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2012 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Tour


This page offers information on air and ground transportation.

Air Transportation

The organizers recommend flying to San Francisco International (SFO) airport. Smaller alternative airports include the following:

The following table presents ideal driving times from Airport to venues. Note that snowstorms can add 1 or 2 hours driving time, and chains might be required.

Airport Bear Valley Truckee Comments
San Francisco International   3 hrs 20 min   3 hrs 30 min   Greatest number of international flights, usually less expensive.
Reno-Tahoe International 4 hrs 45 min   0 hrs 45 min Great for Tahoe area but far from Bear Valley
Sacramento International 2 hrs 30 min   2 hrs 00 min Optimal distance for both venues but often more expensive and fewer flights than SF International.
Stockton Metropolitan 2 hrs 00 min   2 hrs 45 min Small regional airport with very few flights
Oakland International 3 hrs 00 min   3 hrs 15 min Closer than SF International but fewer flights
San Jose International 3 hrs 15 min   4 hrs 00 min Furthest airport

Ground Transportation

We recommend that you rent a car that is set for snow conditions to drive to the venues. Your car must have all-wheel or four-wheel drive, or chains or cables. If you do not have those things for your car during a snowstorm, you will be stopped at checkpoints because your car is not safe to drive and it will be a danger to other vehicles. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE FOLLOWING:

For a list of stores with chains, see the weather page.

We recommend the following airport car rental websites:

Alternatively, you can use Priceline (, Orbitz (, or Hotline ( services or contact one of the following car rental agencies:

Note: Be sure that you are fully insured for using the car for the time that you are using it.

After our Day 3 event at Bear Valley on Sunday, 29-January, everyone will move from the Bear Valley area to the Truckee area. This is a 235-mile (380 km) drive that takes at least 4.25 hours in ideal conditions. If there are winter storms in the Sierras, the driving will take longer. Highway 4 is closed east of Bear Valley, so you must take Highway 4 to either Highway 49 or Highway 99, go north to Interstate 80, and then go east to Truckee. This minimizes your drive in snow conditions and maximizes your speed on snow-free highways. Using Highway 99 is longer, but faster driving. Using Highway 49 is shorter, but slower driving. Both routes take about the same amount of time (Highway 49 might take 15 minutes less).

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