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Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 27, 2019
Location: Richmond, CA
Event Director: - 925.862.2978
Course Setter: Steve Gregg
Type: C; "Club relay" event, with 3-person (or 2-person, or 1-person) teams, at a popular "fast" venue

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Deadline for Signing Up in Advance

We will be printing maps with your team information on the back of them. We would like to get as many custom maps printed as possible, so we'll hold relay sign-ups open until 6 PM PST, Friday, Jan. 25. See below for details.

This year's Point Pinole event will be a club relay. Not only should this be fun, but it will also be the club's first "practice event" for the 2020 California Orienteering Festival (, during which a relay will be held as part of the North American Championships. So, even if you aren't particularly fond of relays, this is your chance to come and support your club, as we make our first practice run with our relay timing software.

The relay will be "international style", with three-person teams, and forked legs. Each team member will run roughly the same loop, but with a different forking pattern for each runner. So at the end, each team will have run exactly the same legs exactly the same number of times, but the legs that each individual runner on each team encounters will be significantly different. Each runner's total running distance will be between 3.3 km and 3.4 km, depending on the forking pattern they encounter.

The race will be run almost entirely in the open portions of the map, so there will be relatively little poison oak (PO) to worry about. However, anyone who is sensitive to PO should still run in full leg covering, as you will perhaps encounter a few isolated stalks here and there. The course will be fast, especially on the later legs when elephant tracks start to form in the tall grass. However, with the forking, the elephant track you see might not be going to your control, so be careful!

In addition to the relay, there will be a "normal" beginners course (see below). However, note that the legs on the Relay course are all Yellow to Orange level of navigational difficulty, and with careful map reading and perhaps a bit of judicious following, relatively inexperienced orienteers should be able to successfully complete their Relay course.

Relay team formation will probably be available the day of the event, but we would like as many people as possible to declare teams early, so that they can be entered into the timing software system ahead of time. A "one-man relay", where a single person runs all three legs, and a "two-man relay" with one team member running two legs, are options, along with the standard three-person teams. There will be three team categories: "Open", "Senior" (the sum of the ages of the team members is at least 150), and "Mixed" (at least one woman or junior on the team).

Signup Request

Once you have decided upon your team, please send the team members, the order in which they will run, and the E-stick numbers, and send a CC to . You can also declare yourself to be "potluck", in which case you will email your individual information to us, and you will be assigned to a team at random.

The teams that have already signed up (and have been recorded on this page) are listed below.

What is Orienteering?

An adventure: Discover the outdoors and discover yourself! Teams of 1 to 5 find checkpoints in parks and wilderness areas using specially-produced maps. All are welcome at our events​—​runners, joggers, hikers, and walkers.


Note that the schedule is slightly different than the standard schedule.

    9:00 AM: Registration opens
  10:00 AM: Beginners clinic instruction (free)
  10:45 AM: Relay briefing  
 11:00 AM: Relay mass start
  11:15 AM: Beginners starts open  
  11:59 AM: Registration closes
  12:30 AM: Beginners starts close
   2:00 PM: All courses close, checkpoint control pick-up begins  

At registration, all juniors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians, or bring with them waivers for both BAOC and EBRPD signed by their parent or legal guardian (the registration and waiver forms are available here (PDF/155KB)).

Note that beginners can register and start on their course anytime during the open times above. Thus, for example, you do not need to be "punctual" at 9:00 (but you can if you want, but please don't show up earlier and expect to be served).

The beginners clinic is a short session that introduces the sport of orienteering, and provides enough instruction to be able to complete the beginners course.

Note that you must return to the Finish by 2:00, and then go to the download tent, even if you have not finished your course. If there are unaccounted people after 2:00, we must initiate a search for them.

After you finish, enjoy free snacks and refreshments, and socialize with other participants!


BAOC has a new fee structure for 2019. The following fees apply at this event:

  $3 for each junior (age 8 through 20) on the beginners course
  $8 for each adult on the beginners course
  $5 for each junior on the Relay course  
$15 for each member on the Relay course
$20 for each non-member on the Relay course
  $1 for a compass rental (optional)  
  $5 for an electronic fingerstick rental (if you don't own one; you'll need one to complete the course)
$15 for the lowest-cost individual one-year BAOC membership (optional)  


  • We are able to accept payment only by cash or check​—​no credit cards or electronic payments.
  • There is no charge for a second course.
  • There is no longer a discount for "additional people" on a team.

More information about event pricing is available in the club FAQ. All the prices are also shown on the standard entry form (PDF/90KB), which you can print and fill out in advance to save some time at the event. (You will need one entry form for each group of people going on a course together.)

