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Schedule/2013/Golden Gate Park - BAOC

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TrailCross Golden Gate Park

2013 Golden Goat and Golden Kid

Date: (Sat.) Sep. 28, 2013
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.378.6416
Course Setter: Mikkel Conradi
Type: C; National Orienteering Day event — 5 km, 10 km, and 10-mile trail runs with twists! Final event in the 2013 TrailCross series, and the 2013 Golden Goat & Golden Kid!!

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

September 25th Update

The 10-mile course was originally planned to be the Golden Goat (and the 10 km course the Kid, and the 5 km the Junior Goat). However, the course designer thought 10 miles wasn't rugged enough for the Goat, so he added an even longer course.
Thus, if you have signed up for the 10-mile course, we would appreciate it if you would tell and which course you are going to do:
  1. 10-mile
  2. The Goat, which is longer than the 10-mile
This is so they can print the correct numbers of maps, since the maps are different.

TrailCross comes to Golden Gate Park!

Explore and discover the many corridors of Golden Gate Park! Start with a map and take roads, sidewalks, paths, and trails from checkpoint to checkpoint. Your challenge will be to find the quickest route among the many alternatives. Fully stocked aid-stations will refresh you along the way of this trail run with a twist.

This is the final event of BAOC's 2013 TrailCross Series! Also, in addition to the 10-mile course, an even longer course is available that continues an annual BAOC tradition: every year, we have a Golden Goat event that is long and hilly, and has a mass start. The 10 km course will be the Golden Kid. Or you may go for 5 km.

Event Schedule

Note that this event is on Saturday (there is another event at the Presidio of San Francisco on Sunday).

Registration, Start, and Finish are at:

Old Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park
371 Chain of Lakes Drive East, San Francisco, CA 94122

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.

The event schedule will be:

09:00 – Registration Open, Beginner's Clinics available
09:40 – Course Briefing
10:00 – Mass Start
10:01 – Individual Starts available until 10:30
12:30 – Award Ceremony (estimated)
01:30 – Courses Close

Note that everyone must report to the Finish by the closing time, even if they have not completed their course.


Here are the details of the courses:

    Name                   Distance      Climb   Controls
    5 km / Junior Goat   ~5 km (real)    80 m   10
    10 km / Golden Kid   ~10 km (real)   190 m   19
    10 mile              ~16 km (real)   280 m   26
    Golden Goat             15.8 km      360 m   32 (-2 skips)
                      (as the crow flies)

Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for details about the courses.

How it Works

At each checkpoint, there will be an orange and white, 1-foot-tall "control" (marker) with an electronic box to record your visit. Similar to a chip timing system, the runner will carry the "chip" attached to a finger strap, and will "punch" the electronic box at each checkpoint. This will record (i.e., "prove") your visit to each checkpoint.

You must visit the checkpoints in the order indicated on your map to complete the course successfully.

All of the above will be covered in the pre-race instructions.

Refreshments and Results

After you complete your course, have some snacks and swap stories from your adventure! We will recognize the top male and female participants for each of the three distances, plus the top Masters (40 years of age and over) and the top Juniors (20 years of age and younger) in each gender.

Complete results will be posted on the BAOC website after the event.


For a price discount (see below), preregister here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFd4UGpjaWpjSG1KQkxySnJUb2J1TWc6MA#gid=0) by Tuesday, Sept. 24.

After Tuesday, Sept. 24, it's still a good idea to preregister, because it helps us get enough supplies and makes event-day registration go more quickly.

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The event fees listed below include use of a SPORTident electronic e-stick to "punch" at each control, the use of a compass (while supplies last), and a small plastic whistle. Please bring your own compass if you have one. Snack food and water will be provided free of charge at the Aid Stations.

Technical, short-sleeve TrailCross Series T-shirts are $7. They can be obtained only with event registration.

Member of BAOC, GCO, or any other Orienteering USA club

                           Regular       Event Day
                         (before or on      (on or after
   Course   Category       Tues 9/24)         Wed 9/25)
   Goat     Adult            $23            $28
            Junior (*)        $8             $8
   10 mi    Adult            $23            $28
            Junior (*)        $8             $8
   10 km    Adult            $18            $23
   (Kid)    Junior (*)        $5             $5
    5 km    Adult            $13            $18
            Junior (*)        $3             $3
   (*) Juniors are age 20 and younger.


                           Regular       Event Day
                         (before or on      (on or after
   Course   Category       Tues 9/24)         Wed 9/25)
   Goat     Adult            $28            $33
            Junior (*)        $8             $8
   10 mi    Adult            $28            $33
            Junior (*)        $8             $8
   10 km    Adult            $23            $28
   (Kid)    Junior (*)        $5             $5
    5 km    Adult            $18            $23
            Junior (*)        $3             $3
   (*) Juniors are age 20 and younger.

BAOC membership will be available at the event, or you can join by submitting the BAOC Membership Application before the event.

More Information

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on TrailCross are available here.

If you're interested in events that are more off-trail, please check the Bay Area Orienteering Club schedule to see upcoming events. Also check out the BAOC Wilderness Scramble Series for events where you pick your own route (there's one of those events on Sunday, the day after this event).