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Pacheco State Park

Date: Nov. 14 - 15, 2015
Location: Hollister, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setters: Julia Doubson, Erin Schirm, Katie Petersen, Sarah Petersen, Janet Petersen, Mark Petersen
Type: B; Saturday afternoon courses and Night O; Sunday Classic courses; Saturday potluck option; group camping option

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This will be a two-day event, with an array of course offerings and more! We'll start with afternoon courses on Saturday, followed by a potluck dinner. Or, you can postpone your dinner until after a Night O. Then, on Sunday, we'll have a full set of Classic courses.

Please note the following: To help us gauge the attendance, please sign up soon on this survey ( to indicate your interest level (e.g., slight chance of attending, ..., almost surely attending).

Event Notes in Brief

Rex Winterbottom
Nov. 13, 2015


Note: At each event, everyone must punch at the Finish by the closing time, and then report to E-Punch Download, even if you haven't completed your course.


White (Beginner), Yellow (Advanced Beginner), Orange (Intermediate), and Brown (Advanced) courses​—​and you can combine the Orange and Brown courses into one "Orange+Brown" course. Orange will have a remote Finish, unless you decided to do the Brown course on the way back (see above).
Courses by Julia Doubson, with help from Rex on refining them (who is the lucky guy who gets to put out the bags ... Unless someone steps up​—​if you could hang just the White and Yellow bags, Rex would be your friend forever).
The format will be as follows. There are three loops (A, B, C), each 3.2–3.6 km long. Controls are in close proximity to each other, but there are no common controls between loops.
There will be two options:
  • A team relay of three people, where everyone will run one of the loops.
  • Individual runners will run two of the three loops consecutively.
There will be a mass start to begin, where all leg-1 and leg-2 runners and individuals will start together. When individuals finish the first loop they will go right into the second loop. The leg-3 runners of the relay will go out when the first team of the two team members is back. The relay team is finished when all three runners have finished.
Please note that the second loop for individuals, which is the third leg for the relay, will be the longest loop.
There will also be an explanation at the event about the details. Should be fun, and bring your head lamp!!!

       Course     Length     Climb   Controls
       White      2.6 km      85 m      11  
       Yellow     2.3 km      95 m       9
       Orange     4.5 km     245 m      14
       Brown      3.7 km     210 m       9
       Green      4.3 km     350 m      12
       Red        6.2 km     480 m      14
       Blue       7.2 km     545 m      17

Be sure to read the Sunday Course Setters' Notes for more information. In particular, note that the Orange and advanced courses will have a 15-minute, 1 km walk uphill from the assembly area to the Start.


For those who are interested, there will be camping nearby.

As of November 9th, there were 117 sites available, out of 130, for Saturday night at the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area ( San Luis Creek and Basalt campgrounds (reservation website (

Here is more campground information from :

We missed out on the group campground, but there are still plenty of individual sites available, so you can probably just check in when you get there. Reply to the (if you are subscribed) or to , and I can send out updates to interested people so we can coordinate. I just called the park and they are OK with check-in before 2 PM, but if you arrive after 5:30 PM you will need to use the self-check-in, so bring exact change.

San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area has four campgrounds: Basalt, San Luis Creek, Medeiros, and Los Banos Creek. All the campgrounds are open year round.

Basalt Campground ($30/night)

The only campground located near San Luis Reservoir, Basalt has 79 developed family campsites in a shaded, wind-protected valley. Some sites will accommodate trailers and motor homes up to about 30 feet. Each site has a fire ring and table, with water faucets nearby. New restroom facilities offer hot, pay showers and flushable toiletes. A dump station is available to registered campers. Reservations can be made year round.

San Luis Creek Campground ($40/night)

One of two campgrounds on the O'Neill Forebay, San Luis Creek has 53 sites that offer water and electric hook-ups. Some of the sites border the shoreline. The campground has very little shade, and is in an open area susceptible to wind. No flush toilets or showers are available. Each site has a level pad, fire ring, and a table. Some sites will accommodate trailers and motor homes up to about 30 feet. A new 5-mile accessible walking trail follows the O'Neill Forebay shoreline and connects the campground to the North Beach day-use area. A dump station is available for registered campers. All boats must be removed from the water by sunset. Reservations can be made year round.

Medeiros Campground (cost?)

The Medeiros primitive campsites are located along the southern shoreline of O'Neill Forebay. A limited number of fire rings, shade ramadas, and tables are available. Drinking water is available in 3 locations. There are no flush toilets or showers, however chemical toilets are available. All boats must be removed from the water by sunset. Medeiros campground is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Los Banos Creek Campground (cost?)

Twenty primitive camping/day-use sites are located along the shore of Los Banos Creek Reservoir. Each site has a shade ramada, fire ring, and table. Drinking water and chemical toilets are available. Most sites cannot accommodate trailers or motor homes because of limited turn around space. Limited parking exists, and the park may close once the sites are occupied. Boaters are allowed to beach their boat. Boating is prohibited after sunset. Los Banos Creek campground is available on a first-come first-serve basis. Los Banos Creek is subject to winter and/or road closures because of water release from the reservoir.

Driving Directions

From San Jose and the West: From US 101, take CA-152 (exit 356) 14 miles east to Pacheco Pass. Turn right into the park. Follow O' signs to registration. (When you leave the event, ​be careful crossing the east-bound traffic!)

From Sacramento and the North: From I-5, take CA-33 south (Santa Nella exit 407) 3 miles to CA-152. Turn right onto CA-152 and go 8 miles west to Pacheco Pass. Turn left into the park entrance​—​be careful crossing the east-bound traffic! Follow O' signs to registration.

From the Central Valley: From I-5, take CA-152 (exit 403B) west 12 miles to Pacheco Pass. Turn left into the park entrance​—​be careful crossing the east-bound traffic! Follow O' signs to registration.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.