Assembly/Registration Area

Note: We are not using the assembly area that we've used for previous events.

There will be signage and a streamered route (approximately 1.0 km) from the parking lot at the Giant Highway entrance (see directions below) to the Assembly/Registration area. Please use the streamered route to avoid previewing portions of the Relay course (and to get to the right place!).

Even though teams are encouraged to pre-register their relay team and e-stick information with (see above), all participants must check in at registration to pay fees and sign the BAOC and Park District Waivers. Signing the Park Waiver is a condition of our permit.

Picnic tables, piped water, and toilets are available at the Assembly/Registration Area, so please feel free to bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy after you finish your course.

What to Bring

For the beginners course, comfortable outdoors attire and shoes are fine. Leg cover is recommended if you plan to take a direct (non-trail) route between controls, because of the possibility of exposure to poison oak.

For the Relay course, leg cover or gaiters are recommended, as well shoes with some extra grip on the sole. Runners can expect to encounter poison oak near a couple of the controls. The Relay course will cover some forested areas with fallen trees, branches, and stumps​—​watch your step!

A compass is not necessary, but can be helpful. We have compasses available for a $1 rental fee.

We time the courses with the SPORTident system, so each group/team will need a SPORTident finger stick, which can be rented for $5. (Use of the "E-punch" system is easy. You can learn how at the event, or read about it here.)

Venue Facilities

Picnic tables, piped water, and portable toilets are available at the Assembly/Registration area, so please feel free to bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy after you finish your course.


There will be one beginner-level course and a three-loop Relay course. Here are the details:

    Course              Length    Climb  Controls  Navigation Difficulty
    White/Yellow        2.5 km     25 m     10     Beginner/Adv. Beginner  
    Each Relay Loop   3.3-3.4 km   45 m     15     Intermediate

The map has the scale 1:7500 with 2.5 m contour interval.

  • Beginners should be aware that the distances shown are the cumulative straight-line distances between controls. Your actual distance will be longer. The climb numbers represent the amount of ascending that would be done on the "optimum route" (in the Course Setter's opinion), without regard for any descending.

Beginners Course

We are calling it a White/Yellow course. (Normally the "beginner" course is called White, and the "advanced beginner" course is called Yellow.) The course will be designed so that all the controls are visible from park roads or trails.

The beginners Start will be separate from the Relay Start, but both courses will use the same Finish. Start times will be after the Relay mass start at 11:00 AM.

A beginners clinic will be offered at 10:00 AM. This is a short introduction to orienteering, providing enough information to be able to complete the beginners course. (Note that there might be only one clinic, unlike at most events.)

Relay Course

There will be Relay briefing at 10:45, followed by a mass start at 11:00. If a team misses the mass start, they can start late, but their recorded start time will remain the same as the mass start.

The Relay Timing Software is set up for three-person teams. If a team has less than three people, a person running multiple loops will need to download and clear/check their E-stick before starting the next loop. Alternatively, a person running consecutive loops could carry multiple E-sticks.

Hand-off procedure: Runner completes loop and punches the Finish control, then picks up the map for the next loop and hands it to the next runner, who starts running that loop. The previous runner then proceeds to download.

Note: No runner will punch a Start unit on any of the three loops. The first unit any Relay runner will punch will be control #1 on their map.

