Royal Gorge Ski-O

February 6, 2000

by Wyatt Riley, event director

Forty-three competitors enjoyed a beautiful day of ski-orienteering up at Royal Gorge. With sunny, clear conditions and temperatures reaching into the low 50s, it was a great weather change from the previous week's windy snowstorm at Bear Valley. Below are the complete results.

On the White course, Royal Gorge employee Bittina Kohlbrenner raced around her first-ever orienteering course in under 10 minutes per kilometer to take the win.

Area skier Blake Tresan barely beat out long-time BAOC orienteer Derek Maclean on the Short Score-O. Blake's wife Colombe, in a team with Collette Zemitis, came in 3rd. While Colombe and Collette came in about 2 minutes late, incurring a slight overtime penalty, they did get one more control than Collette's husband, Cedrik, who finished fourth.

On the Long Score-O, the day's most popular course, the 3-hour race was long enough to really tire people out. Several people stopped even when they had enough time left to get 1 or 2 more controls. While most competitors picked up the controls to the west and south of the lodge, the stronger competitors were faced with a long steep loop out to the east to pick up the toughest 6 controls.

The top 5 competitors managed to pick up all 18 controls, but only the first two arrived back on time. Kent Ohlund and Matthias Kohler arrived back in 1st and 2nd place with just over a minute separating them after more than two and a half hours! Dan Stoll, on his third (?) day on skating skis came in third, picking up all the controls and ending up only 89 seconds overtime. The top woman, Julie Raymond came in 4th overall, also picking up all the controls, and less than 9 minutes overtime, to beat her husband, Neil, in a race for the first time ever.

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who came out to face the challenging day of ski-orienteering.

Thanks to Royal Gorge management, especially Mike Grimmer, for their help in planning, equipment on the day of the event, and the fun prizes for several of the top competitors on the various courses. In addition we had several volunteers who helped out: Angelica Riley planned and field-checked the courses and helped with pre-event preparation; Tom Jahn, Adolf Jochnick, Matthias Kohler, and Brenda Giese helped me to hang and vet controls; Tom Jahn and Sharon Evans helped me at the start/finish/results area; and finally on control pickup, I got help from Tom Jahn, Matthais Kohler, Julie Raymond, and especially Neil Hunt (who retrieved the high Lola's Lookout control flag, along with several others).


WHITE	6.5km, 8 controls

1	Bittina Kohlbrenner	         62:12
2	Robert Lewis		         80:20
3	Janet Kowal, Matt 		
	McNamara, Jen Childs,	
	Joshua Baruch *		        138:55
	*On snowshoes		

SHORT SCORE-O	90-minute limit, 10 pts/control, -2 pts/min. late		

				Points	 Time
1	Blake Tresan		110      83:06
2	Derek Maclean		110      84:36
3	Collette Zemitis, 		
	Colombe Tresan		106      91:25
4	Cedrik Zemitis		100      80:42
5	Carlo Alesandrini	 70      82:22
6	David Dreyfuss		 64      92:27
7	Trinka Gillis		 52      93:58
	Young Dreyfuss			  DNF   Lost Card

LONG SCORE-O	180-minute limit, 10 pts/control, -2 pts/min. late		

				Points	 Time

1	Kent Ohlund		180	152:08
2	Matthias Kohler ** 	180	153:32
3	Dan Stoll-Hadayia	176	181:29
4	Julie Raymond		162	188:41
5	Syd Reader		156	191:53
6	Adolf Jochnick		150	177:36
7	Brian Peterson		150	179:22
8	Tony Pinkham		148	180:54
9	Neil Hunt		144	182:59
10	Pete Olsten		130	173:50
11	Mary Cooke		120	113:14
12	Dan Greene		120	144:23
13	Nik Weber		120	150:10
14	Bob Cooley		120	155:55
15	Patty Clemo		116	181:40
16	Karen Sessler		110	171:25
17	Brenda Giese		110	179:20
18	Susan Petrick		102	198:41
19	Scott Aster		100	126:24
20	Rosemary Johnson	100	169:10
21	Aileen Abernathy	100	177:08
22	Bjorn Widerstrom	100	190:00
23	Martin Bergstrand	 90	151:48
24	Lucy DuPertuis		 84	182:16
25	Jae Gustafson		 80	118:08
26	Sharon Evans		 80	124:42
27	Deron van Hoff		 80	179:45
28	Nancy Lindeman		 60	146:30

    ** Helped set controls. While at a formal 
    competition this would make Matthias ineligible, 
    at this local event - given how far ahead of 
    3rd he was - he was declared eligible and 
    awarded 2nd place.