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Huddart Park

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 16, 2017
Location: Woodside, CA
Event Director: - 408.599.9709
Course Setter: Werner Haag
Type: C; 100-minute Score-O with about 34 controls, a mix of beginner to advanced difficulty, using pin punches (no E-punch)

Course Setter's Notes

By Werner Haag

Everything is just about set for the Score-O this Sunday.

Course: 34 controls, 100-minute time limit, 10 points per control, 5-point penalty per minute (and fraction) overtime.

Map: 1:5500, 5 m contours

Optimal Route: 5.5 km (point-to-point) with 350 m climb to get all controls

Start/Finish Area: Zweierlein Picnic Area

Start Time: Scheduled for 10:00 AM (assuming I will have all the controls out by then), because there is an increasing chance of light rain as the afternoon progresses.

Some of the controls are very easy and runnable, others are intermediate, and yet others are advanced technically and a bit rough. However, in this park you are never far from a catching feature. I have increased the time limit to 100 minutes to allow for more Easter control hunting enjoyment.

I am not putting out any water on the course, but there are fountains and restrooms available in several locations on the course, or carry your own water if you feel you'll desperately need it. I will have water bottles & other refreshments & snacks at the Start/Finish picnic area.

The ground is soft and forgiving, there is essentially no poison oak, everything is green, and flowers & deer are out.

Possible Hazards

There is a deep ravine running down a steep hill in the SE part of the map, which is marked out of bounds. Likely routes cross beneath and above this ravine, which are safe to do. There is a bridge crossing the ravine that appears strong, but is marked unsafe by the rangers, so please do not use this bridge (its not on a good route choice anyway).

I noticed one tick, but it will be cool so you'll want to cover up anyway.

People visiting the furthest out controls may need to cross Kings Mountain Road twice​—​be careful if you do.


I have a few volunteers, but one or two more would make things easier. If anyone can bring some Easter goodies, it would be appreciated. I have drinks, bananas, oranges, & snack bars. If anyone has a canopy we can borrow for the day, that would help​—​I have one, but a second would be good.