Boggs '14 A-meet
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Boggs '14 A-meet

Boggs Mountain State Forest

Date: May 30 - Jun. 1, 2014
Location: Cobb, CA
Event Director: - 408.354.1686
Course Setters: Heidi Cusworth, Bill Cusworth; Nick Corsano (Trail-O)
Type: A; OUSA sanctioned Sprint, Middle, and Long courses, and a national ranking Trail-O course

Table of contents
Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.


This event will consist of a Friday afternoon Sprint, Saturday Long courses, and Sunday Middle courses. There will also be a Trail-O National Ranking event on Saturday afternoon. Many consider Boggs Mountain to be the finest orienteering terrain in Northern California. The site has been re-mapped to bring the map up to a standard commensurate with the terrain.

Boggs Mountain is situated in Lake County, which is a hilly, rural region, about a 2¼-hour drive (plus traffic delays, especially on Fridays!) to the park entrance from San Francisco, Oakland, or Sacramento, and just one mountain ridge north of Napa Valley. It is known for its recreational opportunities, its vibrant new wine industry, and the cleanest air in California. Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California, is the recreational hub of the county and is just a short drive from Boggs Mountain.

Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest ( is really a plateau topped with a series of small hilltops. The area is covered with a fairly runnable pine forest, and the slopes are reasonably gradual over most of the plateau. The average elevation is about 3000 feet (900 meters) above sea level.

This event will serve as the Western Regional Interscholastic Championships.

The Course Setters' Notes contain detailed information about the courses. (There will be a copies of the Notes in the registration packets.)

Observe Boggs Mountain Speed Limits!

The Boggs Mountain rangers have been very helpful and cooperative over the years. Their one complaint is that people drive too fast. "Not me," you're thinking, "I drive responsibly." Note that the speed limit in the park is generally 5 mph, with the exception of part of the main road between the Ranger's Office and the campground, where the speed limit is 10 mph. 5 mph is the speed of a jogger; 10 mph is the speed of a Blue runner. Have you driven that slowly at Boggs?

We must insure that the Rangers are satisfied that we have addressed this issue. Thus, we will have Traffic Control volunteers posted along the roads. If any vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the driver and all occupants will be disqualified from that day's race. This applies to driving out of the park as well as into it. Please allow yourself 20 minutes to drive from the park entrance to the assembly area.

Please Bring Your Own Water

There is no running water in Boggs. The weather could be warm. We will provide plenty of water on the courses and at the starts. We will also provide electrolyte drinks and water for finishers. But every participant should bring their own water for the (considerable number of) remaining hours of the weekend. That is, unless you are at the Start, or out on the course, or have just finished, please drink water that you have brought for yourself.

We recommend that you bring one gallon of water per person for the weekend (unless you are camping, in which case you will surely need a good deal more).

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May 12 – Early registration deadline
May 23 – Last day to avoid late fees
Friday, May 30 – Packet pickup at the assembly area, 1:30 PM – 4 PM
Friday, May 30 – Sprint course starts, 3 PM – 4:30 PM (see the Friday Note below)
Friday, May 30 – Sprint courses close, 5:30 PM
Friday, May 30 – Packet pickup at Eagle & Rose Inn ( in Cobb, 7 PM – 9 PM
Saturday, May 31 – Long course starts, 10 AM – Noon
Saturday, May 31 – Long courses close, 3 PM
Saturday, May 31 – Trail-O course starts, 2–4:30 PM
Saturday, May 31 – Trail-O course closed, 7 PM
Saturday, May 31 – Potluck dinner at campground, 6 PM
Sunday, June 1 – Middle course starts, 9–10:30 AM
Sunday, June 1 – Middle courses close, 12:30 PM
Sunday, June 1 – Award ceremony, 12:45 PM

For all days, everyone must return to the Finish by the course closing time, even if they have not completed their course.

Friday Note: Be sure to allow plenty of time for your drive to the event​—​a minimum of 2¼ hours from San Francisco, Oakland, or Sacramento, plus traffic delays (which could add up to an hour or more), plus 20 minutes from the highway to the assembly area (see above). Also, plan for the walk to the Start.

