“Corona” training course in Oakland

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Joaquin Miller Park

Dates: June 13, 2020 to ??
Location: Oakland, CA
Course Setter:
Type: Training; Streamered course with two options for practice/exercise during the shutdown

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February 28, 2021 Update

This course is considered to be "closed".

General Notes

I put up eight orange streamers yesterday. Some are vulnerable, so please bring replacement tape if you remember.

The course starts in the “Meadow” area of Joaquin Miller Park (https://www.oaklandca.gov/topics/joaquin-miller-park).

Option #1: 4.0 km, 300 m climb, 8 checkpoints
Option #2: 2.2 km, 180 m climb, 5 checkpoints

It’s a different map. LIDAR contours and auto-vegetation + OpenStreetMap roads, trails, buildings. OpenStreetMap is incomplete. 1:10000 and 5 m contours.

Carefully read the course setter’s notes printed on the map.

Poison oak exists but can be avoided, but sometimes that means taking a wide route. Wear long pants if you plan to go as straight as possible.

Note: Car windows get smashed even along Joaquin Miller Road, so don’t be dangling any thief bait visible through your car windows.

Read the course notes, download the PDF map, get travel directions, and see photos of the control locations here: Joaquin Miller Training Course (https://sites.google.com/view/terraloco-training/2020-06-12-joaquin-miller).

As mentioned on that webpage, the trailhead is located at 37.809692,-122.183223.

(June 13, 2020)

Course Comments

I visited the park today to run Rex’s course. There were more people in the park than I have ever seen before. If you have a choice, I would recommend doing the course on a weekday. I also saw Gavin, Vicki, and the Crowthers there.

The parking lots are all closed, so you will need to park on Joaquin Miller Road and walk to the Start from there.

I was surprised by the sheer number of new mountain bike trails that are there now, especially in the neighborhood of control #4. It took me awhile to find the streamer at #4. Pro tip: When you get to the bunch of sticks that are clearly some sort of manmade structure, look up, and the streamer should be right there, over your head.

I also could not find three of the streamers at all: #5, #6, and #7. Looking at the pictures Rex provided, I am almost positive I was in the right spot at all three of these controls. Additionally, John Crowther was with me at #6, and Gavin was with me at #7, to confirm that the streamer was missing. I put a new pink streamer up at all three locations. However, given how visible those streamers are to other park users (especially #5 and #7), it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that they have been removed again.

Thanks Rex for setting the course!

Steve Gregg
(Posted to the BayONet June 20)