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Planning 2012 and 2013 Events

, the current BAOC Event Coordinator, is holding a series of meetings at orienteering events to discuss events for the remainder of 2012 and in 2013. Notes from those meetings are below.

Meeting at Spring Lake, May 6, 2012

Present: Rosemary Johnson, Jonas Kjäll, Ben Legg, Rex Winterbottom

The Summer, Fall, and Winter schedules for 2012 are filling up — we are in the process of adding events at these venues:

Wildcat Canyon
Wilder Ranch
Joaquin Miller
Golden Gate Park
Bon Tempe
Willow Glen

The following venues are not yet assigned for 2012:

Almaden Quicksilver
U.C. Berkeley
S.F. Twin Peaks

We particularly have open schedule space mid and late summer.

In particular, we are looking for a Goat course setter and venue, ideally for the weekend of November 4.

Feedback from club members from the meeting today:

  1. More middle-distance B-meets — have a few a year that feature highly technical navigation.
  2. More two-day B-meets with camping like we used to.
  3. More quality control for advanced, intermediate, and beginning courses.
  4. Make mass-start events — really social.

Gary Kraght (BAOC A-meet Coordinator) and I are talking about ideas for 2013 A-meets. The 2013 A-meet schedule is very fluid at the moment, but Little Truckee Summit is tentatively penciled in for the weekend after Labor Day. We also want a local A-meet as well, probably in the spring of 2013. We have some ideas, but without polluting your minds, let's hear yours.

Thank you for your involvement in this process. Also, if you have a hunkering to course set or direct a particular event in 2012 or 2013, let me know.

I intend to have another BAOC 2012 + 2013 events meeting at Joe Grant this coming Sunday, at 12:30 PM. We continue to accept public input by email to the , or just to if you're shy.


BAOC Event Coordinator

Meeting at Indian Valley, April 29, 2012

Present: George Minarik, Scott Aster, Dennis Wildfogel, Dan Greene, François Léonard, Mark Blair, Matthias Kohler, Rex Winterbottom (I apologize if I forgot anybody.)

2012 – Completing the Schedule

We identified the venues that:

1. Haven't been used already in 2012.
2. Aren't scheduled yet in 2012.

These are: Pacheco, Bon Tempe, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, Montebello/Skyline, Almaden Quicksilver, Joaquin Miller, Calero, Briones "South," Tamarancho, Bayfront, Huddart Park, and Knowland Park. (Are there others?)

The members present listed these as "high priority" to add for 2012: Calero, Golden Gate Park, Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, and Bon Tempe.

These are pending 2012 events we are going to add so far:

1. Wildcat Canyon (Berkeley) on July 22 – ED = Ben Legg, CS = Jonas Kjall
2. Wilder Ranch (Santa Cruz) in August – ED = Trinka Gillis, CS = ?
3. Calero in Sept. – CS = Dan Greene, ED = ?
4. U.C. Berkeley in Sept. – CS = George Minarik, ED = ?
5. Willow Glen Holiday Social event on Dec. 15 or 16 – ED = Nancy Lindeman, CS = ?

We discussed the Golden Goat:

There's room for more events in 2012. We're taking suggestions and volunteers.

2013 – Planning Ahead

The goal is to have the schedule for 2013 finished in June 2012, so we can position ourselves strategically with marketing to get more members and participants.

General Discussion

We discussed the big picture question: How will we plan events to get more participants and members? Seven-course B-events are great for members, but we will plan fun events on the off weekends more accessible to novices.

Much support was voiced for the scramble format: a bunch of checkpoints, get them in any order, time limit of 90 minutes to 3 hours, mass start and finish makes for a fun social atmosphere.

Surprisingly, there was talk and interest in sprints, and making use of the many sprint maps we have in the region created by Ben Legg, Get Lost!!, and terraloco.

So, in the meantime, before we convene again at Spring Lake (and then Joe Grant the next weekend), please send any ideas you have to me or reply to the BAOC list if you'd like to put it out there.

We will continue this meeting at Spring Lake on Sunday, May 6, at 12:30 PM. It's an ongoing process. If you can help be a CS or ED for an event, please contact .

Thanks for your input in this process.


BAOC Event Coordinator