Bill Straka taught a beginners' clinic, and Kelly Wells and Joan Roos helped newcomers with map reading.

Scott Henderson, Jan and Dedre Zentler, Deborah Lair, Ev and Jean Beuerman, and Barbara Straka sent competitors from the starting line for White, Yellow and Orange courses. Kelly Wells, Jay Hann, and Tim Earnst clocked in the white, yellow and orange finishers. Remote start/finish volunteers included Kevin Schoenfield and Lars Fjellbirkeland. Audrie Warmuth welcomed newcomers at the finish line and invited them to join BAOC. James Liao and Ken Douglas hung results and assisted with carrying equipment to vehicles.

And special thanks go to all those assisting with control pickup when they were exhausted after some very tough climbs. Dean French and Chuck Spalding assisted with the WYO courses, and Mark Blair, Peter Graube, and Kelly Wells picked up the BrGRB course controls.

Finally, George Kirkov helped us in many ways. He spent a day walking the northern hills with Greg, he designed the Yellow course, and he drew corrected maps for the WYO courses in O-CAD. And a special thanks to Ranger Jim Wolf and others on the Las Trampas staff. Jim made useful suggestions about course setting and arranged for extra parking to be available the day of the meet.

If we missed anyone, thanks to you too. Many people volunteered to help at the meet, and we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm.


White   2.6K 105m

1       Mar                       24.18
2       Miller                    41.50
3       Lair, Zentler             43.18
4       Glendinning, Band         44.04
5       Keup, Bitner              48.39
6       Van den Bogaerde, L & J   53.00
7       Nunez, Faber              64.30

Yellow  2.6K 150m
1       Zuber                     36.20
2       Spranz                    50.02
3       Volkov,V                  50.47
4       Schultz                   53.30
5       Mar (2nd course)          58.46
6       Bond, Roberts             66.16
7       Van den Bogaerde, L & J   77.40  (2nd course)
8       Bauman, Berg              83.21
9       Shakhnovsky               89.23
10      Beuerman, E & J           95.24
11      Faelz, Perez             140.10

        Theiss, A                  dnf

Orange  3.7K 240m
1       Krasnova              52.44
2       Riley                 52.57
3       Friederichs           57.50
4       Emit                  58.35
5       Voman                 59.14
6       Asplund               61.12
7       Bolger, Renworth      65.12
8       Zuber                 66.48  (2nd course) 
9       Henderson             67.46
10      Faelz                 72.32
11      Gelfand               75.59
12      Douglas, Liao         78.50
13      Volkov,D              79.40
14      Theiss, G             83.47
15      Hann                  86.39
16      Pratt                 89.13
17      Jones                 91.20
18      Koehler               96.39
19      Roussos, Chatzi       96.54
20      Pagendarn,            98.40
21      Straka               110.06
22      Ciccarello, V & S    114.20
23      Gee                  130.30
24      Burris, E & J & L    130.44
25      Pagendarm            139.18

        Zentler, J & D         dnf

Brown   2.7K 120m

1       Dwight Freund        112.57
2       Seaman               120.27
3       Nick Corsano         126.00
4       Lee                  129.56
5       Debbie Wojtowicz     137.50
6       Meg Gerstner         146.55
7       Donohue              168.19
8       Nancy Lindeman       227.40

        Barr                   dnf
        Dean French            dnf
        Ilmarinen              dnf
        Kopeikina              dnf
        Schindler              dnf
        Oleg Shakhnovsky       dnf
        Young                  dnf
Green   3.9K 190m
1       Dennis Wildfogel      89.30
2       Steve Gregg           89.50
3       Fjellbirkeland        93.47
4       Plamondon            121.14
5       Alan Glendinning     122.30
6       Chuck Spalding       128.16
7       Abby Wolfe           153.09
8       Bill Straka          225.44

        Gendreau               dnf
        Stacy Goss             dnf
        Jorgensen              dnf
        Jeff Lanam             dnf
        Martin                 dnf
        Stevenson              dnf
        Verhoeven              dnf

Red     5.6K 405m

1       Larsen            117.33
2       Matthias Kohler   127.25
3       Nik Weber         173.50
4       Mark Blair        182.13

        Green               dnf
        Jaehn               dnf
        Derek Maclean       dnf
        Masalkovas          dnf
        Nilsson             dnf
        Mark Rice           dnf
        Rosenzweig          dnf
        Kevin Schoenfeld    dnf
        Taylor              dnf
        Kelly Wells         dnf

Blue    6.8K 510m
1       Doug Stein              123.22
2       Rex Winterbottom        160.03
3       Peter Graube            174.20
4       Masalkovas              174.27
5       Thomas/Jhong/Freeman    194.41

        Van Boughner              dnf
        Thorsten Graeve           dnf