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5 Wonders of the Bay

Dates: July 29, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Event Director: , 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom
Type: 5k, 10k, & “Longer” do-at-anytime courses at five new-to-terraloco locations, all within an hour of San Francisco

Looks like traditional “let’s all gather in one spot and start at the same time” events are out for 2020. But I just can’t stop making and sharing adventures ​—​ I've had so much fun curating these. If you feel up to it, gear up with a mask! Also, expect something like this for the Halloween and Winter Holiday 5k’s and 10k’s.

5 Wonders of the Bay

5 Wonders of the Bay event webpage ( (See that webpage for the "official" event information, including more details.)

So where exactly are these courses?

Thanks to Steve G., Vladimir G., Graham B., Chris B., Dennis Wilk., Mitch G., and Ellen C. for testing all the courses!

So how do I get my maps and go?

Preregister here ( for 1 event or multiple events (3- and 5-event discount packages are available).


We have some results already posted here ( You can share as much info as you want in the results.

Stay healthy,

Rex Winterbottom