Joe Grant

January 23, 2000

by Jeff Lanam, meet director, and Tapio Karras and Dean French, course setters

Although the driving rain kept the attendance down at BAOC's first B meet of 2000, it didn't dampen the enthusiasm of more than 70 participants. Below are the complete results.

Avoiding a remote start, Tapio and Dean set courses that circled the valley, with long legs at the beginning and end to reach the more technical areas in the north central part of the map. Familiarity with the area was the main complaint; some of us claim to know those reentrants by heart. Footing was not too bad; before the rains the ground on the steep slopes slid easily.

One problem with the Orange course should be noted: An incorrect control code on the course description [meet director's fault]. This caused some confusion, but all Orange competitors eventually found it.

A strong Blue field was led by James Scarborough; if he were a race horse, they'd call him a mudder. Penny DeMoss easily ran away with the Red course, beating the next three finishers by nearly a half hour. Green was much closer, with the top five finishers within 5 minutes of each other. Hannu Haarma came out on top there. Annaliese Steuben made the trip from Sonora worthwhile, beating the recovering Dan Greene by 8:43 on Brown.

James Wilson won the Orange course in 51:51. Special mention should be made, however, of Dwight Freund, who did the course in white pants, a tweed jacket, and umbrella. Darin Nisser blazed through a challenging Yellow course in 35:50. Boy Scout Troop 35 won the White course and wanted to do the Yellow as well. Their leaders, unfortunately, were not so gung-ho.

Thanks to everyone who made my fledgling outing as meet director go as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. Special thanks to Tapio and Dean, who handled starts and finishes as well as course setting. Thanks also to Peter Graube, start setup; Werner Haag, finish setup; Ian Ramsey, finishes; Dan Greene, beginners clinics; Chuck Spalding, Harold and Penny DeMoss, control pickup; and Ev and Jean Beuerman, registration and the magic van (with everything you need inside!).


WHITE	2.5 km, 15 m, 9 controls

 1. Boy Scout Troop 35               0:31:49
 2. Matthew Barnwell, Terry Parrish  0:46:52
 3. Chris,Kyle,Kevin Deidrick        0:53:39

YELLOW	3.6 km, 100 m, 12 controls

 1. Darin Nisser                     0:35:50
 2. Michell Ehrlich,Durner Bagnall   0:58:28
 3. Andrew McGugan                   1:28:13
 4. Joseph Curtis                    1:30:47
 5. Katie Redding,Steven Donnelly    1:45:50
 6. Lauren Wemner,Julie VanHoff      1:49:10

ORANGE  4.4 km, 140 m, 12 controls

 1. James Wilson                     0:51:51
 2. Brian Cilker                     1:08:35
 3. Devin Prouty                     1:08:50
 4. Brian Donahue                    1:14:34
 5. C. J. Powers                     1:14:56
 6. Matthew Barnwell (2nd course)    1:17:09
 7. Dwight Freund                    1:17:16
    Deron Van Hoff,Craig Spencer       MSP

BROWN   5.1 km, 235 m, 11 controls

 1. Anneliese Steuben                1:00:16
 2. Dan Greene                       1:08:59
 3. Chuck Spalding                   1:13:06
 4. Leslie Minarik                   1:36:57
 5. Aileen Abernathy                 1:39:03
 6. Theo Verhoeven                   2:04:29
    Nancy Lindeman                     DNF

GREEN   6.6 km, 315 m, 14 controls

 1. Hannu Haarma                     1:26:24
 2. Bob Cooley                       1:28:25
 3. Angelica Riley                   1:28:44
 4. Chris Taylor                     1:30:53
 5. Evan Custer                      1:31:10
 6. Werner Haag                      1:33:40
 7. Nik Weber                        1:44:27
 8. Jascha Lee                       1:45:49
 9. Shawn Larsen                     1:47:07
10. Michael Fleishman                1:54:33
11. Harold DeMoss                    1:58:29
12. Steve Hintz                      2:19:05
    George Minarik                     DNF
    Robert Lewis                       DNF
    Richard Jerrard                    OT

RED     7.8 km, 430 m, 16 controls

 1. Penny DeMoss                     1:36:52
 2. Kelly Wells                      2:02:46
 3. Bill Papendick                   2:03:18
 4. Gary Carpenter                   2:03:37
 5. Mark Blair                       2:14:29
 6. Phil Mosbacher                   2:31:22
 7. Rod Jaehn                        2:46:38
    Russell Green                      DNF
    Torben Heisel                      DNF
    Ray Kemp                           DNF
    Mark Rice                          OT
    Eric Rosenzweig                    OT

BLUE    8.8 km, 470 m, 16 controls

 1. James Scarborough                1:30:57
 2. Dan Stoll-Hadayia                1:34:13
 3. Thorsten Graeve                  1:38:36
 4. Steve Gregg                      1:49:17
 5. Ian Ramsey                       1:58:38
 6. Kent Ohlund                      1:59:58
 7. Mark Prior                       2:03:51
 8. Gavin Wyatt-Maier                2:10:10
 9. Peter Graube                     2:37:14
    Wyatt Riley                        DNF