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Automatically Redirect Old Url (recommended)

How Wikify Works

This page assists you in converting an existing page on the web site to wikitext. Most of the work will be done for you automatically, and the new page created will be materially the same as the old page. Certain formatting techniques on old pages will confuse the wikification script, however, and the wikitext may need to be improved by hand in order to achieve a similar look.

To help you improve the new page, you will be automatically taken to it after you click on "Create New Page". Have a close look at the new wiki version of the page, and compare it with the old page, which usually is left in your previous browser window when you come to this page.

This script does not handle changing links to the old page on other pages in the web site. It must be done by hand, however this script will assist you in the meantime, allowing you to delay or ignore this step if you use the checkbox to automatically add a re-direct from the old url to the new one. Once a redirect is created, you will no longer be able to access the old page using the old url, because any attempts to use the old url will be automatically re-directed to the new wiki page.