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Golden Gate Park, Old Speedway Meadow

Event #4 of 6 in the BAOC 2019 Summer Series

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 21, 2019 CANCELED
Location: San Francisco, CA
Type: C; This event will be part of the 2019 Summer Series — details TBD. Beginners are welcome — the courses will be "easier" than usual because of the nature of the park.

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This event has been canceled because the park permit could not be obtained.

The are arranging for the event to be held at Mills College in Oakland on the same date. The announcement page for that event is here.

This event will be the fourth of six events in the 2019 Summer Series. However, we want to emphasize that everyone is welcome to come out and do one (or more) of the courses, regardless of whether or not you attended a previous Summer Series event, or plan to attend later events. Beginners new to orienteering are encouraged to attend​—​the navigational difficulty is significantly eased by the nature of the park, so anyone should be able to complete the beginner course.

We look forward to seeing everyone at what is always a fun event!

Information will be available closer to the event.