Rossmoor Bar

June 11, 2000

by Stew Hintz, meet director

GCO's spring orienteering schedule drew to a close June 11 on a day that was almost made to order for navigating the terrain at Rossmoor Bar. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and some challenging courses rewarded all of the participants. The complete results are below.

On a White Course designed by scouts Kevin Coughlin and David Link, the Carty family posted a winning time of 36:08 over 2.22 Km. This was the Carty's first orienteering event after happening upon the meet while biking along the American River.

Troop 238B of Galt won the 3.47 Km Yellow Course after cutting their teeth on the White Course. A good bit of hustle to the finish put Diana and Paul Gudeman a few seconds ahead of a strong BAOC team for fourth place.

Those who attempted the Orange Course should be commended for their perseverance along the 4.87 Km course that ventured deep into the rock and tailings piles and through fields of star thistle. Harry and Lee McQuillen took the honors with a time of 1:53:20.

In the advanced courses, Dwight Freund was tops in a strong field of Brown competitors. Brian Donohue won Green followed shortly by Joe Ledesma and Panu Haaramo finished first on the 6.93 Km Red Course with a time of 1:23:56.

I would like to thank all of those who came and made my debut as Meet Director a pleasant one. The scouts of Troop 94 in Folsom under the direction of Joe Link and Stephen Rando deserve a special thank you for their help in setting up the event, running the finish and pitching in where they could. Kevin Coughlin, David Link, David Martin, and Joseph Rando qualified for their merit badges with their efforts at Rossmoor Bar. Gentlemen, you did a wonderful job and you helped make the meet the success it was.

Thanks also go out to Pete Olsten, Jennifer Kerr, Joe Ledesma, Art Livingston and Dwight Freund of GCO for their help in setting up and taking down the event. A special mention should also go out to Kevin Walker from BAOC, who is becoming a regular assistant at our meets with last-minute chores and things.



Paulina, Bruce and Bryan Carty        36:08
Greg and Andy Fox                     44:35
Bryan Wall and Bryan Lane             46:56
Marvin, Terese, Bradley and
  Marvin IV Green                     47:40
Troop 238 B of Galt                   52:58
Timur and Jenn Hilton                 57:00
Pack 281 of Gold River              1:03:51
Troop 238 A of Galt                    MSP
Kean Yeoh                           No Start Time


Troop 328 B of Galt *               1:10:00
Andy and Wayne Choate               1:10:40
Troop 238A of Galt*                 1:16:00
Diana and Paul Guderman             1:19:42
Jasper Wu, Reggie Dugard,
  Brian Dugard, Kellie Dugard
  and Theresa Dugard                1:20:05
Team Werner                         1:20:07
Kevin Coughlin and David Link       1:23:22
Greg and Andy Fox*                  1:27:33
Eileen Allen, Kurt Schmalenberger
  and Monica Schmalenberger         1:46:08
Phillip Delmoral and
  Jason Dourgarian                  1:51:25
Nick Schmalenberger                 1:57:42
David Lenoi and Dan Canose          2:02:40
Joe Rando and D.J. Martan           2:08:00
Al Berkowitz                          DNF
Team Werner I                       No Start Time


Harry and Lee McQuillen             1:53:20
Kevin and Chris Calandri            2:08:13
Art Livingston                      2:13:00
Adam Werner and Craig McMorris        OT [3:40:00]
Kristi Duncan and Charissa Codina     DNF
Lucas Frei                            DNF


Dwight Freund                         58:35:25
Darek Zieba, Paul Zieba and
  Bruno Plamondon                   1:13:25
Jennifer Kerr                       1:26:46
Edward Quartemont                   1:56:45
Kevin Walker                          DNF
Anu Perisalo                          DNF


Brian Donohue                       2:25:00
Joe Ledesma                         2:31:00


Panu Haaramo                        1:23:56
Nik Weber                           1:57:52
Rex Winterbottom                    2:01:50