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2018 Summer Series

We are happy to announce the return of the BAOC Summer Series. Similar to last year, this series of moderate-length events will be held from May through August on some of our more-urban and less-steep maps. Thus allowing us to continue orienteering, even during the hotter days of summer.

There will be six events this year, as listed below.

Note that some of these events still need key volunteers! We currently need the following:

We may have to postpone or cancel those events if we do not get those volunteers soon. Please contact the people indicated above if you are available to help.

Each event will include a "ranking" course (most likely in the form of a Middle-distance event, around 5 km), and another course more suitable for beginners. Some events may also include longer/alternative options for those folks not wanting to participate in the ranking event.

All participants of the ranking events will be scored (on time) alongside each other in a single league, using a handicapping system to account for age and gender. This is the same scheme we used last year. The best four of six scores will be used in the final ranking. Credit will be given for Course Setting and Event Directing (so contact us now if you would like to earn some points this way!).

More details about event locations and specifics will be available over the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Your BAOC Event Coordination Team: George, Marie-Josée, Scott, Deron, and Graham
   (April 4, 2018)

The Schedule

The Summer Series will include the following events:

  1. May 12: Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill
  2. June 2: Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Scott), San Francisco
  3. June 17: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  4. July 8: Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland
  5. July 29: U.C. Berkeley Campus, Berkeley
  6. August 26: Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park

Note to Beginners

BAOC welcomes beginners to events with "clinics" that introduce orienteering and with "beginner" courses. We hope you will come to one or more of the Summer Series events (there is no requirement to attend all the events), and/or to our "regular" events listed in the schedule.

Important Note to All

Everyone must observe out-of-bounds areas indicated on the maps. Please note, in particular, that olive-green areas are out of bounds.

Failure to stay out of out-of-bounds areas could jeopardize our ability to get permission to hold events at the venue (as well as being unfair to those participants who go around the areas).