Tahoe 2021 Bulletin
Tahoe 2021 Bulletin (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0rP-H2-Id6Ji6MMe2s1o11KLHjmtzqc/view)

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Tahoe 2021

2021 United States Orienteering Championships
2021 North American Rogaining Championships  

Date: Aug. 6 - 15, 2021
Location: Rocklin, Truckee, & Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: - 925.934.6567
Course Setters: George Minarik, Misha Kreslavsky, Erin Schirm, Bill Cusworth (NAV-X), Heidi Cusworth (NAV-X)
Type: A; Two weekends of events: 2021 U.S. Orienteering Championships (Sprint, Middle, & Long) and Club Relay Championships, and 2021 North American Rogaining Championships (24-hour competition & 4-hour recreational)

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Latest Changes:

Lost and Found items posted (8/10)
Sprint, Middle, & Long results posted (8/9)
Start Times are posted (https://eventreg.orienteeringusa.org/eventregister/a40/reglist/home/tahoe2021) (8/3)
Comments about the Long event added (8/3)
Availability of the Event Bulletin (8/2)
The event Bulletin includes a list of changes (8/1)
Information for recreational courses added (7/29)
Lodging discount at Northstar Resort (7/21)
Details of the Club Relays are available here. (7/8)


Questions? Write to us at .

We are looking forward to a world-class set of events at the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area in August, and we hope you all come and join in the fun as orienteering starts up again in California.

The program will include the U.S. Orienteering Championships¹ (Sprint, Middle, and Long), Club Relays, and the North American Rogaining Championships². Six days of competition and fun.

Recreational participants are welcome and encouraged. We will have courses suitable for beginners and those looking for a navigational challenge similar to our local Bay Area events. Information about the recreational courses is here.

For those interested in Rogaining there will be a 24-hour championship event, and also a 4-hour event for those wanting to dip their toes in and try an endurance event.

As you know, Lake Tahoe is a world-class outdoors destination, and we are very excited to have the rare opportunity to host the 2021 U.S. National Championships nearby. We look forward to seeing you up in the mountains in August.

More information about the event will be added here during the upcoming weeks.


August 6th, U.S. Orienteering Championships Sprint, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA (See Note below)
August 7th, U.S. Orienteering Championships Middle, Little Truckee Summit, Truckee, CA
August 8th, U.S. Orienteering Championships Long, Sagehen, Truckee, CA
August 9th, Club Relay Championships, Burton Creek, Tahoe City, CA
August 14th, 4-hour Recreational Rogaine
August 14–15th, North American Rogaining Championships

Event Bulletin

The event Bulletin is available for download here (4MB PDF) (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0rP-H2-Id6Ji6MMe2s1o11KLHjmtzqc/view). (The Bulletin takes precedence if there's a difference from this website.)

The Bulletin will be available on the event Wi-Fi network​—​the “WRS” network (no password is required).

There will be a limited number of printed copies at the events, so we encourage you to print a copy if you want it on paper. Alternatively, you could download it to a phone or tablet, so you'll have it available regardless of mobile reception.

Note: The Bulletin has evolved as late information became available. The links on this website always reach the latest edition. There is a list of changes on the last page, with the most-recent change at the top.

Call for Volunteers

To make this event successful, we will need lots help at the events. We have many positions to fill such as course vetters, early runners, starts, finish, greeters, arena set-up, registration, beginners clinic, etc.

A big thank-you to all those who have already volunteered. Every little bit helps, and if you still are able to volunteer your time (even an hour will help) on one or more days, let us know. Volunteers will be able to compete, and don't worry if you are not sure what to volunteer for​—​we will have information and suggestions to place you in the team best suited to you.

If you are able to help, please email both of us, specifying which day(s) and if you have a task preference.

We look forward to hearing from many of you. This will be a great event that many people are waiting for.

Specific request for help: We have a special request for a volunteer who would be willing to take care of the food and drink for the Sprint, Middle, Long, and Relay events. We plan on simply offering single water bottles for finishers, and encouraging people to bring they own water bottles. Food will need to be packages to comply with permits. Please let [emailByName: unknown member name 'Marie-Josée Parayre'][emailByPosition: unknown position 'Marie-Josée Parayre'] know if you can help with some or all the days.

