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2023 Summer Series – Event #1 Standings

The BAOC 2023 Summer Series is underway, with the first event held in San Luis Obisbo on May 28th as part of the three-day SLO Go! event.

As previously detailed, the scoring of this event is a little different than the other Series events. The Series “Short” times are the times from the Stage #3 Short course Sunday morning, and the Series “Long” times are the times from the Stage #3 Sprint course plus the times from the Stage #4 Chase course Sunday afternoon. Hence, only valid finishers of both courses can record a score for the Long competition.

To get accurate scores we need the ages and genders of the competitors (otherwise we assume you are a 21-year-old male). It’s great to see so many athletes from other clubs in the results, but in general I only have the ages of the BAOC athletes easily available. And three BAOC runners for which I do not have ages are Jan Wignall, David Williams, and Kaushik Komndur. If anyone of these people​—​especially anyone who intends to compete in further Summer Series events​—​wants to send me their year of birth, I will happily make sure the scores reflect this (you will almost certainly boost your score if I know your correct year of birth).

The SLO event scores (and hence the Series standings to date) are given below. A huge thank you to Rex Winterbottom, Matej Sebo, and all the volunteers who helped make this event possible. A special mention to BAOC Secretary John Richardson who refreshed the spreadsheet we use for scoring the series, thus making my task a lot easier. Thanks John! Although any errors are, of course, mine and mine alone.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Mills College on Sunday, June 11th, for Event #2!

All the details of the Summer Series are here.

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Graham Brew, BAOC Summer Series Coordinator ()

The details of the time results are here.

2023 Summer Series Short Rankings after Event #1

    1  Takashi Sugiyama    1000
    2  Dennis Wildfogel     958
    3  Mikhail Biryukov     826
    4  Roland Hansson       798
    5  Annika Mihata        736
    6  Stephanie Maclean    715
    7  Derek Maclean        696
    8  Nikita Phillips      667
    9  Leslie Minarik       609
   10  George Minarik       588
   11  Kai Douglas          581
   12  Christian Whitmyre   550
   13  Sarah Williams       544
   14  Jeff Lanam           508
   15  Bruce Corning        486
   16  Kevin Mihata         477
   17  Eugene Kipermann     453
   18  Bruce Garbaccio      441
   19  John Phillips        370
   20  Scott Drumm          341

2023 Summer Series Long Rankings after Event #1

    1  Julia Doubson       1000
    2  Wayne Staats         825
    3  Eric Rosenzweig      815
    4  Sergey Biryukov      795
    5  Thomas Burt          786
    6  David Williams       696
    7  Jan Wignall          618
    8  Kaushik Komndur      426
       Rex Winterbottom     ED credit pending future result  
       Matej Sebo           CS credit pending future result