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Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 27, 2019
Location: Richmond, CA
Event Director: - 925.862.2978
Course Setter: Steve Gregg
Type: C; "Club relay" event, with 3-person (or 2-person, or 1-person) teams, at a popular "fast" venue

Course Setter's Notes

By Steve Gregg

First, a couple of important reminders:

  1. Get your relay teams formed and submitted to as soon as you can. Remember, one option is "Put me on a team" if you want to participate but don't care who you run with.
  2. As a condition of our permit, only meet workers are allowed to park in the new parking area off of Atlas Road.
    Competitors must park in the old parking area off of Giant Highway. However, if you would like to take advantage of convenient, close parking, please volunteer to help out at the meet in some capacity.
  3. We are not using the Palms Picnic Area (our usual staging area) at all this year. From the Giant Highway parking lot, walk up the hill and over the railroad bridge, and follow the streamered path from there to the new staging area.

On to the Course Setter's Notes...

It will be wet! There probably won't be a whole lot of deep, sticky mud to contend with, but there will be a lot of standing water in the flat, open areas of the map. The pits and depressions that I have chosen for control sites have already started to fill with water, and if the expected week-long rains leading up to the event come to pass, some of these locations will perhaps be more accurately described as small ponds. We will make every effort to hang the control flags so that you won't be forced to wade through shin-deep water to get to them, but it might not be possible to avoid that completely. Be sure to bring a dry pair of shoes and socks with you, to change into after your run.

An unpleasantly large number of tall thistles have sprouted up on the hillside on the south part of the map since the National Event last spring. I have mapped some of the larger patches close to the control locations as fight, but I certainly didn't try to map them all. You might encounter some unmapped thistle patches thick enough to require you to run around them on your way to the control locations. Because of this, the control locations in this area are all on what I hope will be quite distinct contour features: hilltops, large depressions, and major reentrants. So navigate primarily by the contour lines (and the trees off in the distance, as all Point Pinole veterans know), and don't take the vegetation mapping near the controls too seriously.

The course statistics are basically unchanged from the preliminary announcement.

White/Yellow: 2.5 km length, 25 meters climb, 10 controls 
Each Relay loop: 3.3–3.4 km length (depending on the forking pattern), 50 meters climb, 15 controls

It should be flat, fast, and fun!

Driving Directions

(These are the same directions as on the event announcement page.)

Note: You want the Giant Highway park entrance, not the Atlas Bridge entrance, which we are not permitted to use.

The approximate coordinates for the parking lot are 37.992,-122.356. (Note: If you look for the park by name in Google Maps, you'll get wrong final directions.)

To get there, take the Richmond Parkway exit off Interstate 80 in Richmond, and go west for 1.3 miles. Shortly after the stoplight at San Pablo Avenue, turn right at the next light onto Atlas Road. After 0.8 miles on Atlas, you will cross over a set of railroad tracks and encounter a stop sign. Turn left onto Giant Highway at this intersection (do not go straight). You will pass a detention center on your right, and the park entrance will be immediately after that, also on your right.

There is an entrance kiosk at the parking lot, but they might not be there to collect the $3 fee.

Please carpool if possible, since parking might be limited.

From the parking lot, walk up the hill, over the railroad bridge, and follow the streamered path from there to the staging area.