March 5, 2000

by Rosemary Johnson, meet director

Despite the dreary, misty day, 91 stalwart orienteers came out to play at Briones Regional Park in the East Bay Hills. Fortunately, the moisture never gave way to a real rain, because the valleys were already exceedingly muddy. But the temperature was cool for running, the hills were green, and the slopes were soft for contouring. Below are the complete results.

Thanks everyone who offered to help, especially those who sat for hours in the cool conditions. It was nice for running but not for sitting still. Aimee Grimes and Jen Stoll-Hadayia handled registration, Joan Roos and Dan Hadayia did starts, Christia Mulvey and George Minarik (aided by Leslie Minarik and Dan Greene) did finishes, Frazier Stevenson worked on results, Harold and Penny DeMoss, Dave Barr and Dan Stoll Hadayia picked up controls, and I managed to handle beginner's clinics for some eager youngsters who were looking to increase their orienteering skills, especially the scouts from GCO country. James and Joe Scarborough were early runners on Blue and Green respectively.

James ran Blue in 75:29; Thorsten Graeve 83:53 and Syd Reader 85:08 finished second and third. The fastest time on Red was posted by Derek MacLean 70:35, quickly followed by Markku Hannula 71:02 and Penny DeMoss 73:51. Evan Custer 67:04 beat out Hannu Haarma 71:45 on Green. George Minarik 53:08 and Alan Glendinning 59:37 were more than 15 minutes ahead of the rest of the competition on Brown. Davin Nisser turned in a blistering time of 47:46 on Orange. Isabelle Gracia 53:52 finished first in Yellow, with Craig McMorris and Aaron Werner 56:59 and Christia Mulvey 58:45 taking second and third. (Both Christia and Joan Roos had good times after helping for 2 hours - is there a message here?) Susan Chang led the field in White.

Thanks to Dan, our course setter for designing all courses and setting them out. Bob Cooley for the usual masterful job of map printing, Gavin for transporting tents, myself for Permits, water lugging and being a general dogsbody the day of the meet - a Meet Director's lot. If I have neglected to appreciate anyone, my apologies. Oh, thanks to the heavens for not opening up and pouring on us.


72 finishes (91 total participants)

* = pre-runner


Susan Chang				64:06
K. Halling, R Cohn-Postar, 
   W. Seabolt, D. Cohn-Postar		74:08
Jacob, Lynne, Philip, Danny Heitz	75:09


Isabelle Gracia				53:52 
Craig McMorris & Aaron Werner		56:59
Christia Mulvey				58:45
Team Pyro (Adam, Philip, Michael)	65:15
Marc Goeller, Jeff Mistrick, 
   Charlie Mighetto			78:46 
Stingers (Mike & Jason)			89:47
Clark Meremeyer & Megan Guaraglia	94:00
Fire Ash (Rudy Lopez, Jason Deganar)	97:43
Cheung Auyeung & Stanley Siu		103:17
Sue & Richard Alty			DNF
Melinda Haslam				DNF
David Shaw (group of 3)			DNF (missed #2)


Davin Nisser		47:46
Brian Donahue		83:13
Idell Weydemeyer	116:41
Melissa Criqui		DNF


George Minarik		53:08
Alan Glendinning	59:37
Dan Greene		74:45
Robert Lewis		78:12
John Napolitano		82:32
Leslie Minarik		83:37
Stephanie Maclean	84:44
Terry Gleason		87:45
Joan Roos		91:20
Aileen Abernathy	96:22
Frazier Stevenson	96:58
Vic Revenko		123:47
Nancy Lindeman		137:13 
Dean French		141:13
Richard Jerrard		145:34
Chris Cobey		DQ  (145:18, punched out of order)


Evan Custer		67:04
Hannu Haarma		71:45
Bob Cooley		78:45
Chris Taylor		79:15
Joe Scarborough *	83:33
Nik Weber		83:56
Scott Aster		87:09 
Harold DeMoss		87:13
Anneliese Steuben	87:39
Stew Hintz		99:08
Theo Verhoeven		101:33
Debbi Wojtowicz 
   & Kevin Schoenfeld	110:41
David Meredith		139:08
David Barr		173:00


Derek MacLean		70:35
Markku Hannula		71:02
Penny DeMoss		73:51
Jonas Libell		77:39
Matthias Kohler		78:56
Tapio Karras		79:53
Gary Carpenter		85:19
Ian Tidswell		86:54
Kelly Wells		91:36
Shawn Larsen		97:38
Mark Blair		102:07
Rod Jaehn		107:51
Mark Rice		130:41
Panu Haaramo		DNF


James Scarborough *	75:29
Thorsten Graeve		83:53
Syd Reader		85:08
Steve Gregg		87:17
Doug Stein		87:58
Ian Ramsey		89:38
Kent Ohlund		89:47
Gavin Wyatt-Mair	113:18
Peter Graube		147:49