[emailByName: unknown member name 'Marie-Josée Parayre'][emailByPosition: unknown position 'Marie-Josée Parayre'] and
Tahoe 2021 Volunteer Coordinators


Online registration is closed. On-site registration is available at each event (except for the Club Relay event). Please check the hours carefully as they differ from day to day, and might be different for “competitive” and “recreational” entries. On each day, registration for competitive courses closes before the first start. See page 6 of the Bulletin (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0rP-H2-Id6Ji6MMe2s1o11KLHjmtzqc/view) for specifics.

You can see who has registered here (https://eventreg.orienteeringusa.org/eventregister/a40/reglist/home/tahoe2021). Start times are posted on that site.

The following discounted event “packages” are available, as well as individual events as listed below.

  • All the “Very Late” event prices below apply until the first start at each event. Complete price details are available here.
  • E-Punch rental is $5 per event if you don't have your own. (Not needed for the Rogaines as noted in the next item.)
  • Rogainers please note: We will provide free use of a SPORTident “Air” E-Punch for both the 24-hour and the 4-hour Rogaines. If you are registering only for a Rogaine, not for any other race, then do not check the box to rent an E-Punch, and just put any number in the “E-Punch Number” field.
U.S. Nationals Sprint, 8/6/21
U.S. Nationals Middle, 8/7/21
U.S. Nationals Long, 8/8/21
Club Relay Champs, 8/9/21
U.S. Nationals Sprint, 8/6/1
U.S. Nationals Middle, 8/7/21
U.S. Nationals Long, 8/8/21
Club Relay Champs, 8/9/21
N.A. Rogaining Champs, 8/14/21
U.S. Nationals Sprint, 8/6/21
U.S. Nationals Middle, 8/7/21
U.S. Nationals Long, 8/8/21
Club Relay Champs, 8/9/21
4-hour Rogaine, 8/14/21
Note: When selecting individual events, be careful that events you do not want are set to “Not Competing”.
        U.S. Nationals Sprint, 8/6/21: $55 adult / $30 junior
U.S. Nationals Middle, 8/7/21: $65 adult / $35 junior
U.S. Nationals Long, 8/8/21: $65 adult / $35 junior
Club Relay Champs, 8/9/21: $55 adult / $30 junior
N.A. Rogaining Champs, 8/14/21:  $185 adult / $95 junior
4-hour Rogaine, 8/14/21: $85 adult / $42 junior
Recreational Sprint, 8/6/21: $25 adult / $15 junior
Recreational Middle, 8/7/21: $25 adult / $15 junior
Recreational Long, 8/8/21: $25 adult / $15 junior

Tahoe 2021 O-Shirt Front
Tahoe 2021 O-Shirt Front (http://baoc.org/wiki/images/2/26/Tahoe_2021_Shirt_Front.png)

Tahoe 2021 O-Shirt Back
Tahoe 2021 O-Shirt Back (http://baoc.org/wiki/images/d/d5/Tahoe_2021_Shirt_Back.png)

Event O-Shirt

Custom orienteering shirts, designed in collaboration with OLAND specifically for Tahoe 2021, can be ordered during registration! The price is $35 (including tax).

Note: The deadline for ordering shirts was July 4th. We will order some extra shirts, so if you missed the pre-order you should send a note telling us how many shirts you want in what sizes. If we have your size, we'll add the shirt(s) to your entry and send instructions for payment.
August 6th Update: A few T-shirts are available at the event Registration table.

These high-performance shirts have been tested by our team, and were found to be light, breathable, and extremely comfortable. Please join us in supporting OLAND Custom Teamwear (http://www.olandsport.com/orienteering) as they navigate the challenge of many postponed events including Cal-O-Fest.

Images of the front and back of the shirt are at the right (click on an image for a larger view).

The V-Neck Design has a slightly loose fit; however, you may wish to size up 1 size compared to U.S. standard sizing. The available sizes are listed below (click on the links to see the respective size charts). The fabric is “Advanced Ultra Jersey”.

Women's sizes (size chart (http://baoc.org/wiki/images/a/ae/Women%27s_OLAND_Jersey_Size_Chart.jpg)): XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Men's sizes (size chart (http://baoc.org/wiki/images/9/90/Men%27s_OLAND_Jersey_Size_Chart.jpg)): XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL  

Event Dinner

Join your old and new orienteering friends for dinner Saturday evening, August 7, from 6:00–8:00 PM. The Sprint and Middle awards will be given. Dinner will be gourmet pizza from Rubicon Pizza Company, served outdoors, with salad and non-alcoholic beverage included. The prices include tax and tip.

