Joaquin Miller

May 7, 2000

by Ian Tidswell, meet director

Despite some last-minute prayers to the weather gods, May 7 was a very foggy and wet day in the Oakland Hills. Undoubtedly this kept the numbers down, but didn't seem to diminish the enthusiasm of the approximately 40 non-soluble participants - almost all of whom were new to orienteering.

Starting in the lower meadow, the white course went up and back the main valley. The yellow course went through more varied terrain and had spectacular views across the bay to San Francisco (at least for those with the special fog-piercing glasses). The orange course started out in a similar vein to the yellow, but then had a strenuous climb up to the redwood section for some more challenging route-choice.

All the participants seemed to have a great time, with all but one completing at least one course. Tom Collett, at his first orienteering event, completed all three courses, the white and yellow in the fastest time - quite an achievement! Rex Winterbottom, with a few more events under his belt, had the fastest time on orange.

Thanks to the hardy souls who helped with the event: Joe Scarborough for vetting and some helpful course tuning, the DeMosses (start/finish), Steve Gregg (registration, setup), Gavin Wyatt-Mair (registration), and Rosemary Johnson (instruction). Thanks also for Brunton for their donation of hats, compasses (for competitors), and a banner.


White   2.0k, 85m climb

 1.  Tom Collett                           18:10
 2.  Laz Sandor                            28:40
 3.  Dan, Mary, Peter Moreno               32:30
 4.  Terry Pratt                           34:35
 5.  Serrano Group                         36:55
 6.  L. Smith, M. Gilmore, R. Mayeda       39:35
 7.  Deron, Alexander, Lauren, Allyson     44:30
 8.  Faries Veenstra                       44:50
 9.  Tina Back                             46:34
10.  S. Cunningham                         47:10
11.  Steve & Janie Faelz                   50:00
12.  Robert Garcia                       1:01:30
13.  Rick & Jan Nullmeyer                1:02:43
14.  Liz Burnett                         1:08:25

Yellow   2.4k, 135m climb

 1.  Bob Gannon                            54:30
 2.  Becky & Adam Redfield               1:51:50

 Second course:
     Tom Collett                           30:00 
     Terry Pratt                           53:47 
     L. Smith, M. Gilmore, R. Mayeda       53:50

Orange   3.6k, 310m climb

 1.  Rex Winterbottom                    1:01:10
 2.  Peter Graube                        1:09:50
 3.  Jim McMahon, Li-Chun Huang          1:58:06
 4.  Gur-Arieh & Gilon                   3:22:18
     Coni Cullimore                        DNF

 Third course:
     Tom Collett                         1:18:30