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Schedule (2021)

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Unless otherwise noted, all of the club's events take place within the San Francisco Bay Area, are on Sundays, go on rain or shine, and offer courses for beginners. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for information about event schedules, costs, and what to bring.

Click on the event date to go to the event webpage/website. For the latest information for any event, please check the event webpage/website closer to the event, or (for local events) contact the Event Director. There are additional details about the event schedule below.

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If an event you are interested in no longer appears on the schedule, please check the Archive of event announcements or the Results.

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Date Event Name,
Type, and Notes
Event Director
or Contact
Course Setter(s)
Jan. 9 - 17 Oceania Orienteering Championships 2021; Christchurch, NZ
A; Sprint, Middle, Long, and Relay events in three areas of the South Island (entry deadlines: TBD)
Mar. 19 - 21 2021 U.S. Nationals – Flying Pig XXIV; Cincinnati, OH Orienteering Club of Cincinnati (OCIN)
A; Popular annual event with Middle courses on Friday, Long courses on Saturday, and Sprint courses on Sunday; all events within 20 mi (30 km) radius of downtown Cincinnati (rescheduled from April 2020)
Apr. 9 - 10 Lighthouse Classic & 2021 Junior Nationals; Whidbey Island, WA Cascade Orienteering Club (COC)
A; Model event & Sprint on Friday, Long & Middle NREs in Fort Ebey & Fort Casey State Parks on Whidbey Island; White through Orange recreational courses (Junior Nationals formerly known as IS/IC Champs) (entry deadlines: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
May. 12 - 16 Swiss 5 Days; Neuchätel, Switzerland
A; Sprint, 2 Middle, and 2 Long events (entry deadline: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
May. 20 - 29 WMOC: World Masters Orienteering Champs; Kansai, Japan
A; Sprint Model, Qualification, & Final; Forest Model & Qualification; Middle Final; Long Final (entry opens Feb 1; deadlines: Feb 28, Apr 10) — this event is part of the World Master Games
Jun. 10 - 18 WMTBOC & JWMTBOC: World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships 2021; Kuortane, Finland
Annual adult (WMTBOC) and juniors (JWMTBOC) mountain bike championships; there will probably be an Open event in conjunction with the championships
Jun. 19
Venla Relay; Finland
A; Annual women's afternoon 4-leg relay event (entry deadlines: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
Jun. 19 - 20 Jukola Relay; Finland
A; Annual men's overnight 7-leg relay event (entry deadlines: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
Jun. 28 - Jul. 3 Five Days of Italy, Fai della Paganella, Trentino, Italy
A; Sprint, Long, and three Middle events "in the Middle of the Trentino Dolomites" (limited to 1800 entries) — rescheduled from 2020
Jul. 4 - 9 WOC 2021 (forest); Doksy, Czech Republic
A; Annual World Orienteering Championships with six "public" races (entry deadlines: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
Jul. 4 - 9 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week; Suomussalmi, Finland
A; Four events over six days; competition categories and open courses; "3,500 to 10,000 orienteers annually"; "one of the most popular sporting events in Finland" (entry deadline: Feb 28) — rescheduled from 2020
Jul. 11 - 17 JWOC: Junior World Orienteering Champs; Granjal, Portugal
A; Annual international championship event for juniors, and 5-day public (KCUP) event with Sprint, Long, and three Middle races (entry deadlines: TBD)
Jul. 17 - 24 Swiss O Week; Arosa, Switzerland
A; (A) Six events including forest Sprint, Long, & Middle (entry opens autumn 2020)
Jul. 23 - 25 The World Games 2021; Birmingham, AL Vulcan Orienteering Club (VOC)
A; Sprint, Middle, and Sprint Relay events; Volunteer or represent the U.S.; spectator races will be available
Jul. 25 - 31 O'Ringen; Uppsala, Sweden
A; Annual, "world's largest" orienteering event (8,959 entries as of 6/27/20) (entry deadlines: TBD) — rescheduled from 2020
Aug. 1 - 7 23rd Scottish 6-Days; Fort William, Scotland
A; Popular biennial event; largest orienteering event in the UK with typically more than 3500 competitors (entry opens Dec 1, 2020)
Aug. 2 - 15 California Orienteering Festival; San Francisco Bay Area & Lake Tahoe Area - 925.934.6567
A; 14 days of activities including the North American Championships (NAOC) and the World Rogaining Championships (WRC) — see separate Schedule entries for each event (pending park approval)
Aug. 5 - 9 North American Championships (NAOC)
Truckee, CA
- 925.934.6567
A; Biennial American-Canadian championships, hosted by BAOC; Model, Sprint, Middle, and Long events; Elite & Club Relays; (entry deadlines: TBD) (pending park approval)
Aug. 13 - 15 17th World Rogaining Championships (WRC)
Truckee, CA
- 925.934.6567
Rogaine; Annual world championships, hosted by BAOC (entry deadlines: TBD) (pending park approval)
Sep. 11 - 12 Seattle Adventure Running Tournament (SART); Seattle, WA Cascade Orienteering Club (COC)
A; Tentative event? 2019 description: "Five-race Sprint orienteering tournament over two days; limited to 80 entries (entry deadline: Aug. 31)"
Oct. 9 - 10 2021 Masters Nationals; Onamia, MN Minnesota Orienteering Club (MNOC)
A; Two-day Classic format (entry deadlines: TBD)

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Additional notes about the above schedule:

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Google Calendar of Events

The Google calendar below shows announced orienteering events. It should contain BAOC, GCO (, Nav-X (, and terraloco (!/p/about-terraloco_09.html) events, as well as selected other California events like Mt Pinos and Anza Borrego. However, please do not rely on this calendar for accuracy. The schedules on each club's website (including our own) will have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Working Calendars of Upcoming Events

The Event Coordinators' working schedule is available here ( (You might notice that there are proposed events that need Event Directors and Course Setters. Without them, those events will not happen!)

Please send event suggestions (and offers to direct an event and/or set courses) to , the BAOC Events Coordinator (who leads the Regional Event Coordinators).

Another working calendar of events, named the California Adventure Calendar is available here ( In addition to BAOC and other regional events, it lists major national and international events.

More Schedule Information

You may find more events by looking at the SConet Combined Schedule (, the OUSA event calendar (, the OUSA planning calendar (, or the Web sites of other orienteering clubs.

If you are looking for an announcement for a past BAOC event, check out the archive of old event schedules (

The best driving directions are usually within the event announcements themselves, but we also have a page containing driving directions ( to most of the parks.

If you'd like to orienteer more often, volunteering to help put on events is a sure way to do it. Please contact the Events Coordinator, , regarding event directing and course setting.

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