The dinner will be located at the Northstar Village Overlook, above the skating rink (39.2747,-120.1213).

Note: After July 18, the dinner might be sold out.
Adult's Meat-Lover's Pizza: $30.00
Adult's Thai Chicken Pizza: $30.00
Adult's Vegetarian Pizza: $30.00
Child's Cheese Pizza: $15.00 (born after Jan. 1, 2009)
Child's Pepperoni Pizza: $15.00 (born after Jan. 1, 2009)


Note: Map orders have closed. We have begun processing the orders received. (July 18)

You can order previously published maps used at the venues listed below. They will be printed and mailed to you before the event.

Sierra College map: $5
Little Truckee Summit map: $5
Burton Creek map: $5
Fallen Leaf Lake map: $5
Boreal Ridge map: $5
Sugar Bowl map: $5

SPORTident “Air” Card

You can order a SPORTident ActiveCard (https://docs.sportident.com/datasheets/en/datasheets/sportident_activecard.html) (SIAC) E-Punch finger stick for $80 (including tax). The SIAC provides touchless punching, 60 ms response time, and 128-punch capacity.

If ordered, you will receive a random color, a random number, delivered in your race packet.

Recreational Courses

Beginner (White and Yellow), Intermediate (Orange), and Advanced (Brown and Green) Recreational courses will available at the Sprint, Middle, and Long events. A description of the three event types is here, and a general description of the “color” courses is here.

There will be a 4-hour Recreational Rogaine in conjunction with the 24-hour Championship event.

More information about the recreational courses is here, as well as in the Tahoe 2021 Bulletin (4MB PDF) (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0rP-H2-Id6Ji6MMe2s1o11KLHjmtzqc/view).

Event Information

Start Times are posted here (https://eventreg.orienteeringusa.org/eventregister/a40/reglist/home/tahoe2021).

Complete information about the events is in the event Bulletin, which is available here (4MB PDF) (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0rP-H2-Id6Ji6MMe2s1o11KLHjmtzqc/view).

A google Map showing the locations of all the events is here (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1g1eF6U5YDro-6t6SGbDsAR3yBORrY8Dl&usp=sharing). The coordinates of the locations are in the Bulletin.

The following are brief comments about the events.

Sprint Event, Friday, August 6th

As noted above, the Sprint event will be held at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA, which is near Sacramento. Please be aware that the event will be in the morning to avoid the heat in the California Central Valley. The first start will be at 8:45 AM, and everyone who registered for Championship courses prior to the beginning of Late Registration will be started before 10:30. Recreational courses will open after the last Championship start.

Middle Event, Saturday, August 7th

A note about restrooms on Saturday: There will only be primitive, and very limited, toilets with privacy screens at the Saturday Middle-courses Arena/Start area. The last chance to use a “real restroom” will be at the Hwy 89 parking lot, which is 2.2 km walk from the Arena/Start area. Please plan accordingly.

Information about the actual event is in the event Bulletin.

In addition, you might want to be aware of a mapping workshop that will be held at the event. It will begin at the Event Arena at 12:30, and will be conducted while walking to the parking lot. The workshop announcement is below. Contact for more information.

After the Middle Distance at the BAOC event, there will be a workshop/discussion about how to map features. Mappers tend to map alone, and discussion of how to map a particular feature helps to make orienteering maps better and more uniform in how things are put on the map. People who might think that they might map, and people who are actively mapping, may benefit from a discussion of what to map.
The workshop will not be “putting features onto a map”, because people have different ways of doing that​—​directly onto tablets and old schoolers put them onto paper. The workshop will just be talking about what and how to map.
After the Middle Distance will be a wonderful time to talk about mapping. The arena is about a 2 km walk from where you park so the discussion about what to map can occur as you walk back to your car. The first starts for the Middle will be at 10:00, and the plan is to have the workshop start at 12:30. It will last between an hour and an hour and half, so that you can do other things in the afternoon before the dinner.
A map exists of the area, and during the walk back to the parking area, participants will discuss how the map really does describe the terrain or how it might be modified to make it a clearer picture of the terrain.

Long Event, Sunday, August 8th

More information about the event is in the event Bulletin.

