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Del Valle Wilderness Scramble

Del Valle Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 7, 2013
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Directors: - 505.310.8645, - 209.928.4771, - 209.928.4771
Course Setter: Damian Swift
Type: C; Teams of 1 to 5 find up to 30 checkpoints in up to 3 hours in this scenic Bay Area park

Please note that this event will use non-standard event schedule and fees. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

We're planning to hold the second event of BAOC's 2013 Wilderness Scramble Series at Lake del Valle Regional Park. This will be a brand new venue for BAOC. All are welcome at these events, and beginners are encouraged to participate!

About the Del Valle Scramble

What is a Scramble? It's simple: 30 checkpoints are scattered over a custom-made, detailed trail map of Del Valle. With your team of 1 to 5 people, find as many checkpoints as you can in 90 minutes or 3 hours. Learn more about the 2013 Wilderness Scramble Series here.

What's It Like?

Is the Del Valle Scramble beginner friendly? The answer is "Yes!" However, be aware that it will be hilly, and you should be open to venturing off-trail. It is helpful to use contours to navigate, and our instruction clinic will cover the basics of topographic map navigation.

You might not need expert skills to participate in the Del Valle Scramble, but three hours of trekking cross country through tall grass can be pretty physical. If that sounds like a lot, you might want to try the 90-minute option. If you have younger children, you might consider some gentler events on our Schedule.

Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for more information.


Registration will be on the NW side of the parking lot by the east swim beach. This is a mass-start event, so be on time!

  8:45 AM: Registration/Check In
  9:15 AM: Map distribution and pre-race instructions
  9:25 AM: Instruction clinic for beginners
10:00 AM: Mass start
11:30 PM: Course closes, 90-minute category
12:00 PM: Award ceremony, 90-minute category
  1:00 PM: Course closes, 3-hour category
  1:30 PM: Award ceremony, 3-hour category

Teams & Awards

The Del Valle Scramble is a team event, so invite your friends! Teams can include 1–5 people. Yes a "team" of one will count, but we recommend this only for experienced participants over 18. If you need help finding a team, feel free to utilize the BAOC (if you are a list member) and/or the Facebook page (, or contact Rex Winterbottom .

In addition to an award for the overall champions, there will be special recognition for various team compositions: all female, all male, and mixed. We will also recognize a masters class (all members over 45) and a family/junior class (teams with youth members 16 and under).


All teams must carry a whistle for emergency signaling. You can get one for free at Registration.

Bring a watch, so you will know how much time is left.

It is possible to go off-trail, so pants, shoes with good traction, and gaiters (if you have them) are recommended. Water bottles and a small first-aid kit are good ideas.

Del Valle also has some poison oak ( It's avoidable, but do take precautions. After the event, exposed clothing should be washed normally, and exposed skin can be washed in cool or lukewarm (but not hot) water with dishwashing soap or poison-oak specific products sold in stores. You might want to wash your skin immediately after the event if you're particularly sensitive or had a significant encounter.

Each team member will be provided a map. You may use any additional navigational aids that you desire. This includes compass, altimeter, and GPS. Compasses can be rented for $1 each.

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used to record routes. Each team will need one e-stick. If your team doesn't have its own e-stick, you can rent one for $3.


$20 – For first team member, preregistered ($30 for day-of entry)
$10 – Each additional team member, preregistered ($15 for day-of entry)
$5 – Each additional youth member (aged 12–20)
Free – Youth under 12, must be accompanying adult


Please preregister to help us plan for the event, so we can get a good estimate of maps to print, plan for logistics, and organize our volunteeers. For the preregistration discount, do this by Friday, April 5.

Note, however, that preregistration is not required — you will be welcome at the event even if you haven't preregistered.

Driving Directions

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.

Directions from the Bay Area:

  1. Take I580 eastbound to Livermore
  2. Take exit 52B for N Livermore Ave toward Livermore
  3. Turn right onto N Livermore Ave, and go 3.2 mi through town
  4. Continue on Tesla Rd for 0.5 mi
  5. Turn right onto Mines Rd, and go 3.5 mi
  6. Continue on Del Valle Rd, go another 3.2 mi over the ridge to the park entry station; pay fee
  7. Turn right immediately after the station
  8. Continue 0.6 mi to the East Swim Beach parking lot (on left, before the parking lot for the boat ramp)

Directions from the East:

  1. Take I580 westbound to Livermore
  2. Take exit 55 for Vasco Road S, and proceed 3.2 mi
  3. Turn right onto Tesla Rd, and go 0.8 mi
  4. Take the 1st left onto Mines Rd, and go 3.5 mi
  5. Continue on Del Valle Rd, go another 3.2 mi over the ridge to the park entry station; pay fee
  6. Turn right immediately after the station
  7. Continue 0.6 mi to the East Swim Beach parking lot (on left, before the parking lot for the boat ramp)