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2022 Summer Series

Special Discount Package for BAOC Members

This year we are offering a fabulous package deal for BAOC Members: all six events for the price of four. The details are below.

Who can get this amazing deal?

Club members who plan to run the Short or Long courses in the 2022 Summer Series.

What is the cost?

$60 for adults, $20 for juniors (ages 8–20).

How do I sign up?

Click here ( to register for the package. You can pay with a debit or credit card (logged in or as a “guest” at the PayPal site) or with your PayPal account.

What if my plans change? Can I get a partial refund?

No! Refunds will not be given if you can’t make it to as many events as you planned. However, you will have the satisfaction of supporting your favorite O club with a donation.

Should I buy the package even if I don't plan to attend four or more events?

Yes! You will get the convenience of registering only once, plus the satisfaction of supporting your favorite O club.

Can I buy the package if I need a rental E-stick?

Yes. A rental E-stick adds $30 to your Package price ($5 for each event). (Note: The registration website states that the charge is “$30.00 per event”, due to a limitation of the website. In this case, the “event” is the Discount Package.)

Is the package available for the beginner course?

No (and it would not be cost effective). You will register for beginner courses at each event, or online in advance using the link on the event webpage.

If I sign up today for the Long course package, can I switch later to the Short course?

Yes, just email . However, please note that the Summer Series is split into two competitions: Short and Long. Summer Series rankings are based on your best four Short results or your best four Long results.

Do I need to check in at the registration or E-punch table at the events?

Only if you want to say hello to us, or to make sure your E-punch number and course selection are correct. Otherwise, you can go straight to the Start. (Of course, you do need to go to the E-punch table after you return from your course.)

Can I buy the package in person at one of the events?

No, the package is available only via Event Register (

Can I tell who has signed up for the Package?

Yes, you can look here ( (but you can't tell which events those people plan to attend).

More questions? Write to us at .

We’ll see you in the woods and on the college campuses!

Sarah Williams, for the registration team