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Wildcat Scramble

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 22, 2012
Location: Richmond, CA
Event Directors: - 510.229.7103, - 541.401.7595
Course Setter: Jonas Kjäll
Type: C; Up to 3 hours of wilderness scrambling, which some of you may know as the "Score-O" format

Please note that fees and a time limit apply—see below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Update: Wednesday, July 18, and Thursday, July 19

The Wildcat Scramble is now sold out! Unfortunately, we can't take any more people. If you haven't signed up yet, hopefully you can attend one of BAOC's other excellent events, like the Wilder Ranch Scramble in August, or one of the many great (practically free) summer training events ( this month and next.
If you have signed up, check out the Prerace Meet Notes (PDF/1.2MB). This document should contain everything you need to come prepared for the race, plus a special history about the park.
Parking will be limited, so please carpool, and don't be late! The park has delayed opening their new parking lot, so Rex Winterbottom is helping organize carpools at the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station, near I-80 Exit 15 (Potrero Ave). We ask that everyone (with less than 3 people in their car) coming from the south on I-80 (East Bay, South Bay, Penninsula, and Marin) try to meet at the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station at 8:45 AM and carpool from there. See more details below.
See you on Sunday.
– Jonas and Ben
Carpool Details
Since the El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station parking lot is so huge and there are different blocks, I picked the spot shown here (,-122.317738&ll=37.925545,-122.317733&spn=0.001301,0.002425&num=1&t=h&z=19). The green arrow marks where it is, in the lot along the south edge of Cutting Blvd. Park as close as you can to the green arrow, and walk over there to meet people and sort out carpools. (We will wait for people arriving on the 8:51 BART train.) If you have trouble finding the group, my cell phone number is 510-681-6181.
We need to maintain a good relationship with the parks and the community.
Thank you. If we collectively take responsibility for this, we help ensure the future of orienteering in local parks.
   BAOC Events Coordinator

Event Invitation

Whether you call it a mini Rogaine or an ultra-long team Score-O, the premise for Wildcat Scramble is simple: 30 checkpoints — 3 hours — How many can your team find? It'll be a cross-country race through the open hillsides of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.

Wildcat Canyon is beautiful place with a strange history, where you may encounter old nuclear missile bases, abandoned oil wells, the ruins of a sanitarium, and a mysterious ghost road to nowhere. A true wilderness at the edge of the city.


Due to limited parking and other logistical concerns, preregistration is mandatory. We expect this event to fill up, so register your team early to make sure you can participate. However, prepayment is not required. You pay at the event.

To register, send an email to . Include your name, contact information, the number of people on your team, and the names of your teammates.


Adult non-members: $15/person
Adult club members: $10/person
Youth non-members: $10/person
Youth club members: $5/person

If you want to save some time at the event, your team can file out this registration form (PDF/390KB) in advance.

Teams & Awards

The Wildcat Scramble is a team event, so invite your friends! Teams can include 2–5 people. If you need help finding a team, send an email! And feel free to utilize the BAOC and/or Facebook page (

In addition to an award for the overall champions, there will be special recognition for various team compositions: all female, all male, and mixed. We will also recognize a veteran class (all members over 45) and a family class (teams with youth members 16 and under).

Expected Difficulty

Is the Wildcat Scramble beginner friendly? The answer is yes! But it's for the type of people who enjoy a tough hike through the East Bay hills, and aren't afraid to try venturing off trail. At least one person on each team should have experience reading contour maps (such as USGS maps) for hiking. If you're completely unfamiliar with using contour maps, you should team up with a friend who has used them before.

You might not need expert skills to participate in the Wildcat Scramble, but three hours of trekking cross country through tall grass and thistle can be pretty physical. If you have younger children, you might consider some gentler events, such as at the San Francisco Presidio in September, or some of our summer training events (


This is a mass-start event, so be on time!

  9:00 AM: Registration/Check In
  9:30 AM: Map distribution and pre-race instructions
10:00 AM: Mass start
  1:00 PM: Course closes
  1:30 PM: Award ceremony


All teams must carry a whistle for emergency signaling. You can get one at Registration.

Bring a watch, so you will know how much time is left.

Long pants or gaiters (to protect against thorns) and shoes with good traction are highly recommended. Water bottles and a small first-aid kit are good ideas.

Each team member will be provided a map. You may use any additional navigational aids that you desire. This includes compass, altimeter, and GPS. Compasses can be rented for $1 each.

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used to record routes. If your team doesn't have it's own e-stick, you can rent one for $3.


There is only one water fountain in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. There will be no additional water out on the course, so you should carry your own water. It can be very hot in the park in July! The water fountain will be marked on the map and is conveniently located roughly in the middle of the competition area — most teams will likely pass close by once.


Parking spaces are very limited. Overflow parking on streets outside the park may be required. PLEASE CARPOOL!!! The number of cars that can attend this event is capped — it will help us logistically if you can consolidate cars at a nearby location (like the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station).

Driving Directions

The assembly area will be at the Alvarado Staging Area in Wildcat Canyon (near 5755 McBryde Ave, Richmond, CA). This is easily accessible from I-80.

If you are coming on I-80 from the north, take the McBryde Ave exit. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Mcbryde Ave., and follow it to the second stop sign. The ornamental stone pillars to your left mark the entrance to Alvarado Park. Proceed straight through the stop sign onto Park Ave for approximately 1/4 mile to reach the Alvarado staging area.

If you are coming on I-80 from the south, take the Solano Ave exit. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Amador. Continue on Amador to the second stop sign, which will be at McBryde Ave. Then turn right onto McBryde and drive about one quarter mile until you reach the park. After you reach the park office, continue about 200 meters on Park Ave to the Alvarado staging area.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.