2017 California Orienteering Week (COW)
2017 California Orienteering Week (COW)

California Orienteering Week

Date: Mar. 18 - 26, 2017
Location: Southern and Northern California
Organizers: LAOC and BAOC
Type: A/B/T; Seven days of National Ranking Events, U.S. Championships, training events, and a local Sprint/Trail-O event

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Foot-O, Ski-O, Trail-O — we've got it all in California! Twelve events in 16 days!

More information will be available closer to the events. Also, see the links to the individual events for more information.


Saturday, March 18

Camp Scherman National Meet (http://losangelesorienteering.org/drupal/camp-scherman-national-meet), day 1 (LAOC)

Sunday, March 19

Camp Scherman National Meet (http://losangelesorienteering.org/drupal/camp-scherman-national-meet), day 2 (LAOC)

Tuesday, March 21

Training day (http://losangelesorienteering.org/drupal/vasquez-rocks-3) (LAOC)

Wednesday, March 22 – Friday, March 24

Informal training days (BAOC)

Thursday, March 23

Local event: PreO and Sprint (BAOC)

Saturday, March 25

O in the Oaks 2017, day 1 (BAOC)

Sunday, March 26

O in the Oaks 2017, day 2 (BAOC)

And why not precede COW with this:

Saturday–Sunday, March 11–12

Ski orienteering near Lake Tahoe (http://truckeeorienteering.org/2017/skio/index1.html) presented by the Truckee Orienteering Club (http://truckeeorienteering.org/)


¹ Sanctioned by OUSA