Assembly Area

Parking, registration, E-punch tent, etc. will be in the Boggs Ridge Group Campground area. This is the same assembly area that was used for last September's meet. It is not in the Calso Campground that was used for previous A-meets; the Ridge Campground is about 400 m NNE of the Calso Campground.

Allow 20 minutes to drive (slowly!) from the park entrance to the assembly area (see above regarding driving in Boggs).

The Finish chute will run into the heart of the assembly area, providing ample spectator opportunities. Bring a folding chair so you can hang out around the chute and cheer on finishers!

Remote Starts

Start times are available here ( Don't be late for your start!

On Friday, there is a 5- to 10-minute walk to the Start for the Sprint courses.

The Start for the Saturday Long courses is a 1.1 km walk from the assembly area. The Start for the Sunday Middle courses is also a 1.1 km walk from the assembly area (though in a different place from the Saturday Start). In both cases, a 15-minute walk at moderate pace will get you there.

Allow plenty of time to get to the Start. The start lists will be densely packed​—​if you miss your start time, it is highly likely that you will have to wait until the end of the start window before you can start.

There are no portable toilets at the Starts. Please take advantage of the toilets in the assembly area prior to heading for the Start.

Start Procedure

At the Start, a whistle will sound once a minute. You will be called to the Check-In Line two minutes before your start time. Once checked in by a member of the Start Crew, you can step across the line and pick up a clue sheet. At the next whistle, you proceed to the Start Line, where the maps are. There you will be given instructions by another member of the Start Crew. At that point, you are in the Start Triangle. You start at the next whistle.

Each day, all courses have a common first control. Details about this can be seen in the Course Setters Notes. (There is one exception: Sunday's White course.)

Course Time Limits

In accordance with Orienteering USA rules, each participant must complete their course within a specified amount of time after their start. This course time limit is one hour for Sprint courses (Friday's event), two hours for Middle courses (Sunday's event), and three hours for Long courses (Saturday's event).


Awards will be presented for the standard 51 Foot-O classes for an Orienteering USA A-Meet. (A table showing the classes can be found here (

We will combine the results for the three Foot-O events to produce one set of winners, and therefore one set of awards for the weekend. Points earned from the three A-meet events (Sprint, Middle, and Long) will be summed using the Scottish system as calculated in OE2010. Your score each day will be:

1000 × (your class winner’s time) / (your time)

You do not have to be present for all three races to be eligible for an award, but you must start at least two races and have at least one valid finish.

For the Trail-O, awards will be given to the top three finishers in the Open and Paralympic classes.

Western Regional Interscholastic Championships

This event will serve as the Western Regional Interscholastic Championships. The available categories are as follows:

Elementary Boys and Girls – White course
Middle School Boys and Girls – Yellow course
High School JV Boys and Girls – Orange course
High School Varsity Girls – Brown course
High School Varsity Boys – Green course

All three Foot-O races will count towards the Championships. There will be individual and team competitions. Details, rules and scoring will be the same as for the 2009 Western Regional Interscholastic Championships, which you can read about here. Anyone participating in a category for age 18 or less is automatically enrolled in the Championships, but please see Jay Hann to indicate school affiliations, etc.

Activities For Juniors

We will have a large canopy set up near Registration that is intended to be a place where Juniors can hang out. (OK, adults can hang out, too.) Early Saturday afternoon, Erin Schirm, the U.S. National Junior Team Coach, will conduct course reviews for Juniors, and then lead them in some fun orienteering activities.

Map Hike (Recreational) Courses

Non-competitive Map Hike (recreational) courses will be available on Saturday and Sunday. These courses are for beginners and recreational participants. Two courses will be offered: one at the level of a White course, the other at the level of a Yellow course. Register for these courses at the Registration table on the day of the event. Course fees for the Map Hike courses are the same as for a regular BAOC event.

