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St. Mary's College

Date: (Sun.) Mar. 22, 2020
Location: Moraga, CA
Event Director:
Course Setter: Matej Ĺ ebo
Type: A; National Ranking Event (NRE) consisting of qualification and final Sprints.

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

There will be two Sprints: a morning Qualification Sprint, and later, a Final Sprint. The organizers are creating a format for how the Qualification round will lead to the Final.

There will be two courses for each round: a RedBlue course for the classes assigned to Red and Blue courses, and a (single) shorter course for all the remaining classes. All the OUSA classes ( will be available. (If that link is broken, go to the main rules page ( and click on "Classes" in the Table of Contents.)

The existing map will be expanded somewhat. (The map has been used once before, for one of the Sprint San Francisco events in 2018.)

February 12th Update:

Our application to make our St. Mary's College event on March 22 a National Ranking Event was just approved by OUSA. There will be two sprint races, a Qualifying round in the morning and a Final round afterwards. Each round of the event counts separately for OUSA rankings. We've only used this map once, and Matej, the course setter, is expanding it a bit, so this is a pretty fresh venue. And it's in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by very green hills this time of year. Mark your calendars!
– Dennis Wildfogel, BAOC National Events Coordinator

Note to Beginners:

Normally, BAOC events include beginners (White and Yellow) courses, an intermediate (Orange) course, and four advanced courses. However, because of the special nature of this event, we're planning to offer only one beginners course in addition to the two, two-part, Sprint courses. That beginners course will not earn OUSA ranking points, but it should be a fun course for beginners. (See below for more comments on the courses.)
We apologize to all who would have liked to do a "traditional" course. If the course offering at this event does not suit your needs, please look at the Schedule for another event to attend (on that page, select "BAOC" in place of "All Clubs" and click on the Reload button).

More information will be available closer to the event.

Embargo Notice

Since the event is a National Ranking Event (NRE), everyone who wants to earn ranking points at the event must not visit the St. Mary's College campus, or the surrounding countryside, before the completion of the event (except while running their courses, of course). (Current students of the college are exempted.)

The embargo area is shown in the image below. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

2020 Embargo Area
2020 Embargo Area


The tentative plan is to have these five courses:

Everyone in the NRE will be competing on one of the two Qualification courses, and then one of the two Final courses.

There will be a "beginner" (White/Yellow) course, but not an "intermediate" (Orange) course. However, given the nature of the venues and the courses, some people without a lot of orienteering experience may wish to try the Sprint courses. That was the case at previous events like this one, and those who did go out seemed to enjoy themselves.

For the two National Ranking races, the results will be grouped into the usual OUSA age/gender classes (even though multiple classes will be running the same course).

Comments about ranking courses:

Except for Red and Blue, the traditional "color" courses will be "virtual" at this event. That is, everyone whose "official course" is White through Green will actually run the same (physical) course. A participant's "virtual course" will be determined by the class they register for​—​that is, their "virtual course" will be the (color) course that is assigned to that class. And their ranking points will be determined from the results of all the people who have that (color) course assigned to their classes.
Now, if that isn't confusing enough, there is another consideration at this event. In order to earn OUSA ranking points at any event, there must be at least five people running your (virtual) course. For example, a person entered as F–10 would be running the (virtual) White course. However, it's unlikely that there will be five people signed up for White-course classes at this event, so an entry in F–10 would most likely not earn ranking points at this event. However, that person could sign up for the F–18 class, and run the (virtual) Brown course (which is the same physical course). There will almost certainly be enough people on the (virtual) Brown course for those people to earn ranking points.