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Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Scott

Event #3 of 4 in the BAOC 2017 Summer Series

Date: (Sun.) Aug. 13, 2017
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Greg Khanlarov
Type: C; One advanced course with two maps & a short option, total distance ~4 km; Beginner Clinics will be available—beginners can run the course on the first map

Course Setter's Notes

By Greg Khanlarov

The event will feature a single course on two maps. Everyone will do Loop 1 first and Loop 2 second. You have an option of running just the first loop. It is a bit shorter, has fewer controls and longer legs. However, to earn Summer Series points, you must run the combined, two-loop course.

    Course      Length    Climb   Controls
    Loop One    2.3 km    25 m       14  
    Loop Two    1.8 km    35 m       17
    Combined    4.1 km    60 m       31

Note: The course lengths for Loop One and Loop Two were swapped previously. The correct lengths are above.

We will have both maps in the same packet. After you punch the last control of Loop 1 (control #14), flip the map and navigate to control #15. Whether you are doing one or two loops, please ensure that the Finish control is the last control you punch (and punch it only when you are actually finishing).

Important: Note that the Combined course has more than 30 controls. Thus, you cannot use an SI-5 (1–499,999) or SI-8 (2xxxxxx) E-stick on that course. If you are planning to run both loops, you'll need a high-capacity E-stick, which is available for rent or exchange at Registration.

Map Notes

The Fort Scott map is a 1:4000 (20 ft contours) enlargement of a map made a long time ago. It is not an ISSOM (i.e., sprint) map; it uses an old ISOM symbol set. Many map corrections were made last year. For the most part the map is a reasonable representation of the terrain. The following notes should help you interpret the map.

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Cars and bicyclists. Car traffic may get quite heavy in the afternoon. So, please, pay attention when crossing streets and parking lots. You will have to do it several times.

Out-of-Bounds Areas

Please respect all out-of-bounds areas. Vertical, red hatching is used to let you know not to run on the property of private residences. In many cases the hatching doesn't extend all the way to the sidewalk, but that is not an invitation to run on people's lawns. The rule of thumb is that if something looks like a private residence, avoid stepping on the property. This is an important condition of our permit.

Editor's Note: I don't know if this portion of the Presidio map also uses olive green to indicate out-of-bounds areas. If it does, you must stay out of those areas as well as those with red hatching.

What to Wear

It is an urban park. Both course loops can be covered on trails. So, one can wear shorts. However, there is a big open field with tall grass. I'd wear long pants when crossing the field unless you want to run around it.


There is a restroom 70 m NE of the assembly area, in a small building on the north side of the basketball court.

Please do not use the restroom at the U.S. Park Police Station on the east side of Fort Scott.