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U.C. Berkeley

Date: (Sun.) Mar. 3, 2013
Location: Berkeley, CA
Event Director: - 510.526.9071
Course Setter: George Minarik
Type: C; Sprint and Middle-distance courses

Please note that fees and time limits apply. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This year's U.C. Berkeley event will feature quality Sprint and Middle courses (see What are Sprint, Middle, and Long Courses?). Because of the campus location, the middle-length course will have "sprint" characteristics. The two courses will not overlap. Beginners should be able to navigate either of these courses, but will probably want to start on the shorter Sprint course. We will be using electronic punching for this event.

No one should shy away from attending this event because of the "Sprint type" courses. Sprint courses are tests of map reading while moving at a faster pace than you would do in the woods. Quick decision-making is at a premium. The fastest runner does not always win.

Because of permit limitations, the schedule will begin and end earlier than usual.

Please note that everyone must return to the Finish by 12:45, even if they have not completed their course.

Registration will be held at the Barrows Hall Courtyard (, which is located on the South side of the campus, near Sather Gate and Sproul Plaza. Here is a campus map ( (Barrows Hall is at D4–D5). Also, this map shows the location of the event (and other upcoming BAOC events).

The event fees will be modified for this event.

(Note that "group" refers to people going on a course together, not people arriving at the event together. For example, six people might arrive together, and go on courses as three groups of two.)

Juniors Clinic: In addition to the regular beginner clinics, there will be a Juniors Clinic at 10:00 AM taught by Rex Winterbottom. This will be a hands-on exercise that emphasizes the basics of course-leg execution and map simplification.

See the Course Setter's Notes below for important information about the courses.

Parking is limited, but if you come early there may be spots open along Bancroft Way (street parking here is free on Sunday). Bancroft Way is the southern border of the campus and is a one way street; west-bound traffic only. There is usually more street parking on the blocks south of Bancroft. There are also a few somewhat expensive pay lots along Bancroft. After parking, enter the campus at Sproul Plaza (opposite the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph). Walk 150 m north along the plaza. Just before Sather Gate, turn right and follow this road 100 m to Barrows Courtyard. If you get confused just ask anyone for directions to Barrows Hall.

Taking BART ( is a better option. Use the Downtown Berkeley Station and go 2 blocks east on Center St to the campus. Walk east for about 3/4 mile through the campus to Barrows Hall.

Fun fact: You may be aware that UC Berkeley has had 71 Nobel Laureates. This is the fifth most in the world, and the most of any public university in the U.S. An interesting side note is that many of the Laureates regard the free central campus parking space that comes with the award of more practical value than the actual Nobel Prize. While wandering the campus, you may catch a glance of the blue signs that read "NL RESERVED".

Request for Volunteers

The good news is that almost every volunteer position has already been filled. The "other" news is that we still need Registration and E-punch volunteers so the primary people in those positions can run their courses. Please contact to sign up.

Course Setter's Notes

By George Minarik

Sprint Orienteering Course Philosophy

How fast can you think on the run (or walk)? Sprint Orienteering tests the ability to read a detailed map at a quickened pace. The course designer can take advantage of the campus intricacies to keep an orienteer's mind occupied at all times. If you don't think ahead, you may be making a poor route choice. Or worse, you could end up in a trap. The experience can be intensive, maybe frustrating, but always exhilarating. There are two courses offered today, Sprint and Middle. Both have the technical quality of a sprint course. The difference is in their lengths.

Course Statistics

   Course Name:                 Sprint      Middle
   Number of Controls:           15          27
   Straight-Line Distance:      1.6 km      3.8 km
   GPS Track Distance:          3.1 km      5.0 km
   GPS Climb:                    70 m       120 m
   Fast Walk Time:               25 min      55 min
   Predicted Winning Time:       14 min      32 min

The Map

The Cal Berkeley map depicts dozens of buildings, walkways, trees, fields, walls, fences, and statues. Through the campus wind two creek beds that junction in a forested area. The numerous covered walkways and passages make for interesting route choices. And the multi-storied public areas can play with your mind. All of this has been superbly mapped in 2012 by our club member and U.C. PhD student, Ben Legg. The map is of ISSOM standard (International Sprint Standards).

The map scale is 1:3750. The contour interval is 2.5 m.

You can get a feeling for the map and the courses by looking at this Model Map and Course (PDF/210KB).

There are some important map symbols that are unique for Sprint courses:


On some stairways you may notice short brown lines. These are segments of contour lines.
Walls and fences that are indicated on the map as impassable must not be crossed, even if you think it's possible to cross them.

Event Procedures

Pretty standard stuff:

Restrictions and Cautions

We are guests on this beautiful campus. Please tread lightly and act with the utmost courtesy and respect.

There are no water stations on the course, although you might encounter some of the several unmapped drinking fountains along your routes. There is a drinking fountain inside Barrows Hall, near Registration, with a special faucet for filling water bottles.

Running shoes and attire are recommended. Metal spikes or metal dobbs are prohibited.

Thanks To ...

I hope everyone enjoys the courses as much as I enjoyed designing them.

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