Please be aware off the following:

Club Relays, Monday, August 9th

The Relay event will have three-member teams running forest-based courses.

The details of the Club Relays are available here. The Relay Team Entry Form is available from that webpage.

Note: There was a lot of discussion about the Relay event on Attackpoint here (http://attackpoint.org/discussionthread.jsp/message_1440229).


Free use of a SPORTident “Air” E-Punch will be provided to every team, so you do not need to rent an E-Punch for these events.

24-hour Rogaine: Noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Maps handed out at 9 AM Saturday.

4-hour Rogaine: Saturday, 1:30 to 5:30 PM. Maps handed out at 12:15.

Lodging and Camping


If you are interested in a condo at Northstar Resort, there are still some available. Northstar has come through with a 20% lodging discount (yes, better late than never 🙁). Here are the details:

For Online Reservations: Use this link (https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?&Chain=6521&Dest=TAHOE&template=SANS&shell=SUMSANS&arrive=8/4/2021&depart=8/17/2021&adult=1&child=0&promo=SNSBAO21) to make online reservations. With that link, the group discount will automatically be applied to the reservation.
Note: When you use that link, arrival on 8/4/21 and departure on 8/17/21 will be selected. You can change the dates and still get the discount as long as you stay within that window.
For Phone Reservations: Call the Groups line at 855-332-1601 to book reservations. To receive the discount, reference the group code SNSBAO21, or mention the group name “2021 United States Orienteering & North American Rogaining Championships”.
Note: They will not guarantee or block inventory. This is on a first-come first-served basis.
Gavin asked if the discount can be applied retroactively to existing reservations. This was the reply:
“Any guests who have already booked rooms, will have to cancel the booking they currently have, and rebook using the Groups phone line or the link if they want the group discount. Our central reservations team and third-party booking companies cannot add the group code to an existing reservation.”


We have six sites available in the Ridge Campground at Donner Memorial State Park (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=503). Eight people and two cars are permitted at each site (and there is overflow parking nearby). There are showers and flush toilets, and the sites are very close to the swimming area!

If you are interested, please contact as soon as possible​—​first come, first served.

Camping Notes:
  • Metal bear-resistant food lockers are provided in each campsite. All food, beverages, and toiletries are required by law to be stored in the food lockers.
  • The park entry fee is $10 per car per day. Camping fees will be handled individually at the campground, not during the process of registering for the event.


Per OUSA rules (http://orienteeringusa.org/about/rules/), the event venues are embargoed. Individuals or groups visiting a closed venue shall not be eligible for competition, awards, or rankings, but they may nevertheless participate in the event.

Initial Event Announcement

The following information was posted on April 24, 2021.

The difficult decision to move the California Orienteering Festival (http://cal-o-fest.com/) (CalOFest) to 2023 was made in the interests of safety and fairness due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions. The decision was made jointly with the International Orienteering Federation, International Rogaining Federation, Orienteering Canada, and Orienteering USA​—​along with our partners and landowners. This change affects the North American Orienteering Championships as well as the World Rogaining Championships. The delayed Festival will be held in San Francisco and Tahoe locations during summer 2023, with dates pending IOF and IRF approvals. (The complete announcement of the change is here.)

Instead of hosting CalOFest this year, the Bay Area Orienteering Club will host Tahoe 2021:

Details and registration for both events will be available soon on this webpage.

Tahoe 2021 will allow those who can travel to attend high-quality Orienteering and Rogaining events as originally planned in August. Permits for the event are pending, and we continue to monitor COVID safety requirements. (The courses for Tahoe 2021 will not overlap the NAOC 2023 courses.)

We look forward to seeing you in California, and we wish you good spirits, good health, and good fitness.

CalOFest Registrations

This is not related to Tahoe 2021, but you might be wondering about your existing registration for CalOFest.

Current CalOFest registrations are automatically transferred to 2023. You do not need to do anything; your fees will not increase; and you are guaranteed entry!

We encourage you to leave your registration in place. However, for those interested in alternatives, you may write to the for one of these options:

  1. Use the dollar value of your registration toward entry fees for Tahoe 2021, or
  2. Request a credit for any future BAOC event, or
  3. Request a refund.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.


¹ As of June 13, 2021, the August 6th–8th events are sanctioned and championship status has been approved. As of August 6th, the venue permits for the Middle and Long events have been approved.

² Championship status of the Rogaining event has been approved.