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Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 26, 2014
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 925.934.6567
Course Setter: Steve Harrison
Type: B; Regular 7-course BAOC event in conjunction with the Scout-O Championships

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

We return to Briones Park this year for our B-meet and the 22nd annual Scout-O championships.

Special Rules: The Park District is very concerned about the possibility of fires. Therefore, they have instituted two rules that we must all follow:

  1. No smoking at all.
  2. Drive only on roads.

All the courses will have E-punching. White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, and Blue courses will be offered (see below). Grass stickers and poison oak are present, so be sure to wear long pants, and to wear gaiters on the off-trail courses.

The annual Scout-O will be held concurrently with the regular event, so expect a sizable crowd. Although preregistration is required for the Scout-O, it is not required (nor available) for the BAOC B-meet.

BAOC members: Please note that your showing is very good publicity for the club, and sets an example for hundreds of scouts and adults to see!! Please do come, with your best O-gear, a smile, and a word of encouragement for the youngsters.

Registration and the Finish are at Newt Hollow, at the Bear Creek entrance to Briones Park. There is a 1.5 km walk to the Start, with 90 meters of climb. Plan to take 20–30 minutes to reach the Start.

If you have any questions, contact the Event Director, , at 925-934-6567.


Registration will be open from 9:00 AM to noon.

Beginner clinics will be available from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. These are short, repeating sessions that introduce orienteering, and provide enough instruction to be able to complete a beginner (White) course.

Starts will be at the usual times: from 10:00 to 12:30.

The Finish will close at 2:00 PM. Everyone must report to the Finish by then, and then to the E-punch download tent.


The following courses will be available. Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for more information.

                                               Navigational   Physical  
   Course       Distance    Climb   Controls   Difficulty     Difficulty
   White  (1)    3.2 km      83 m      10      Easy           Easy     
   Yellow (2)    3.6 km     120 m      11      Easy           Easy
   Orange (4)    4.9 km     160 m      13      Moderate       Moderate
   Brown         4.9 km     160 m      15      Hard           Moderate
   Green         5.8 km     240 m      16      Hard           Hardish
   Red           6.6 km     270 m      18      Hard           Hard
   Blue          7.5 km     310 m      20      Hard           Hard

Beginners should be aware that the distances shown are the cumulative straight-line distances between controls. Your actual distance will be longer. The climb numbers represent the amount of ascending that would be done on the "optimum route" (in the Course Setter's opinion), without regard for any descending.

Request for Volunteers

If you are able and willing to help out on the day of the meet, or before, we sure could use your help! Please contact .

Driving Directions

Registration will be at the West entrance to the park, off of Bear Creek Road.

To get there, take Route 24 west from I-680 or east from I-80. Exit at Orinda, heading north on Camino Pablo. After about 2 miles, turn right onto Bear Creek Road. After about 3.5 miles, the park entrance will be on your right, and is well sign-posted (don't be fooled by the parking area on the left​—​that's not it).

There is a charge of approximately $4.00 per vehicle for parking. Please carpool if possible, since there will probably be many scouts attending.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.