A free beginners' clinic will be available both days (but only once each day): Saturday at 9:45 AM, and Sunday at 8:45 AM. These short introductions to orienteeering will provide enough information to be able to complete a beginner course.

Starts for the Map Hike courses will be available any time during the periods below (which are different than those for the A-meet). Remember that there's a 15-minute walk to the Start each day.

As at all BAOC events that use E-Punch, Map Hikers will receive printouts with their control times (splits) after they finish. However, because Map Hike courses are intended to be a "safe haven" for people who do not wish to be competitive, Map Hike results will not be posted at the meet, nor published online or elsewhere afterwards. If you want to compare your results with those of others, you can register (in advance or at the event) for an A-meet course (i.e., and pay the associated fees).


Preregistration has closed. However, you can still register at the event.

See the list of those who have entered (

Fees for the four events in this meet (Sprint, Middle, Long, and Trail-O) appear in the tables below. For members of OUSA/IOF, a discount ($4 Adult / $2 Junior per event) will be applied to each event entered.

Early-Registration Fees (deadline May 12)
Event  Adult (21&up)   Junior (20&under) 
A-meet days (Sprint, Middle, Long) $25 per day $10 per day
 Package deal for all 3 Foot-O events  $60 $25
Trail-O (Saturday PM) $17 $10

Regular Registration Fees (deadline May 23)
Event  Adult (21&up)   Junior (20&under) 
A-meet days (Sprint, Middle, Long) $30 per day $12 per day
 Package deal for all 3 Foot-O events  $75 $30
Trail-O (Saturday PM) $22 $12

Late-Registration Fees (after May 23; register at the event)
Event  Adult (21&up)   Junior (20&under) 
A-meet days (Sprint, Middle, Long) $35 per day $14 per day
 Package deal for all 3 Foot-O events   $90 $35
Trail-O (Saturday PM) $27 $14

Cotton T-shirts with the event artwork (see the top of this page) can be ordered when you register. A small number of them might be available for purchase at the event.

You can pay online when you register. If you choose instead to mail a check, note that to meet the deadlines shown above, your mailing must be postmarked by the relevant date.

Embargo Notice

Boggs Mountain State Forest is embargoed to orienteers who plan to compete in the Boggs '14 A-meet. Anyone who visits Boggs Mountain State Forest during the embargo dates (Sept. 24, 2013 through May 29, 2014) will be allowed to enter and participate in the events at this meet, but they will be excluded from the official results, will not receive awards, and will not earn OUSA ranking credit.

Preview Maps and Competition Maps

Four previous A-meets have been held at Boggs Mountain (Oct. '07, May '09, Oct. '10, Oct. '12) as well as one local meet (Sept. '13). You can see maps with courses for all the events on the BAOC RouteGadget site ( You can also order a Boggs Mountain map when you register. The map you receive will be the one that was in use at the time of those previous events (i.e., it will not include the latest map updates).

The maps for the Middle and Long courses have been updated with considerable remapping. These courses will also use terrain that hasn't been used frequently in the past. Courses will be printed at 1:10,000 with 5 m contours.

A brand new, ISSOM (Sprint Standard) map will be used for Friday's Sprint. The map will be printed at 1:5000 with 5 m contours. (Note that the 5 m contour interval is an exception to the ISSOM standard.) The Sprint courses will conform to the spirit of sprints as much as is possible in a wooded, remote area like Boggs Mountain. The courses will be set in the areas surrounding the campgrounds; the new map will give that terrain a fresh look.

Electronic Punching

The SPORTident E-Punch system will be used for both A-Meet and recreational courses. Rental E-Punch sticks may be ordered at the time of online registration, and will be available at the event. An explanation of E-Punch is available here. More information about the use of E-Punch is available in our User's Guide to Electronic Punching.

Child Care

We will be as accommodating as possible for couples requesting split start times (i.e., one starts early, the other late). If you are interested in cooperating with other entrants who are in need of child care, please indicate on your entry that you give the Registrar permission to share your email address with other entrants who also have given permission for the purposes of arranging cooperative child care. You can also email the directly.