Relay Teams Signed Up

   Team   Team  Leg                                       Finger
   Class  No.   No.     Club      Runner Name             Stick 
   Mixed   1     1   CHS NJROTC   Daniel Ingram           1413697  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Kyle Navarro            2108366
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Christopher Paluch      2108365
   Mixed   2     1   CHS NJROTC   Riley Dunn              2099122  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Jared Deselms           2094250
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Bryar Fancher           1421792
   Mixed   3     1   CHS NJROTC   Trinity Harvey          2129619  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Kyle Holloway           2127294
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Garrett Nussbaumer      2127300
   Mixed   4     1   CHS NJROTC   Hayden Hold             2106568  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Briana Sanchez          2108361
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Zac Waiksnoris          2106560
   Mixed   5     1   CHS NJROTC   Manuel Hoyos-Velasquez  2129617  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Darian Montalvo         2108362
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Anika Soulier           7211203
   Mixed   6     1   CHS NJROTC   Kenneth Bogle           2099125  
                 2   CHS NJROTC   Anthony Meyer           2127295
                 3   CHS NJROTC   Alex Perez              2138265
   Mixed   7     1   BAOC         Tori Borish             1392024  
                 2   BAOC         Lori Huberman            850211
                 3   BAOC         Carlo Giacometti        2065881
  Senior   8     1   BAOC         Gary Kraght             1600392  
                 2   BAOC         Olga Kraght              436861
                 3   BAOC         Gavin Wyatt-Mair        8662113
  Senior   9     1   BAOC         Steve Harrison          1396853  
                 2   BAOC         Graham Brew             2033381
                 3   BAOC         Fyodor Konkov            581811
    Open  10     1   BAOC         Wayne Staats            7210222  
                 2   BAOC         Erin Schirm             7200593
                 3   BAOC         François  Léonard       8662121
  Senior  11     1   BAOC         Chuck Spalding          2061232  
                 2   BAOC         George Minarik           887720
                 3   BAOC         Chuck Spalding          2061232
  Senior  12     1   BAOC         Marie-Josée Parayre      887147  
                 2   BAOC         Dennis Wildfogel        7200910
                 3   BAOC         Sergey Pisarchik        8662141
  Senior  13     1   BAOC         Nick Corsano            1408037  
                 2   BAOC         Jeorge Tagnipes         7208500
                 3   BAOC         Bob Strauss              352844
    Open  14     1   BAOC         Michael O'Kelly         9201904  
                 2   BAOC         Survy Vaish             7208501
                 3   BAOC         Erik Schluntz           7208502
  Senior  15     1   BAOC         Tapio Karras             981640  
                 2   BAOC         Misha Kreslavsky        8659615
                 3   BAOC         Tapio Karras             981640
  Senior  16     1   BAOC         Jeff Lanam              9201901  
                 2   BAOC         Matthias Kohler           43899
                 3   BAOC         Matthias Kohler         1418667
    Open  17     1   BAOC         Rex Winterbottom          43855  
                 2   BAOC         Deron van Hoff          2006838
                 3   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 1                  
   Mixed  18     1   None         Eva Fornaeus            7208503  
                 2   None         Konstantin Azarov       7208504
                 3   None         Jeff Lock               7208505
   Mixed  19     1   BAOC         Stephanie Briggs        7208506  
                 2   BAOC         Anna Williams           7208507
                 3   BAOC         Clarence Peralta        7208508
   Mixed  20     1   BAOC         Quincy Rosenzweig        352834  
                 2   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 2                  
                 3   BAOC         Quincy Rosenzweig        352834
  Senior  21     1   BAOC         Eric Rosenzweig         1418665  
                 2   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 3                  
                 3   BAOC         Eric Rosenzweig         1418665
   Mixed  22     1   BAOC         Daniel Sheeter          7208509  
                 2   BAOC         Mary Haywood            7208510
                 3   BAOC         Daniel Sheeter          7208509
   Mixed  23     1   BAOC         Marcus Dufort           7208512  
                 2   BAOC         Morgan Kleiderlein      7208513
                 3   BAOC         Marcus Dufort           7208512
   Mixed  24     1   BAOC         Matej Sebo              1407400  
                 2   BAOC         Ellen Smith             2036165
                 3   BAOC         Daniel Sebo             7204739
  Senior  25     1   BAOC         Geoffrey B Sears         437975  
                 2   BAOC         Geoffrey B Sears        1172077
                 3   BAOC         Geoffrey B Sears        7208514
    Open  26     1   BAOC         Penny DeMoss              37963  
                 2   BAOC         Penny DeMoss              37764
                 3   BAOC         Penny DeMoss              37963
    Open  27     1   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 4                    
                 2   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 5                  
                 3   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 6                  
    Open  28     1   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 7                    
                 2   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 8                  
                 3   BAOC         Onsite Reg. 9                   

Request for Volunteers

Volunteers are requested as follows (updated 1/22/19):

If you can help, please contact . Thank you!

Driving Directions

Note: You want the Giant Highway park entrance, not the Atlas Bridge entrance, which we are not permitted to use.

The approximate coordinates for the parking lot are 37.992,-122.356. (Note: If you look for the park by name in Google Maps, you'll get wrong final directions.)

To get there, take the Richmond Parkway exit off Interstate 80 in Richmond, and go west for 1.3 miles. Shortly after the stoplight at San Pablo Avenue, turn right at the next light onto Atlas Road. After 0.8 miles on Atlas, you will cross over a set of railroad tracks and encounter a stop sign. Turn left onto Giant Highway at this intersection (do not go straight). You will pass a detention center on your right, and the park entrance will be immediately after that, also on your right.

There is an entrance kiosk at the parking lot, but they might not be there to collect the $3 fee.

Please carpool if possible, since parking might be limited.

From the parking lot, walk up the hill, over the railroad bridge, and follow the streamered path from there to the staging area.