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Open Event at Scout-O Championships

Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 14, 2018
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 925.934.6567
Course Setters: Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Steve Harrison
Type: B; Open Event for non-Scouts — Regular 7-course BAOC event in conjunction with the Scout-O Championships

Course Setters' Notes

By Gavin Wyatt-Mair

Special Rules:

The Park District is very concerned about the possibility of fires.
Therefore, they have instituted two rules that we must all follow:
  1. No smoking at all.
  2. Drive only on roads.


Here are the details of the courses:

                                                  Navigational  Physical  
    Course         Distance    Climb   Controls   Difficulty    Difficulty
    White(1)        3.7 km     160 m      10      Easy          Easy   
    Yellow(2)       3.9 km     165 m      11      Easy          Easy
    Orange(4)       5.0 km     290 m      14      Moderate      Moderate
    Short Brown     3.2 km     170 m      12      Moderate      Moderate
    Brown           4.2 km     220 m      12      Hard          Moderate
    Green           5.2 km     360 m      16      Hard          Hard
    Red             6.3 km     460 m      22      Hard          Tough!
    Blue            7.5 km     540 m      25      Hard          Tough!


The map scale is 1:10,000 with 7.5 m contours.

There are two symbols used for distinct trees: A green O represents a distinct evergreen tree, while a green × represents a distinct deciduous tree.

Advanced Courses

The courses are a mixture of forest requiring careful navigation, and open that can be taken at speed. Footing is good, the ground is hard in the open areas and leafy-slippery in the forests.

The ends of the courses may include a steep stream crossing, depending on route choice​—​there is a rope to assist.

The Red and Blue courses have an area of dense controls near the end. Be careful to get the order correct!


We have seen deer, eagles, coyote, skunks, buzzards, orienteers, lots of turkeys, goats, cows, salamanders, and frogs. And some harmless grass snakes.


The Start is about 1.6 km, with 50 m gradual climb, from the parking lot. It takes 20 minutes to walk there.

All the courses have E-punch.

To cross fences, you may go over, under, or through wherever you like​—​just remember it is barbed wire. The course setters recommend going under!

The star thistle is way down this year, probably smothered by the long grasses after the copious rains last winter. Nevertheless, long pants are highly recommended on the Yellow(2) course and above, and shoes or boots with cleats or a good grip would help on Orange(4) and above.

Poison oak on the courses is basically dormant stalks, and typically below knee high.

There are plenty of cows on the courses. They won't bother you, but don't get too close to the calves.

The Scout-O courses overlap the White(1), Yellow(2), and Orange(4) courses. Please be tolerant.

Remember that horses have the right of way, and try not to scare them.

Please be polite to other park users (this is a requirement for future permits).

Bring water.

The weather forecast calls for a high of 84, sunny, and no chance of rain.

Enjoy the day!

Driving Directions

Registration will be at the West entrance to the park, off of Bear Creek Road. (This address might be useful: 1611 Bear Creek Rd, Lafayette, CA.) The approximate coordinates are N37.9271,W122.1578.

To get there, take Route 24 west from I-680 or east from I-80. Exit at Orinda, heading north on Camino Pablo. After about 2 miles, turn right onto Bear Creek Road. After about 3.5 miles, the park entrance will be on your right, and is well sign-posted (don't be fooled by the parking area on the left​—​that's not it).

There is an entry/parking charge of $3 per vehicle (and $2 per dog). Please carpool if possible, since there will probably be many scouts attending.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.


Do not park in the east dirt parking lot, south side. This is for horse trailers.