Here are some suggestions for lodging in the towns nearest the event site. They are all fairly small, and may fill up quickly.

The town of Clear Lake, about 40 minutes away, has a wider variety of accommodations (, including:

Calistoga, in northern Napa County, is about 50 minutes away, but staying there shortens your Friday night drive by that amount. Lodging information can be found here (


Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest, at the event site itself.

The park has two campgrounds: the Boggs Ridge Campground (the assembly area for this event), reserved for us; and the Calso Campground (used for previous A-meets). On the plus side, the park is beautiful, it’s convenient, it’s free, and it will be the center of all the organized social activity for the weekend. On the minus side, the facilities are minimal (a pit latrine and portable toilets, limited tables and fire pits, no running water or trash containers). That is, be aware that:
  • You will need to bring your own water.
  • You will need to remove your own trash.
  • No new fire circles may be constructed.
Campground rules are posted in the campgrounds; please read and observe these rule. Also, note that you will need to stay close to the camping area at all times, because you will be surrounded by areas used for the weekend’s courses (and thus off limits).
May 19th Update: We have the whole Boggs Ridge Campground reserved. You don't need reservations. Please put up your tent on the hill that is NW of the picnic tables. We will be using the area east and southeast of that hill for meet activities. You may also camp in the Calso Campground (where you can have your own firepit) free of charge. It's an easy 400 m walk from the Calso Campground to the assembly area.

Jellystone RV Park and Camp Resort (, 10 minutes away from the park entrance.

This is a well equipped private campground with tent and RV sites, a few cabins, laundry, playground, swimming pool, showers, etc. If you're not staying at this park, you can pay $3 to get a pass to take a shower.

Clear Lake State Park (, 30 minutes away from the park entrance.

Lakefront park with tent/RV sites, restrooms, and showers.
Individual campsites (for up to 8 people each) are first come, first serve. There are two group campsites that can be reserved, but you need to have at least 9 people. Both types of sites have tiled, flush-toilet bathrooms, and nice, large, coin-operated (bring quarters), tiled showers.
There is a nice swimming area on the lake. If you are not camping there, you can pay the day-use fee to swim and take a shower.
A map of the park is available here (PDF/455KB) ( The park brochure is available here (PDF/1MB) (

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Event Volunteers

Event Director –
Courses Designers – Heidi Cusworth, Bill Cusworth
Registrar –
Vetters – Chuck Spalding, Greg Ehrensing
Trail-O Event Director –
Trail-O Course Setter – Nick Corsano
Map Coordinator – Bob Cooley
OUSA Course Consultant – Vlad Gusiatnikov

The event Crew Chiefs will be:

Starts – Steve Haas
E-Punch – Jeff Lanam
Control Pickup – Lubo Šebo (Fri), Theo Verhoeven (Sat, Sun)
T-shirts – Steph Maclean
Awards – Steph Maclean
Awards Ceremony – Steve Harrison
Parking/Traffic Control – Graham Brew, Vicki Woolworth
Camping – Nancy Lindeman
Assistant ED for the Sprint – Dan Greene
Assistant ED for the Long – Marie-Josée Parayre

We still need volunteers to help with control pickup. Anybody who would like to offer to help (i.e., before they are asked) can contact the directly.

Having many volunteers makes everybody's task easier, and everybody's experience better. Thank you in advance!

Google Map

Map Legend

Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest
Oakland Airport (OAK)
San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Sacramento Airport (SMF)

Driving Directions

Traffic Warning: Friday afternoon and evening traffic on CA 29 through Napa Valley, on US 101 to Santa Rosa and on I-80 to Vallejo is often quite heavy, sometimes as early as 10 AM. Give yourself at least an extra hour to get through this.


From San Francisco via Santa Rosa

From the East Bay via Napa Valley

(Once in the Napa Valley, you have the option of taking the scenic Silverado Trail instead of the traffic-heavy CA-29. Turn right to leave CA-29 at Trancas, then turn left onto Silverado heading north. You will turn right onto CA-29 just north of Calistoga.)

From Sacramento