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Mills College

Event #4 of 6 in the BAOC 2019 Summer Series

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 21, 2019
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Wayne Staats
Type: C; This event will be part of the 2019 Summer Series — one course for Beginners, who are very welcome, and one "advanced" course — the courses will be "easier" than usual because of the nature of the campus.

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This event will be the fourth of six events in the 2019 Summer Series. However, we want to emphasize that everyone is welcome to come out and do one (or more) of the courses, regardless of whether or not you attended a previous Summer Series event, or plan to attend later events.

Beginners new to orienteering are encouraged to attend​—​the navigational difficulty is significantly eased by the nature of the campus, so anyone should be able to complete the beginner course.

We will offer two courses: one for beginners, and a longer course for the Summer Series. Advanced orienteers should not be put off by the "easier" navigation​​—​​it will give you an opportunity to practice making faster decisions, and running faster, than your competition.

We look forward to seeing everyone at what should be a fun event!


The standard BAOC event schedule will be followed:

  9:00 AM – Registration opens
  9:30 AM – Beginners' clinic instruction begins (free)
10:00 AM – Starts open
10:30 AM – Beginners' clinic instruction ends
11:59 AM – Registration closes
12:30 PM – Starts close
  2:00 PM – Courses close, checkpoint control pick-up begins

You can register and start on courses anytime between the open and close times above. Thus, for example, you do not need to be "punctual" at 9:00 (but you can if you want).

Beginners' clinics are short, repeating sessions that introduce the sport of orienteering, and provide enough instruction to be able to complete the beginner course.

Everyone must check in at the Finish by 2:00 PM, and report to the E-punch table, so we can have everyone accounted for and start checkpoint pick-up on time so those volunteers can get home.

Registration and Costs

At registration, all juniors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians, or bring with them a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian (the registration form is available here (PDF/90KB)).

The following fees apply at this event:

  $3 for each junior on the Beginner course
$10 for each adult on the Beginner course
  $5 for each junior on the Advanced course  
$15 for each adult member on the Advanced course
$20 for each adult non-member on the Advanced course
  $1 for a compass rental (optional)  
  $5 for an electronic fingerstick rental (optional, but each team will need one to complete the course)
$15 for the lowest-cost individual one-year BAOC membership (optional)  


More information about event pricing is available in the club FAQ. All the prices are also shown on the standard entry form (PDF/90KB), which you can print and fill out in advance to save some time at the event. (You will need one entry form for each group of people going on a course together.)

What to Bring

Comfortable outdoors attire and walking shoes are fine for those who will walk their course.

For runners, any comfortable running shoes without metal spikes are appropriate. Courses will include lots of pavement and concrete, and some off-trail legs.

A compass is not necessary, but can be helpful. We have compasses available for a $1 rental fee.

We time the courses with the SPORTident system, so a SPORTident fingerstick is required for each team​—​they rent for $5. (Use of the "E-punch" system is easy. You can learn how at the event, or read about it here.)

Note: Please do not bring a dog to the event. They are not permitted on the campus.

Venue Facilities

There are restrooms near the assembly area.


Here are the course details:

    Course      Length    Climb   Controls
    Beginner    2.0 km     58 m      16  
    Advanced    5.5 km    195 m      28

Beginners should be aware that the lengths shown are the cumulative straight-line distances between controls. Your actual distance will be somewhat longer. For a rough estimate of how far you might actually go, mentally change "km" to "mi" (e.g., for a "2.0 km" course, you might travel up to 2.0 miles). The climb numbers represent the amount of ascending that would be done on the "optimum route" (in the Course Setter's opinion), without regard for any descending.

The Advanced course will be the ranking course for the Summer Series.

Important Notes:

Violating those restrictions would not only be against orienteering rules, it could also jeopardize our ability to hold events on the campus in the future!

Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for more information.

Request for Help

As of Thursday, July 18th, many positions still need to be filled! I've been reaching out individually, but if you're out there and you can help, gimme a shout. Thanks! , Event Director

2019 Summer Series

This is the fourth event of the BAOC 2019 Summer Series. The Series consists of six events, each of which has a "ranking course" for the overall Summer Series results. At this event, points will be awarded to all the individuals (but not groups or teams) who complete the Advanced course.

Details of the Summer Series scoring system are available here. (Note that we need your birth year if you want to be scored properly.)

Driving Directions

5000 MacArthur Boulevard   (Parking: approximate coordinates 37.7821,-122.1874; Google Map (,-122.1975619,11z))
Oakland, CA 94613

From the west, get to I-580 East. Take the MacArthur Blvd exit (#25B). Continue on MacArthur Blvd to Richards Road (the campus entrance) on the left. See Parking below.

From the east, get to I-580 West. Take the MacArthur Blvd exit (#25). Turn left onto Buell St. Turn left onto MacArthur Blvd. Turn left onto Richards Road (the campus entrance). See Parking below.

From the south, take I-880 North to I-238 (exit 31A) toward Castro Valley. After about 2 miles, take exit 14 to I-580 West. After about 9 miles, take the MacArthur Blvd exit (#25). Turn left onto Buell St. Turn left onto MacArthur Blvd. Turn left onto Richards Road (the campus entrance). See Parking below.


After passing through the entrance station (they might ask you what you are coming for), turn right and then turn right immediately again to park in the visitor lot. Walk back to the main campus road, and then to the assembly area next to Haas Pavilion.

A small map showing the parking lot ("Renter Parking") and Haas Pavilion is available in this PDF file (280KB). (Note: The yellow arrows labeled "Room 8 ..." and "Room 116 ..." do not apply for this event. Before you ask, we don't know the significance of the dashed orange line.)

Public Transit

The AC Transit NL bus ( stops at the entrance to Mills College. The bus can be boarded at the San Francisco Temporary Transbay Terminal ( (bounded by Folsom, Beale, Howard, and Main Streets), at the Oakland 19th St BART Station/Transit Center (1900 Broadway), or elsewhere along the bus route.