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Sprint San Francisco

Date: Dec. 7 - 9, 2018
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Event Director:
Course Setters: Erin Schirm, Matej Šebo
Type: A; Friday: Sprint Relay; Saturday: 3-round tournament; Sunday: NRE Qualifier and NRE Final (pending park approval)

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This year's event features two brand new maps of venues that have never been used for orienteering: Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez on Saturday, and St. Mary's College in Moraga on Sunday.

Further information will be available closer to the event.

The information will be updated often as the event approaches, as details solidify. Be sure to review the whole page shortly before each day's event.


Monday, Dec. 3: Last day to register (11:59 PM PST deadline). No late or day-of-meet registration.

Friday, Dec. 7: Night-O Sprint Relay at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill (permit pending)

     6:30 PM       Mass start

Saturday, Dec. 8: Three-round Sprint Tournament at Hidden Lakes Park, Martinez (Rounds 1 and 2) and Paso Nogal Park, Pleasant Hill (Round 3) (permit pending)

     9:00- 9:50   Packet pickup
    10:00-10:12   Round 1 heats  
    11:10         Round 1 course closes
    11:10         Semifinalists posted  
    12:00-12:09   Round 2 Semifinals (*)  
    12:12-12:25   Round 2 starts for non-qualifiers (*)
    13:15         Round 2 course closes
    13:15         Finalists posted  
    14:30         Round 3 Finals (*)  
    14:50-15:10   Round 3 starts for non-qualifiers (*)
    15:30         Award ceremony  
    15:40         Help with breakdown and clean up  

(*) Note: Times for Round 2 are tentative. We will announce exact times when we announce the qualifiers for the Semifinals around 11:00. Similarly for Round 3.

Sunday, Dec. 9: Sprint Qualification and Sprint Final at St. Mary's College, Moraga (permit pending)

These are National Ranking Events.

     8:00- 8:50   Packet pickup
     9:00- 9:35   Qualification round with assigned starts
    11:15-11:35   A-Final with assigned starts
    12:00         Award Ceremony
    12:35-13:20   B-Final with assigned starts
    14:45         B-Final course closes


Entry is by preregistration only, via Event Register ( The entry deadline is Monday, December 3, 11:59 PM PST. No late registration, no day-of-meet registration.

You can see who has registered here (

Entries are limited to one hundred (100) people. Register early to guarantee your spot!

The entry fee for the combined three-day event is $85.

Priority will be given to those entering all three days. However, it is also possible to enter days individually, with the following fees: $15 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, $40 for Sunday.

Members of OUSA or other national orienteering federations will receive a $4 discount if entered for the three-day package or for Sunday​—​but not for the other days, since they are not National Events.

For juniors, all the aforementioned fees and discounts will be divided in half.

If you need to make a change to your registration, please do not attempt to do it on Event Register. Instead, please contact the .

Normally, BAOC events include beginners (White and Yellow) courses and an intermediate (Orange) course. However, because of the special nature of this event, beginners courses and an intermediate course will not be available at this event. We apologize to all who would have liked to do one of those courses. Please look at the Schedule for another event to attend (on that page, select "BAOC" in place of "All Clubs" and click on the Reload button).


For all three days, everyone will be competing on the same courses. In particular, there are no Beginner (White), Novice (Yellow), or Intermediate (Orange) courses. Nevertheless, given the nature of the venues and the courses, some people without a great deal of orienteering experience may wish to give it a try. That was the case last year, and those who did go out appeared to enjoy themselves.

For the two National Ranking races on Sunday, results will be grouped into the usual OUSA age/gender classes ( (even though everyone is running the same course).

Race Formats

Be sure to also read the Map and Course Notes when they become available.

Friday Evening Sprint Relay

The event will be a two-person Sprint Relay, with each person running two legs. No need to have a partner in advance: we’ll form teams so as to make the competition interesting. All the legs have many forkings. That means you're not always running the same thing as other people on your leg, so don't follow anyone blindly.

Saturday 3-Round Knockout Tournament

Each round has groups starting in flights, so there will be some exciting head-to-head competition. Everyone gets to run each of the three races, but only the top runners at each stage still are in contention for the tournament.

Sunday Qualifier and Final

These races will be interval-started. The top 12 men and top 6 women in the Qualifying Round run in the A-Final. Everyone else will run in the B-Final, which will start after the A-Final is done so that everyone can watch the A-Final. Both races will be National Ranking Events.

The Qualifier will use a 30-second start interval with assigned start times (don't be late for your start!). Both Finals will use a 1-minute start interval, with the start order in reverse order of the results of the Qualifier (that is, fastest runners start last).

Driving Directions

Directions will be posted here later.